Henna Flower Health Benefits: Home Remedy for Sleeplessness (Homemade Sleep Sachets)

Henna flowers have surprisingly amazing health benefits and is best used for treating sleeplessness. If you are finding it very difficult to fall asleep everyday, then you should consider using sleep sachets. Sleep sachets are usually made with dried herbs that bring sleep with their calming fragrance. In India, henna flowers were always used and prescribed to induce sleep. Henna flowers are so fragrant that they have been used for making fragrance for centuries.

It is also used to produce floral waters to wash the face, in fact all parts of henna plant has been used in home remedies extensively. We have two henna trees in our farm and I was waiting for it to flower to make these sleep sachets. Since the rainfall is delayed this year, there were no flowers at all in both the tress. But when I visited my parents home, the henna tree there was in full  bloom and I made these henna flower sachets yesterday.

The fragrance of henna flowers is very pleasant and unique. Once you dry the flowers and store them in sachets, they last a long time too. I am a firm believer of aromatherapy and these dried henna flower sachets are a natural and better way to get seep than taking sleep pills. To make this sleep sachet, try using pure muslin cloth, so that the sachets let out the fragrance easily. You can buy empty, fancy sachets in markets now or you can sew your own.

To sew, take two cotton squares of same size and stitch the three sides using a running stitch. Fill the cloth with dried henna flowers through the opening and secure it with a thread or a ribbon. Make sure to make the squares small, so that it will be easy to tuck these sachets under the pillow. These sachets also make great presents. Whenever you visit a village, collect these henna flowers, dry them and use it year round. If you get lavender, you can try making lavender sleep sachets using the same method.

Henna Flower Sleep Sachet:

1. Take the fresh henna flowers and remove the flowers separately and spread them on a plate.

2. Sun dry the henna flowers in sunlight till crisp.

3.Fill it in the prepared sachets and close it tightly.


  • I used a silk sachet, but pure cotton muslin sachets are the best.
  • If the henna flowers are not sun dried properly, the flowers will spoil easily.


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