Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Natural Homemade Inhaler for Cold & Blocked Nose


My mother in law uses this homemade inhaler, whenever she has a cold and blocked nose. This homemade inhaler is very effective! It especially cures blocked nose and also gives good relief from headache due to cold. To make this inhaler, first dry roast pepper and powder it finely. Add good quality turmeric powder and arappu powder to it and mix well. Now take a small piece of pure cotton cloth. The cloth should be hundred percent cotton and it should be thick, else it will be hard to put off the fire. Spread the mixture evenly over the cloth and roll it tightly. You can even tie the rolled up cloth with a thread, to secure it. Now light up the end of the cloth in the fire. Put off the flame immediately, now the cloth will give out smoke from the mixture. Use it as an inhaler. For small children, reduce the amount of pepper in the mixture. Make sure the cotton cloth is long enough, so you don't burn your hands in the fire. This remedy is surprisingly effective to cure blocked nose and I have to admit, very comforting!

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1. Cut a piece of square cotton cloth. Make sure the cloth is pure cotton.

2. Dry roast pepper and powder it finely. Mix arappu powder, pepper powder and turmeric powder together well.

3. Spread it evenly in the cloth.

4. Roll it up. You can secure it with a thread too.

5. Light the end of the cloth and put of the flame. It will start giving out smoke. Use it as an inhaler!

  • Make sure the cloth is 100% cotton.
  • Put of the flame immediately, once it catches fire.
  • Try using home made turmeric powder. 
  • This inhaler is not for children.


  1. :) good one ! keep posting ramya :) great ! way to go girl !

  2. OH.. first time here.. very useful dear...

  3. Hi I am from kerala, what is this arappu powder called in english? Is this available outside TN?

    1. Hi, Arappu is only known with it's botanical name Albizia Amara. I don't know whether it is available outside Tamil Nadu, but I think you can source it online........

    2. I think it's called "thaaLli" in malayalam. It's typically used to washed oiled hair.

  4. Your remedies are extraordinary madam !! I have started to read all ur posts regularly. Thanks very much for this !!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and I am very glad that you like the posts...


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