Saturday, 7 June 2014

How to Make Mukhwas at Home (Indian Mouth Freshener Recipe)


In India, we get a wide variety of mouth fresheners commonly called "Mukhwas" in the markets using different combinations. It is easy to make natural mukhwas at home. Mukhwas/Mouth fresheners act both as digestive aid after a heavy meal and breath freshener. Though we get a variety of breath fresheners in the market, most of them are loaded with sugar, artificial colors and preservatives. When we make it at home, they act as a real digestive aid. We also can control the amount of sugar, so even diabetic patients can use them. This mouth freshener recipe has got fennel seeds/ saunf, sesame seeds, rose petal jam/ gulkand as a base. All these ingredients have a high amount of iron. Try making your own rose petal jam for best results. The taste of this mouth freshener depends on the quality of the rose petal jam/ gulkand. To make the mukhwas, first dry roast fennel seeds in pan till a nice smell wafts, next add the hulled white sesame seeds and dry roast till roasted well. Once it has cooled down add the rose petal jam and mix with your hands, till it is coated well. Now add all the rest of the ingredients, the additions are individual choice. You can add tutty fruity, cardamom powder, clove powder, nutmeg powder, grated coconut, sugar coated fennel seeds and rock candy. It is really a personal preference. I added just sugar coated fennel seeds and tutty frutti, as I like it plain. For diabetics, skip the tutti fruity, sugar coated fennel seeds and you can decrease the amount of rose petal jam too, in the recipe. All of us loved the taste of this  mukhwas and it got over on the same day I made it. You can use this homemade mouth freshener daily without any side effects. Try making it in small quantities and use it when it is fresh, for best taste.


1. Take fennel seeds in a pan and dry roast it till a nice smell wafts and the color changes.

2. Dry roast the white sesame seed till the color changes and nice aroma wafts.

3. I used my homemade rose petal jam to mix...

4. Let the roasted seeds cool completely. Now add the rose petal jam and mix it with hands to spread it evenly on the seeds.

5. Add the sugar coated fennel seeds, tutti frutti, cardamom powder and other ingredients. Mix it well and your homemade mukhwas is ready!

  • I didn't add the rock candy and cardamom powder, as I don't like the taste.
  • This homemade mukhwas is also good remedy for bad breath.
  • For diabetic patients, skip the sugar coated fennel seeds and reduce the quantity of rose petal jam.
  • You can skip the cardamom powder too, if you like it plain. 
  • Make sure not to burn the seeds while frying and do it in medium flame.
  • This mixture is high in Iron and is very healthy, especially if made with homemade rose petal jam.


  1. Hello ma' to make rose petal jam at home...???

    1. Hi, There is a recipe for making rose petal jam in the blog, please check it out....

  2. Hi Ramya, I love all your recipies. Thank you for taking the time to collect all this valuable information. One question, can I substitute the rose petal jam for another fruit jam?

    1. Hi, I have always made it with rose petal jam as I love both the taste and texture of it. But I think other fruit jams also will work well, I would suggest to mix in small quantities and see if you like it before making a big batch as some jams though they taste well might not be good in this recipe...

  3. Please tell how to prepare thaamboolam

  4. Ramya,

    You are so kind, generous and wonderful.

  5. How to make sugar coated fennel seeds? Please!


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