Sunday, 21 April 2013

Benefits & Uses Of Almond Oil For Lips: Natural Homemade Lip Balm Recipe


I tried this homemade lip balm last week and I couldn't wait to share it with everyone because I was so pleased with it. I have used almond oil for making this lip balm as it moisturizes well. Almond oil also prevents chapping of the lips and keeps it soft and smooth. If you could get fancy oils like safflower oil in your  place, please use that. I have used beeswax that come in bars. Beeswax is the natural wax produced in the beehive of honey bees. Beeswax that come in pellets will be even more easy, as we don't have to grate it. Because we are using it on our lips, be careful about the quality of the beeswax. The color of the beeswax depends on the type of flowers gathered by the bees. So don't worry about the color of the beeswax that you get. My balm set nicely without any refrigeration. If you are precise with the measurements, this lip balm will come out perfectly. This balm keeps well even without refrigeration. During hot summer months, it might melt a little, but it doesn't affect the quality of this homemade lip balm. Use pure vanilla for this balm. I haven't used any color, as I loved the natural yellow shade of beeswax.


1. Grate the beeswax using a grater. Measure out the almond oil in a measuring cup and get all the things ready.

2. Melt the beeswax and almond oil in a double boiler, over slow flame till the beeswax melts completely. The bottom of the vessel in which the oil and wax are placed should not touch the water in the bottom vessel. Keep stirring often, till the bees wax melts completely.

3. Once melted, remove from the fire immediately and let it cool a bit. Now add the vanilla and honey and mix together well, till the honey dissolves.

4. Pour it into glass jars and let it set. Depending on the temperature it will set some where between 2 to 3hrs. Your home made lip balm is ready! This amount of oil makes about 3 small jars of lip balm.

  • Use only a double boiler to melt the oil and wax.
  • Melt it on a slow flame.
  • Use only pure vanilla, else you can substitute it with any essential oil of your choice.
  • When the lip balm get runny, during hot summer months place it in the refrigerator for some time.


  1. I am a vegan and I would like to know if there are any alternatives available to bees wax and honey???can I use any alternatives like olive oil???

  2. Hi peppy,
    Try coco butter and coconut oil.

  3. Hi ram where can I get the ingredients for the above.

  4. Hi ka,
    Almond oil you get every where, pure vanilla I got it from Thekkady. Cosmetic grade beeswax can be got in medical stores. If you don't find it, you can order it online easily....

  5. Hi Ramya! I love your site, the purity of ingredients and the essence of your remedies! I have for long used off the shelf products and for the past year, have been delving into using natural and unprocessed stuff. Your site is a gold mine of information!! Thank you for sharing! :) I wanted to know where I can purchase coco butter? I am in Hyd and am not sure about cosmetic grade coco butter. Also, the link for your almond night cream goes to the henna hair rinse instead of the night cream recipe. Could you please post the night cream recipe? Thank you!

  6. Hi Sharayu,
    I am glad that u find the blog useful. I have updated the link to the homemade almond night cream. As for cocoa butter, I have not made any thing with cocoa butter still, but planning to very soon. The best is to order it online.........

  7. Hi Ramya,
    I love your recipes, can you tell me where in Coimbatore I can find beeswax and cocoa butter please.

  8. Hi,
    It is very hard to get cosmetic grade bees wax in Coimbatore, try it in online shops like amazon, you get organic, good quality beeswax. We also don't get 100% pure cocoa butter here in Coimbatore.....

  9. Hi,
    Can you tell from which e commerce site you purchased beeswax ?

  10. Hi, Try Amazon, you get organic bees wax pellets which is also easier to melt......

  11. Try green junction in they have DIY kits 100 gms of cocoa butter shea butter and bees wax..happy DIY people... just came across it today.

  12. Wow this is super site !keep doing the good work!thank you :)

  13. Replies
    1. Try Alkanet root (boil along with oil, strain and use the oil) for red color and beetroot juice (add last) for pink color.......

  14. Hi Ramya,
    I happened to make my home made lip moisturizer. Thought of sharing with you.

    This one helps to restore the color to your lips. Keeps lips moisturized. Daily use gives a natural color to your lips. {After using this, I have kept lipsticks aside, only to be used for special occasions. :) }

    Recipe ingredients:
    1 spoon beetroot juice.
    1 spoon desi ghee (clarified butter)

    Squeeze out juice from freshly grated beetroot. (half beetroot is sufficient for 1 spoon juice)
    Add the above juice to 1 spoon melted desi-ghee (Clarified butter). desi-ghee should not be very hot, just warm enough to get the juice mix with it, or else the juice will leave sand like residues. mix well with finger/spoon continuously. mix again after 30-35 minutes.

    This is ready to be used, just a pinch of it, spread on your lips and there you go !!

    This amount will last for a month for me and my daughter :).
    This can be stored in refrigerator. You can take a small amount in a small container whenever stepping out, and keep applying every 1-2 hours.


  15. Dear Rashmi, thanks a lot for sharing the recipe. I mix beetroot juice with homemade Vaseline but beetroot juice mixed in ghee is a great idea, I will give it a try....


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