Thursday, 1 August 2013

5 Amazing Benefits & Uses Of Ginger Milk For Health, Hair & Skin

I am a big fan of ginger milk which is made out of dry ginger. We call dry ginger "Sukku" in Tamil and the milk is called sukku pal in Tamil. We use dry ginger as a home remedy extensively and I always have dry ginger at home. Ginger when combined together with milk have these wonderful benefits: 1. Ginger Milk for Cough: This ginger milk will treat cough very effectively and it also treats sore throat. Take this before going to bed and it will greatly help. This milk can be given to young children too.2. Ginger Milk For Weight Loss: This dry ginger milk actually aids in digestion and it is a good remedy for loss of appetite in children. Try this milk on young kids, who keep repeating that they are not hungry, they usually get their appetite very soon. Ginger milk also revs up the metabolism thus helping in natural weight loss 3. Ginger Milk for Cold & Flu: Ginger milk is very soothing when had during cold or flu. It also treats headaches that we usually get during cold. Especially this recipe made with dry ginger and palm candy is very very comforting when had during cold. 4. Ginger Milk For Acne: This ginger milk can be applied as a paste for acne and it will give good relief for acne. To use, take the ginger using little cotton and dab it on the acne. 5. Ginger Milk For Hair:Ginger promotes hair growth and instead of using ginger separately, try using it along with milk. Ginger milk can be applied on the scalp for promoting hair growth, treating dandruff and itchy scalp. Either apply as a paste or use left over milk you make for drinking. Nowadays they serve dry ginger milk as a dessert in most of the marriages I visit. Drinking dry ginger milk is an acquired taste, but once you start liking it, you will be hooked just like me. Some people make this by adding dry ginger powder and sugar to milk. But I prefer adding fresh dry ginger to milk after pounding it in a mortar and pestle. I always use whole milk, try using whole milk for this sukku pal. If you boil milk for a long time after adding dry ginger, the milk will curdle and also keep the flame on medium low. The amount of dry ginger you should add depends on the age, because this milk is quite spicy. For young children, a small piece will do. If you like palm candy, add it instead of sugar, it goes very well with this milk. It is very comforting to drink this milk on a cold night. 

1. Pound dry ginger coarsely in a mortar and pestle. Powder it finely, if you want the dry ginger milk to be very spicy.

2. Boil milk in a thick bottomed pan along with sugar or palm candy.

3. Once it starts to boil, add the pounded dry ginger. Keep the flame on low.

4. Once it starts bubbling at the edges, switch off and strain.

  • If you pound it finely, use a fine mesh to strain it.
  • Don't boil for a long time after adding dry ginger.


  1. Mam, plz suggest home remedies for weight gain for kids... SREE

    1. I also heard that the ginger was also good for artículationes. That it helps with the selling. I love ginger with milk.

    2. Sorry i ment swelling


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