Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Neem Oil For Head Lice: How to Use Neem Oil For Lice Treatment

As many of you are aware neem oil has been used from time immemorial for treating variety of diseases and here in our village it is very rare to find a home without neem oil. We at least have a small bottle of neem oil for different uses and one such use of neem oil is treating head lice. Neem oil treats all the problems of the hair very effectively especially head lice. Unlike other oils, pure neem oil is very cheap and can be got very easily. The only side effect of neem oil is it's smell, it is very unpleasant, lingers for quite some time and is very strong. But if you combine neem oil with other oils, it will greatly reduce the strong odor. There are various ways in which we can use neem oil for treating lice. The first is using pure undiluted neem oil. If you have plenty of head lice, this treatment works but please remember the smell is very strong and it might take 2 to 3 days for the smell to go from the hair. The second method is mixing neem oil with equal quantities of any unrefined oil, this is best to use if the infestation is not very severe. The next method is using neem shampoo or neem flower oil for prevention. This prevention method using neem lfower oil and neem shampoo is especially very useful for young school going girls who gets infected with lice very easily. Before starting neem treatment remove the lice completely using a lice comb. The difference between ordinary comb and lice comb is that the bristles in the lice comb is placed very near to remove the lice from the hair. Make sure to buy a lice comb with smooth edges, else it will hurt the scalp very badly. Once you have got rid of the lice using lice comb, clean the combs, towels and sheets. Then regularly apply this neem flower hair oil continuously for few weeks, to prevent from getting it back. Make sure to dry the neem flowers completely in the sun before making this oil, else the oil will turn rancid soon. Try not to skip the tea tree oil, as it is a natural antiseptic and it really helps. Try applying the oil regularly, at least for a few days.


1. Dry the neem flowers in hot sun, till it is completely dry.

2. Heat coconut oil in a pan, till it is very hot.

3. Add the dried neem flowers and switch off immediately.

4. Keep the oil aside, till it cools completely. Strain the oil. Add the tea tree oil and store in a glass bottle.

  • The neem flowers should be sun dried till it's crisp.
  • This neem flower oil should be applied regularly, for best results.


  1. should we apply this regularly or we should apply for some time and wash the hair

    1. Apply for some time and wash the hair, but try not to skip the tea tree oil in the recipe...

    2. thank u so much for ur tips mam.... and this blog is really awesome... and i expect a lot more receips from you...

  2. hi ramya ka
    i am easwari 23yrs
    i love this blog very much so i wish to ask u
    sorry for the long post eagerly waiting for u r reply
    thanks in advance
    1)i have more dandruff for past few yrs have long hair till hip now reduced to shoulder above in thin manner
    i use nalla ennai strach my head with comb for flakes to fall&
    bath with meera shikkai &lorel paris anti dandruff shampoo
    once a week aftr seeing this blog i startd using fenugreek mask
    a)i want to know how many times a week should i apply this ?for immediate cure
    b)should use tis oil daily aha?
    c)of lately i have developed more i thought it it is dandruff now i have doubt whether its dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psorasis
    no red marks as more white flakes on scalp if startched comes out as big white patch in nails are there fall on shoulders chest and make body develop red bumps as acne
    i am confused i want to identify what it is?
    d)if one above what is the oil and mask remedies for permanent cure?
    pls reply me soon

    1. Hi Eswari, I am very glad that you like the blog :)
      I prefer to use it weekly twice or thrice as I love the hair mask and I let it soak for 30 minutes as I find it is very effective if left in the hair for that long. I would suggest you try the hair mask regularly for at least 2 weeks along with homemade amla oil application regularly. If the problem still persists please let me know...

    2. hi ramya
      tis is easwari
      thanks a lot for ur reply
      will surely follow ur suggestions and let u know it
      thank u once again

  3. there's alot of neem flowers on my backyard, but i dont even know what to do with that, now i know how to do what i need to do, thanks you very much Wild Turmeric, love this blog so much, it's very helpful

  4. Can I use dried neem leaf or leaf powder instead of neem flowers?

    1. Yes, you can add neem leaf or the pure neem powder too..

  5. hi Ramya ka
    This is Easwari .Hope ur fine& thanks for ur suggestion.
    i have used it weekly twice or thrice the hair mask with oil application as per ur suggestion
    my hair is soft to touch than before but
    now thick crust is been into flakes on scalp &
    near front side of earlobes ,on forehead ,at eyebrows ,at the back neck, sides of the the ear
    it is visible on scalp i doubt of scalp psorasis it is embarrassing
    please help wait for ur reply
    Thank you once again

    1. Eswari, can u please share a photo of it through wildturmeric facebook message?

  6. Ramya this is jeni
    hope u and ur family members r in good health.
    very awesome blog.
    can I apply this oil daily for my daughters?
    Lot of lice and nits are there.
    One cup of oil means 100ml or what?
    Facial hairs are there for my daughters can I apply turmeric oil at night and wash it in the morning. Will the face be yellowish.
    expecting ur reply soon.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hai ramya this is jeni.
    can I apply this oil for my daughters daily?
    They have lice and nits. For how many months I should continue this?
    for facial hair cani apply turmeric oil at night and wash it in the morning. This is also for my daughtrrs. Expecting ur reply soon.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Jenni, I am very sorry for the late reply. You can use this neem oil for your daughters to treat head lice. But don't forget to add tea tree oil. Continue using it daily for 2 to 3 weeks and once they are rid of lice completely, then you can slowly reduce it to weekly once. For removing facial hair, I would suggest using the rose petal bath powder from the blog, it is more effective...

  8. Hai ramya this is jeni hope u and ur family members r in good health. Can I apply this oil daily for my daughters ? Lot of lice and nits are there. Reg. Turmeric oil can I apply that oil in night and wash off in the morning? This is also for my daughters they have facial hair. And also in hands and legs. Reply soon.

  9. Ramya jeni again one cup of oil means ? 500ml r 1ltr?

  10. Ramya jeni again thanks for ur reply. One cup of oil means 100ml or 250ml?

    1. Jeni, I am very sorry for not being clear, I will update this post very soon, it was one of my first posts :). Use around 150 ml of oil for a handful of neem flowers...

  11. Hai ramya jeni again
    after applying this oil should I shampoo the hair make it clear because they r school going kids daily shampooing the hair will not be possible. Pls. Reply .

    1. Jeni, It can be used as a leave in oil but try shampooing alternate days or 2 days once....

  12. Ramya this is jeni pls.reply for my question oil is ready . Should I shampoo the hair after applying the oil.they are school going kids shampooing daily is not possible give me a remedy .

  13. Hi
    Can you help me with the steps to prepare pure neem oil?

  14. Been using need for 3 weeks. It isn't getting rid of the lice.


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