Sunday, 2 July 2017

3 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Open Pores On Face Permanently


Pores in our skin is where hair follicles and sebaceous gland which produces sebum is found. We all have open pores and it is necessary for the oil and hair follicle to surface. It becomes a problem only when there is excessive oil production. When we don't remove the excessive oil build up, the excessive oil build up makes the pores look visibly larger and it is this condition that we call open pores. If left untreated may lead to blackheads and white heads. But what causes excessive oil production in the first place? It might be genetics, hormonal changes, poor skin care routine and stress also can contribute to changes in our skin texture. If you are genetically prone to oily skin or lead a highly stressful life it is so common to suffer from enlarged pores. We can easily avoid it if we regularly follow a skin care routine. You can off course buy store bought products for your skin care routine. But I prefer to make my own as it is cheap and I also know what goes into it. If you are suffering from large pores, first we have to remove the excessive oil from our pores, I do it in three steps. First is a scrub using orange juice and sugar, the scrub gently removes the excessive oil gently. But try to use only castor sugar, if you use regular sugar it will cause skin irritation. The second is a homemade toner using apple cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar helps remove any left over sebum left by the scrub. Finally the last step is a face pack using egg white, the egg white mask tightens the pores and after this treatment you will see good improvement. I would suggest doing this treatment weekly once to remove and prevent excessive oil build up.........

I do a 3 step treatment at home for getting rid of open pores. It consist of a scrub, toner and a firming face mask...


Orange: 1
Castor Sugar: 1 tbsp
Orange essential oil: few drops
Take castor sugar in a mortar and pestle. Add in enough orange juice and 2 drops of orange essential oil, mix well and use as a face scrub.


Apple cider vinegar : 1 tbsp
water: 1 tbsp
Take apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl and mix well. After using the scrub, wash your face, pat dry and then apply this toner all over the face with a piece of cotton.


Egg white: 1
Lemon juice: 1 tsp
Break open an egg and remove the egg white alone seperately. Add in the lemon juice, mix well and use it as a face pack. Continue doing this pore reducing treatment weekly once to minimize open pores very effectively...


  1. hi...should i leave the toner &apply the egg mask with it?or should i keep it for some time and wash &apply the mask kindly help,thanks in advance

    1. Sorry, should have been clear :(. After using the toner, wash your face then apply the face pack...


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