Tuesday, 27 June 2017

5 Top Weight Loss Benefits & Uses Of Cumin Water | Jeera Water


Cumin seeds also called as Jeera in Hindi, Seeragam in Tamil are excellent for weight loss and is great for including in a weight loss diet. The first time I drank cumin water | jeera water was when I was around 7 to 8 years old, when I visited Kerala for my holidays. I was mesmerized with the yellow color liquid, though I didn't care much for the taste I used to repeatedly ask only for it. Though we don't drink cumin water at home on a daily basis like my Kerala friends, we do use it as a remedy. Cumin water is now touted as a miracle weight loss drink and I see articles about it everywhere on the web. Is cumin seeds really effective for weight loss? Indeed it is, it has been proven through research but what blew my mind was it had the same effect as a medicine called Orlistat 120, a medicine designed to reduce the absorption of fat and usually prescribed for obese people. A common kitchen ingredient like cumin seeds having the same effect like a prescribed medicine is astonishing. You can read the research paper link here. When we use natural ingredients like cumin seeds in the proper dosage daily, there is literally no side effects and most importantly the treatment is cheap and anyone can do it at home. But please remember when using natural weight loss drinks like cumin water, you have to exercise daily to improve your metabolism and you also need to have a healthy diet. Eating junk food and drinking cumin water daily for weight loss will never work. Here are five reasons why cumin water works for weight loss: 1. Cumin water when consumed internally reduces serum triglycerides, it reduces LDL significantly. 2. Cumin water also raises the (HDL) good cholesterol in our body. 3. Cumin water naturally removes toxins from our body and detoxifies it naturally. 4. Cumin water keeps our digestion in peak order and a good digestive system is essential for natural healthy weight loss. 5. Cumin water improves our resting metabolism resulting in natural healthy fat loss. The daily recommend dosage of cumin water for weight loss is 7.5 mg but I would recommend starting with 1 tsp and slowly increasing it over time..........


1. Take cumin seeds.

2. Boil cumin seeds in half cup of water till it changes to yellow color.

3. Switch off and strain. Add few drops of lemon juice to it.

4. Finally add in honey and your wonderful natural weight loss drink is ready!


  1. Very good information on how to loose wait natural way.

  2. Hi Mam,how r u?In my body calcium level is 4.in what ways I can improve my level.thank u.

    1. I would suggest including ragi in your diet daily along with other calcium rich foods, you can read about ragi in the blog.


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