Sunday, 10 February 2013

4 Easy Steps To Make Honey & Oatmeal Face Mask at Home

This is my favorite face mask that I make often at home. This homemade oatmeal face mask recipe made with oatmeal and honey is good enough to eat. Regular use of this mask prevents many disorders of the skin. It treats acne, acne scars, dry skin, rashes, rosacea and pimples. It is very effective for treating sun burn and redness of the skin.  We get only instant oatmeal in our local town and I always make this pack with it. Originally I was making this pack with gram flour. Once I didn't have gram flour at home and I simply substituted gram flour with ground oatmeal and I absolutely loved it. I have used home made yogurt to mix it but if you have store bought yogurt then please use that (just use one without any flavorings and color). Ground oatmeal is very gentle on the skin and when combined with yogurt and honey, it makes a great face mask. This oatmeal face mask can be safely used by people with very sensitive skin too. If you don't have time to wait for the mask to dry, then use it as a scrub. Just a take a small portion of the mix and rub gently on the face and wash off. Refrigerate the left overs to use it for another day. Though the yogurt will turn sour (even if refrigerated), it can still be used on the face.



1.Take the oats in a mixer and powder it to a fine powder.

2.Take 2 tbsp of powdered oats in a bowl and add 1tbsp honey and mix well.

3.Add required amount of yogurt to make it into a semi thick paste.

4. Apply it all over your face and let it dry. Once dry, wash it off and enjoy petal smoothness on your face

  • Store the rest of the powdered oats in a airtight container for future use.
  • Powder the oats finely or it will be hard to apply oatmeal face mask on the face.


  1. Hello maam, I love the way you use natural ingredients .I'm a big fan of natural things. I'm so very vallu to come across your blog. I will certainly try this mask. Could u tell me a good face mask for removing acne scars. Something which i can use daily. I want clean clear spotless skin .

    1. Hello Rose, I am very glad that you like the blog :). Try the turmeric and holy basil pack from the blog daily, it can be used daily for months and will clear up all the blemishes fairly quickly...

  2. Hi Ramya

    Your blog is simply superb. Pls let me know how to prepare bringraja hair oil for hair growth.

    1. Thanks a lot, there is a recipe for bhringraj hair oil in the blog, you can find the link in the beauty page on top or by searching using the search box...

  3. Hi ramya , your blog is just awesome. I have mixed skin type (oily on face n extreme dry on fingers n toes). Kindly suggest me some natural remedy to moisturise my dried skin. Also please suggest me a brand (organic one) for buying rosewater.

    I have started to make my own dish washer n laundry detergent after seeing your blog. Thanks a ton .


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