Health Remedies

Acne & Blemishes:

1. Sandalwood and vetiver

2. Lemon grass tea 

3. Homemade Toner For Acne 

4. Garlic Milk 

5. Baking Soda Face Mask 

6. Turmeric Paste 

7. Nutmeg  

8.Barley Water

9. Neem oil 

10. Basil 

11. Betel Leaves  

12. Fenugreek Leaves 

13. Gotu Kola Extract

14.Turmeric Tea

15.Commelina Benghalensis


1. Amla in honey 

2. Jeera water

3. Turkey berry soup 

4. Iron rich mouth freshener 

5. Arugampul Juice  

6. Alfalfa Sprouts 

7. Ponnanganni Keerai 

8. Spinach

Antiseptic Wipes & Washes:

1.Turmeric antiseptic wipes

2.Tamarind and Neem antiseptic wash 

Anxiety & Stress:

1. Basil 

2. Gotu Kola Tea

3. Gotu Kola 

4. Brahmi 

5. Sweet Flag 


7. Sage Tea


1.Nilavembu| Kalmegh

2. Guduchi Poultice

3. Mangosteen


1. Rosemary
2. Spinach


1. Kalonji (Nigella Seeds)


1.Fennel tea 

2.Small Babies (raisins)

3.Aloevera antiseptic lotion

4. Hibiscus shampoo  

5. Allergy free face paint for children 

6. Natural Deworming Medicine

7. Teething Bracelet

8. Sambrani 

9. Bath powder for babies 

10. Natural Flu Shots 

11. Almond Butter 

12.Gripe Water 

13. Epsom Salt Bath For Diaper Rash 

14. Betel Leaf Compress For Stomach Pain

 15. Natural Bindi

16. Adhatoda Cough Syrup

17. Red banana

18. Sweet Flag (Vasambu)

19. Oatmeal Bath

20. Jujube Fruit (Pediatric Infection)

Blood Pressure:

1. Hibiscus tea

2. Flax Seeds 


 4. Spinach

Blood Purifier:

1. Alfalfa Sprouts

2.Amla Murabba

Body Pain:

1. Ponnanganni Keerai 

2. Epsom Salt Bath 

Body Heat:

1. Almond Gum










3. Appakovay Leaves

4. Alum/ Padikaram 

5. Palmyra fruit 

6. Mustard plaster  

7. Uthamani 

8.Commelina Benghalensis

Breast Milk Supply:










3. Eucalyptus Steam

4. Herbal Inhaler

5. Thoothuvalai/ Solanum Trilobatum 

6. Garlic Milk

7. Tulsi Tea  

8. Glycerin Tincture 

11. Kantakari

12. Betel Leaf

13.Amla Juice

14. Mudakathan Keerai | Balloon Vine

15. Epsom Salt Bath 

16. Ginger Bath 

17.Nilavembu| Kalmegh

18. Turmeric Tea

19. Homemade Kashayam

20. Chai Tea

21. Rosemary

22.Lemon Grass Steam

23. Lemon Water 

Colic pain: 

1.Fennel tea 

Chest Congestion: 

1. Garlic

2. Mustard Plaster 

3. Garlic Milk 

4. Chest Congestion 

5. Basil

6. Adhatoda

7. Ajagandha

8. Homemade Kashayam


1. Amaranth (Rajgira)

Chicken Pox: 

 1.Epsom Salt Bath



1. Turmeric Milk

2. karpooravalli (cold) 

 3.Pepper Treatment

4. Long Pepper (thipilli)  

5. Licorice tea

6. Thoothuvalai/ Solanum Trilobatum 

7.Tulsi Tea 

8. Thirikadugam 

10. Mudakathan Keerai | Balloon Vine

11. Adhatoda

12. Turmeric Tea

13. Homemade Kashayam

14. Sweet Flag

15. Lesser Galangal








1. Sun Dried Bananas for Constipation

2. Small Babies (raisins) 

3. Kadukkai Powder 

4. Alfalfa Sprouts

5. Flax Seeds  

6. Amla Murabba

7. Epsom Salt Bath

8. Punarnava Decoction

9. Pomegranate Juice



1.Almond milk

2. Alfalfa Sprouts 

3. Pomegranate Juice

Cracked Heels:

1. Alum/ padikaram 

2.Paraffin wax therapy 






1.Lemon Tea

2.Fenugreek and honey 


1.Ginger Coffee 

2.Jeera water

3.Sukku Pal

4.Vetiver Water 

 5.Lemon grass tea

6. Herbal Coffee 

7. Mouth freshener 

8. Garlic Milk 

9.Tulsi Tea 

10. Chai Tea

11. Lesser Galangal

12. Lemon Water

Ear Allergy & Infection: 

1. Kadukkai

2. Garlic oil 

3. Basil

4. Thumbai Oil  

5.Hydrogen Peroxide


1.Hydrogen Peroxide 


1.Thai ginger

2. Epsom Salt Bath

3. Oatmeal Bath

Excess Sweating:

1. Sage Herb

Eye Health:

1. Spinach


1. Red Banana


1. Fennel Tea 

2. Dry Ginger in Butter milk 


1.Nilavembu| Kalmegh

2. Guduchi Tea

3. Pomegranate Juice 

4.Commelina Benghalensis

5. Greater Galangal


 Gastric problems:











2. Betel Leaf and Omam


















1. Oma Water 

2. Fenugreek and honey 

3. Honey and ginger 

4. Nannari sherbet 

5. Gotu Kola Tea

6. Adhatoda

7. Homemade Kashayam

8. Sweet Flag


1. Adhatoda

2. Turmeric Tea

3. Sweet Flag

4. Mangosteen

5. Touch Me Not Plant

6. Lesser Galangal

7. Lemon Water 

8. Sage Herb

9. Rosemary

10. Kalonji (Nigella Seeds)

11. Spinach

12. Sage Tea

13. Lemon Water


1. Herbal 

2.Turmeric and coconut oil Inhaler 

3.Turmeric inhaler 

4. Pepper Inhaler 

5. Sambrani


1. Lemon Grass Tea

2. Henna Flower Sleep Sachets 

3. Cinnamon Milk

4. Gotu Kola Tea

5. Brahmi 

6. Magnesium Oil  

Insect Bites & Stings:

Kidney stones

1. Banana Stem Juice

2. Barley Water 

3. Punarnava 

Loss of Appetite:  

1. Ginger Coffee 

2. Sukku Pal

3. Betel Leaf and Omam

4. Dry Ginger in Butter milk 

5. Neem flower Drink 

6. Nannari Sherbet

Mouth Ulcers & Gum Diseases: 

1. Kadukkai

2. Gallnut 

3. Neem mouth wash 

4. Alum for Canker Sores 

5. Basil

6. Kantakari

 7.Adhatoda For Bleeding Gums

Motion Sickness:








1. Asafoetida 

2. Licorice tea 

3. Sugar cane juice for early periods

4.Adhatoda For Excessive Bleeding

Nervous Disorders:

 Poison Antidote:

1. Betel Leaf

2. Activated Charcoal

3. Touch Me Not Plant For Venom


  Prickly heat: 









  1.Rose petals

2. Palmyra fruit 

3. Red Banana

Painful Urination: 

1.Tender coconut water 

2. Hibiscus Water 

3. Vetiver Water 

4. Avarampoo Tea 


1. Magnesium Oil 

2. Epsom Salt Bath 

Rheumatism & Joint Pain:

 1.Paraffin wax therapy 

2. Homemade turmeric extract

3. Vijaysar Decoction

4. Magnesium Oil 

5. Mudakathan Keerai | Balloon Vine

6. Ginger Bath

7. Nilavembu| Kalmegh

8. Guduchi Poultice

9. Slaked Lime For Sprain

Ring Worm:

1. Mustard Paste 

Skin Allergy: 

1. Kadukkai for ear allergy 

2. Soap Nuts 

3. Dried Thai Ginger For Eczema 

4. Kuppaimeni 

5. Flax Seeds  

6. Basil

7. Gotu Kola Extract 


1. Antiseptic wash

2. Antiseptic Lotion

3. Turmeric & Neem Leaf Paste

Sinus Infection:


Stomach Burn:










1. Salt Compress 

2. Rose petal jam(gulkand) 

Watering Of Eyes (Epiphora)

1. Babool


1. Periwinkle

2. Guduchi Poultice 

3. Adhatoda

4. Ajagandha

5.Commelina Benghalensis

6. Nagarmotha

7. Touch Me Not Plant

8. Vishnukranthi

9. Sage Poultice

10. Babool Poultice

Withdrawal Symptoms:

 1. Rosemary

White discharge:


1. Aloe Vera


  1. Dear Ramya your effort is praise worthy. My cook says that it is possible to arrest premature graying with kaiyonni leaves. It is called bhringaraj in sanskrit and keshut pata in bengali. Also can you please post something on kalmegh leaves. It grows abundantly in my part of the world.

  2. Very good information. For piles problem, any home remedy?????

  3. This is an amazing collection of herbal remedies...hope your research keeps growing and yiuou keep updating this page!

  4. Hi Ramya, do you have remedies for hairfall or to promote hairgrowth?

  5. Hi, Regularly scalp massage with homemade oils along with weekly twice application of hair packs will prevent hair fall and promote hair growth, if combined with a sensible diet. Please check the beauty remedies page for hair packs and hair oil recipes....

    1. Hello Ramya garu,

      I was suffering with a lot of hairfall at temples. please let me know the best remedy to regrow hair at temples

  6. Hi ramya, could u please post remedies regarding prenatal and postnatal care?

  7. Simply amazzzziiinnggg blog rampriya :) hats off to your efforts ... Have shared your link with all my friends....keep up the good work dear friend ... Post more and more

    1. Sunitha, I am very glad that you like the blog :)

  8. please give me a remedy for continuous sneezing

    1. Hi, If the sneezing is caused due to cold & flu, try the eucalyptus steam and also try the thirikadugam remedies from the blog. If it is caused due to allergies, try nilavembu water from the blog, it is the best for treating allergies.....

  9. Is there any remedies for cervical spondilities?

    1. Hi Sir,
      Thank you very much for your kind wishes! The salt compress in the blog will greatly help ease the pain. But make sure to check the heat each time you apply the compress....

  10. Hi Ramya,

    This is very informative and useful. Can you tell me a home remedy to regularize periods pls??

    1. Hi Madhi,
      For regularizing periods, take iron rich food especially traditional foods like ulundhu kali that is very good for regularizing the periods. My niece who always had irregular periods started getting it regularly after she switched to a healthy traditional diet along with practicing yoga everyday...

  11. Hi Ramya, thanks a lot for sharing many medical remedy with herbal natural products. Can you also help with any remedy to reduce cholesterol specifically to reduce LDL and to increase HDL. Many thinks for your support .

  12. Hi. What would you suggest for sebaceous dermatitis on the head please ?

  13. Try the fenugreek hair mask regularly, it gives good results....

  14. Hi are doing a wonderful job with the posts here..I was wondering if you could do few posts on prenatal and postnatal care for mother and the baby.

    1. Hi Anusha, Actually I have been thinking about it since even an other reader asked about it. I will start posting about prenatal and postnatal care very soon...

  15. Hi Ramya,
    please suggest some remedies for hair growth in forehead.

    1. Hi, For females, tying the hair firmly into a bun is one of the reasons for hair loss in the forehead, tie the hair loosely. Also try massaging the whole scalp gently using a homemade hair oil regularly along with applying hair packs weekly twice, it will greatly help....

  16. Hi! Can you recommend any remedies for women with fibroids and or endometriosis? Thanks in advance!

  17. Hi Ramya,
    I am suffering from morning stiffness, due to which I wake up with pain in my lower back every morning. The Pain usually goes away after some time. This lead to painful morning and low energy level. Please do suggest a home remedy for it. Thanks..

  18. Hi, After speaking to my elders in the family who face the same issue, they offered the following advice: Drink a big cup of water in the morning as it reduces stiffness and also try gentle stretching every single day. Also try detox teas from the blog like tulsi tea on a regular basis, it will greatly help...

  19. Hi Ramya, thanks for all these precious informations. Since we are sitting infront of the system for a long time, we are prone to nerve problems in the legs, hands and necks. Can you pelase post some home remedies for nerve problems to prevent?

  20. Hi Chithra, Usually mild stretching and regular body massage with a homemade oil (recipe in the blog) will help, try and let me know how you like it...

  21. Hi ramya, thank you so much valuable information. This really helps a lot. Could you please share any natural or home remedies to reduce cholesterol?

  22. Along with regular exercise and a good diet try taking garlic everyday, it will greatly help in reducing cholesterol...

  23. Hi Ramya. Love your blog! The photographs are very tastefully done too. Could you add recipies for food and medicine related to pregnancy? Evn better, month-by-month? Thanks a lot!

  24. I am so very glad that you like the blog :) I have been already thinking of adding separate sections for babies and pregnant women and I will try to do it as fast as I can....

    1. I would love that as well!
      I enjoy reading your blog. Please keep at this endeavor, us it wonderful.
      Blessings to you

  25. Hi..

    I have period issues.. my cycle sometimes goes to 70 to 80 days which is not good.. kindly suggest me what to do... i found your blog is very useful and have great information.. also a special appreciation for your patience of replying to all the queries.. hats off to you dear..

  26. Try taking sesame seeds daily, take around a tsp of sesame seeds along with jaggery, better still make sesame seed balls and have one daily, it will help regulate the periods. Along with it try yoga, it also helps regularize the periods..

  27. A very informative blog Ramya! Many thanks for sharing

  28. Hi Ramya!!!

    Thanks a million for your blog and the hard work you put in. I appreciate it a lot.

    BTW, could you recommend home remedies for dark circles around the eyes?

    Thanks again,

    Prakash Kumar

    1. Try getting a good nights sleep everyday, reduce stress and along with it apply Aloe Vera gel mixed with few drops of vitamin E oil daily...

  29. Hi Ramya,

    My father is in his early seventies…keeps getting cold and cough frequently along
    with sneezing. Now for the past 3 or 4 months he is not able to smell
    anything . If he takes the cold medicines then it is ok for one or two weeks and
    then again the same issue.
    Could you please suggest any Home Remedy for the smell related issue ?


    1. Hi, Ask him to steam using nochi leaves, it helps both in sinus infection and in clearing the nasal passage (you can read about nochi in the blog). Also crush 2 pods of garlic, boil it in a cup of water, sweeten with honey (if he is not diabetic) and give it to him. Garlic opens up the nasal passage and prevents cold & cough too. Hope these remedies will help your father....

    2. Thankyou Ramya for the reply...

    3. Hi Ramya,

      You had mentioned in the reply 2 pods of garlic ; is it 2 pods or 2 cloves of garlic ?


    4. pls give remedies for hair thinning problem and baldness in crown area

    5. I am sorry, it is 2 cloves of garlic...:)

    6. Uma, check for deficiencies and try taking supplements regularly along with a good diet. Try using homemade hair oils regularly along with hair packs (you can find all the recipes for them in the blog)....

  30. hi ramya

    Can u give me ome remedy for migraine headache?I suffer from one almost everyday

    1. Hi, Try the nochi steam, it is very very effective for migraine headaches, you can read about nochi plant in the blog...

  31. thanks a lot for your very good effort. please give suggestion for moolam and pouthram

  32. Hi ramya,

    Hope you are doing good.
    Can you please suggest home remedy for paralysis.
    My mother is paralysed on right side body from 6 months.

  33. Excellent! I just bumped upon this blog. Great Work. Regards......Subbu

  34. Hi Ramya,
    Recently found your blog while searching for homemade oil in google.
    Ur website is like flowing breeze all over me. It gave me lot of information which I want to know for long time.
    Thank you so muchhhhhh and may god give you all blessings and gud health. Continue the great work.

    1. I am so very glad that you find the blog useful....:)

  35. Replies
    1. Scrub your feet gently using a pumice stone to remove the dead cells and then apply melted paraffin wax all over the feet and cover with aluminum foil. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes before removing the foil, this will greatly help in treating cracked heels. I have a video on paraffin wax please check it out...

  36. hai ramya is there any treatment for piles?

    1. Pirandai and adhatoda vasica are very good for piles (you can read about them in the blog)...

  37. Hi Ramya, I have hypothyrodism, high blood pressure, and having unwanted facial hair. I am overweight and need to reduce weight so please tell me some home remedies to resolve weight and unwanted hair issues with the taking care of my thyroid and BP level.

  38. Hi Ramya, I want permanent removal of unwanted facial hair and also having hypothyroidism and high BP, so please tell me the home remedies for all the issues.

    1. Try using this paste for treating unwanted hair on a regular basis: For high BP, you can try hibiscus tea (recipe in the blog) as it has been proven to lower blood pressure but I would suggest monitoring your BP regularly while taking the tea. Also the herb ashwagandha can be taken for thyroid issues but I would kindly suggest consulting an ayurvedic physician for the correct dosage.....

  39. Hi ramya..ur blog is 2yrs old son suffering from severe cold and fever..hes having adenoid so he get infected frequently..can u pls suggest me some home remedies..

    1. I would suggest giving him the following:
      1. Nilavembu kashayam in the proper dosage as it will improve his immunity and will prevent further flu and cold attacks.
      2. Turmeric milk made with pure turmeric as it treats inflammation well.
      3. If he has a cold, give him thirikadugam preparation, you can read about it in the blog.
      4. You can also give him betel leaf juice (few drops) as it treats throat inflammations well...

  40. Great work ..really helpful to all .
    I want to gain weight any remedies for that I m 30 yrs mother of two kids.i have gud appetite and getting weight liking thin.. Pls any remedies

    1. I would suggest taking ashwagandha for some days as it is a wonderful tonic and has been proven to build muscle mass. Try to take healthy but calorie dense foods like nuts, whole milk, etc. You can also consume ragi porridge daily along with homemade curd, a wonderful tonic for the body...

  41. I ramya thank you for the above information and it is really effective.could you please tell some solution for leg mom suffering leg and knee pain.

    1. Try Epsom salt bath soak from the blog for her, add the Epsom salt in a tub of water and ask her to immerse her legs in it, it will greatly relieve the pain...

  42. Hi can u pls suggest me best home remedies for reducing weight. Plssss..

  43. Hi Ramya
    Can you please suggest a good remedy for Dandruff. My 11 years old daugther is suffering from dandruff and she has started getting pimples also on her face which I assume could be due to this dandruff. She used to have lot of hair till 2 years back and now due to dandruff, hairfall is also more. Please provide a good and faster remedy. Thanks. - Lalitha from Chennai

    1. I would suggest fenugreek hair mask from the blog, it is very very effective for dandruff and keeps it under control. It also strengthens the hair roots and prevents hair fall...

  44. HI ramya,
    First hats off for ur wonderful job ..recently doctor told me I have lumps in's benign they told me..tell me how to shrink tat naturally ..n I'm worried when I touch be coz it may became serious issue in future..thanks in advance

    1. Hi Devi, I am very glad that you find the blog useful. The best ingredient that I would suggest is turmeric as it very effective. I would suggest drinking turmeric milk everyday...

  45. Hi ramya my mom suffering from knee pain.could you please suggest some solution.thanks in advanc

    1. I am very very sorry for the late reply but I would suggest guggulu (under medical supervision) for knee pain as it is very effective for treating inflammation, you can read about guggulu here:

  46. hi i am 22 year old , i am not getting my periods regularly , if at all i get my periods by anyways the bleeding is very heavy and i get clots also and long back wen i consulted doctors they said i am having poly cystic ovarian problem and they prescribed that HORMONAL TABLETS and i got to have many physical and mental side effects and the bleeding problem does not cure also . so i stopped all english medicines and took this TAMIL medicine : VALAI POO saaru , milagu , panagal kandu for 3 times a day atleast. Most of the time,this medicine worked out and stopped the bleeding completely. I am not married whether it is advisable to take this every time and stop the bleeding ?? Is their any other way to get my periods cycle regular . actually i have suffered a lot and i am having pomogranete daily PLEASE REPLY ME :) :)

  47. hi , ramya mam, what to do for lipoma/ kollupu katti in tamil in hand joint and because of that pain is there in hands

    hoping eagerly for your reply

  48. hi madam,iam madhavi my child is of 15years she had thyroid problem now she weight is 75.she was faceing many problems just i cant explain them.major problems are three. first irregular periods,second is i cant but it is important to say,urination at mid night on bed and now anather problem is on her chest[mid part of chest]same like [kadukkai]like shape was obtaining and after few day same liquid like moisture was coming out,it is vary pain to her.sorry i cant explain it clearly. i dont know which doctor i should cansult. please help me madam.

    1. Dear Madhavi Mam, I would suggest consulting an ayurvedic physician. And please don't worry, there are great medicines for treating all the three problems and I am very sure she will be alright very soon...

  49. thanks for every thing

  50. Hi mam can u suggest some natural remedy for myopia in eyes and to reduce eyestrain

    1. As far as I know there is no home remedy for treating myopia but I would suggest you try eye exercises, it greatly helps relieve eye strain and reduces eye power if done regularly...

  51. Hi ramya.thanks for ur blog .can u please tell me some remedies for piles

    1. Hi sir, the first simplest remedy to follow for piles is taking ripe papaya fruit daily. If it doesn't work, you can try adhatoda, you can read about it in the blog...

  52. Nice...v interesting... Also informative

  53. My Name is Zajeer Sulaim Lebbe I am suffering from diabetic since 2015. I am not using any medicine my diabetes level is 165-170. Please let inform to me if any one knows medicine which is permanently can relieve from diabetic

    you can contact me on below Email Id or Phone #
    phone # 00966 - 54 77 19 478

  54. Hi Ramya, pls can you suggest me a good oil for hair growth and thickness of hairs within a month period of time.

    1. I would suggest using either feungreek oil or curry leaf oil from the blog. You will start seeing results soon especially if your diet is healthy....

  55. Hi Mam, Could you suggest me some remedies for corn in foot? I've been using the corn plaster and medicines prescribed by doctor for almost a year. But the corn still persists.

    1. Grind a licorice stick and mix the paste in unrefined coconut oil and apply over the corn. With regular use it will soften and gradually reduce....

  56. Hi Ramya, your blog is really a treasure. Thanks you so much. I would like to know how to prepare homemade sun screen lotion.

  57. Mam please give me link to blog on facial hair growth

  58. Hi Ramya,
    As a regular reader of ur blog, I refer it for all remedies. Just a small request from my side, u are linking all the remedies in ur blog. But I found some of ur remedies in youtube like nail strengthener and suntan removal cream are not linked in ur blog. It would be useful if all remedies are linked here . Thanks

    1. Hi, thanks for pointing it out. I should update the blog with youtube video links, will definitely do it in the coming days...

  59. Can you put up a post for weight loss ?

  60. Hi
    Sir, do you know any medicine on " Myocardial Bridge " which rare heart problem.

  61. Hi
    Sir, do you know any medicine on " Myocardial Bridge " which rare heart problem.

  62. I am sorry, I don't know any medicines for myocardial bridge...

  63. hi
    can u suggest some rare plant for phyto chemistry researcg

    1. I would suggest tree turmeric | mara manjal, it is very rare and it has got wonderful medicinal uses. It's botanical name is Coscinium Fenestratum...

  64. I am from bangalore where do i get this Uthamani Juice or powder in bangalore

    1. I would suggest trying for uthamanai powder in herb shops (shops that sell pooja items and herbs, I am sure they will stock it...

  65. Dear Ramya Venkateswaran,
    Can you please suggest a combination of herbs for reversing the kidney damage where the creatinine levels have gone upto 2.9. Also I am a Diabetic looking for alternative natural therapy throug
    h combination of herbs such as Punarnava root (Boerhaavia diffusa )

  66. Hi, can u pls suggest herbs for nechu sali for my 2year kid.... Awaiting for ur rply.....

    1. I would suggest karunthulasi (krishan Tulsi) juice mixed with honey given for 3 days in empty stomach for neju sali. It really works well....

  67. my brother suffers from very excessive sweating and this now has caused him skin infections (fungal) we are doing homeopathic remedies for it but it is very slow. can you please recommend a remedy to decrease sweating as it is causative of this infection.

    1. I would suggest a homemade bath powder by mixing neem powder along with green gram dal powder and vetiver root powder and using as a body wash daily. This mixture will treat the infection well too. Also I would suggest rubbing the skin with a piece of alum (shaving alum), it will help shrink pores and reduce sweating.

  68. Hi Ramya
    Amazing blog!! I just stumbled upon your blog two days back and must say it is just simply amazing.I live in London and should definitely say your blog is like having an elder person at home,a real blessing. I just have some requests. Can you add some healthy recipes for young teenage girls like ulunthu Kali for example? I have two girls and it will be really helpful if you can do this big favour. And for making besan and methi powder can I dry roast kadalaiparuppu and methi seeds and make powder at home as I don't get sunlight here? I really don't want to buy from shops as I would like to use these on my girls.

  69. Hi Ramya mam, thanks for helping others through your blog its really wonderful. I have 1 year old son who's birth weight is 2.1kg and now he is 6.8kg. Breastfeeding and only home made foods, he is not gaining enough weight though I put ghee in everything what he eats but he is active. Doctor gave iron and calcium syrup, no improvement in weight. Also his body temperature is bit high always as like me. Giving jeera water regularly still same. Please helpme with your suggestions.

  70. Hi Ramya mam, my 1year old child is not gaining enough weight. Please help me with your suggestions. Thanks

  71. Hi ramya,
    Wonderful blog,love ur solutions,getting back to traditional homemade remedies.I am a mother of 8 yr old.can u pls suggest remedy for removal of stretch marks.

  72. Dearest Pavithra, thanks a lot for taking your time to comment, means a lot to me. I will add traditional recipes for teenage girls very soon. Yes, you can dry roast the seeds and powder them....

  73. Dear Ramya,

    Thanks for all your wonderful blog posts. May god bless you!

    I am blessed with a baby a month ago. My wife fear a lot to give jaathikkai and maaskikkai and also oil bath with castor oil to baby.

    Can you please write a detailed post by addressing following points.

    1. What is the necessity of giving these herbs to the baby?
    2. how often these to be given? ex., everyday or alternate days or once in a week
    3. how many drops are required per time?
    4. Why oil bath is required? how often this to be given?
    5. From how many months or weeks, these can be given?
    today's girls are too much educated(really) ? they dont believe whatever comes from grandma. but they believe internet.

    P.S - when i was a child 30 years before, i was administered with these herbs and oil bath every alternate days each respectively. I heard that in kerala, they administer 10 herbs for a baby including above herbs.

    Could you please help to shed some light..

  74. Hi Ramya,
    Thanks for your blog. God bless you!
    Can you please write Postnatal care...

    Eagerly looking.

  75. very informative you post, well done ,where i can get PEDALIUM MUREX nerinjil plants in chennai and tamil nadu phone 9444906888, email, thanks

  76. Hi.. Can you suggest some home remedies for irregular periods.. I used to get periods regularly and started getting irregular later. I visited doctor and got some prescribed medicines (contraceptives usually) and took it for two to three months. And it became regular once again. After 1 year the same problem started happening, and I would like to go for home remedies natural way and not the medicines.

  77. Hi Ramya, Can you suggest home remedies for pilonidal cysts/abscesses? I have been applying a paste of castor oil and turmeric for few years now and see taht it has not worked.

  78. I read, that slaked lime, turmeric combination helps for pilonidal cysts. Please let me know if applying slaked lime and turmeric combination on a open wound is OK?

  79. Hello RAMYA JI, I am an yoga instructor by profession...I have a student who has a strange problem. She is around 50 heavily built. She sweats profusely throughout the day especially from her head. Sweat keeps dropping down her face and she keeps wiping it. Because of this she keeps locked herself in an air-conditioned room throughout the day. Even in that room she sweats. She doesn't go out anywhere, doesn't mingle with anyone. She says she is been like that right from her childhood. One cannot help feeling sorry for her and personally as her yoga teacher I am trying my best to help her.
    My request to you is, as a person well versed in herbs and their benefits, is there any herb which can give some relief to her condition? If so pls enlighten me and I shall be grateful to you. Regards gopal

    1. Hi Gopal,
      Before Ramya comes up with some amazing herbal solution, hope you don't mind if I share my thoughts here.

      Probabaly she doesn't do any another physical activity hence she sweats when she does yoga. Its okay to sweat when doing any form of physical excercise. I go for kathak dance and when I dance I generally sweat 2 3 times more than other students. (I am mother of two with 55 kgs weight and lots of tummy fat and my fellow dancers are my kids age !)

      You can ask her to carry 2-3 fresh handkerchiefs for the class and water bottle. If she continues yoga for few months automatically this will subside and she can gain confidence too. Just please continue accepting her as your student, or else she might lose her self confidence.

      A well wisher,

  80. Hi Ramya,
    I am a big fan of yours, you have amazing knowledge! What amazes me is the simplicity in your explation and yet so powerful.
    For past 2 years I am trying to minimize chemicals from our daily usage (soaps, lip balms etc). and this is a site which is like a blessing to me that I came to know about it. :)

    Anyways, thought of sharing one olden days home remedy for increasing the hemoglobin. I come from eastern UP where during pregnancies our prev generations aunts and mothers suggest this.

    Few horse gram (kala chana) (10-12 in numbers)
    few raisins (6-7 in numbers)

    Wash it and soak it overnight in a small bowl with good amount of water.

    The next morning one can eat this preferbaly empty stomach. its good to have the same water too.

    Both these ingredients are rich in fatty acid and natural antioxidants. This home remeady helps in constipation, and maintains hemoglobin level too. This can be continued for 3-4 months or may be more.


  81. Hello mam. U r doing a great job. Kudos to u. I'm 24. I suffer from proteinuria. I was taking english medicines for d past 1yr. As those medicines cldnt control the loss. Doctor adviced me to take steroids and he lays down the side effects of taking them too. But the mentioned side effects are even more worse than the disease. And he also warns me of kidney failure if ignored. We are simply clueless. My entire family is worried about my health as I'm young and unmarried bcs of this. Pls help me out asap. I'm taking mokkiratai ( punarnava) for creatinine. My proteinuria problem has an effect on my bp too. Kindly help.

  82. Hi Ramya,

    My Mom is suffering from vericose veins and also severe leg pain, can you suggest her best home remedy ASAP as she is in her holidays now (she is working as a teacher)
    Thanks in advance!

  83. Hi Ramya,

    A known 19 year old girl is having SLE (systemic lupus erythematosis) and she is suffering from severe pain throughout her body. Any treatment to reduce pain in this poor little girl.


    Vasanth Mani

  84. Hi mam can you suggest permanent solution for facial unwanted hair it is really troubling so many ladies now a day. Please suggest some solutions for unwanted hair with detailed procedure to apply and use

  85. Wow! Many blessings to you, such an amazing blog.

  86. Hi Ramya
    Nice blog for every mom.. i refer to ur blog frequently for many remedies. Its easy to follow. Can u write regarding weight gaining tips for babies and school going kids.. it will be of great use

  87. Hi, will post remedies for weight gain for babies and kids soon...

  88. Suffered with diarrhea and then some infection in urine. Since then suffering with heavy indigestion. its been two months now and have stopped all medicines. Pls suggest some remedy.

  89. hi Ramya,
    very useful and informative site. Could you please suggest something for IBS syndrome. Its mostly connected with phobia of going out. Any good ayurvedic doctor to help me.
    many thanks


Thank you for taking your time to comment, it means a lot to me. Your comments and feedback's are my main motivation. Since I want to reply personally to each and every comment, it takes some time for me to reply. Please forgive me if I take some time to answer your questions - Ramya