How To Dry Rose Petals Fast & Use For Potpourri, Tea & Wedding Confetti

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am partial to the smell of roses as I keep making almost all my preparations with them. The reason I am this addicted to the smell of roses is because of the smell of paneer variety roses. They don’t look pretty like regular roses but their amazingly sweet, fresh fragrance is so very divine. Since paneer variety roses are easy to grow almost all the homes in our village side used to have paneer roses but now it is not as commonly seen as before. I always use only paneer variety roses and prefer to collect my rose petals from my own garden as I am very particular about using pesticide free roses. I collect the fresh petals and shade dry them and store for future use. One of the blog readers asked me how I dry and store my roses for a long time so I thought I will do a brief post about it. The main thing to note when drying rose petals is to collect them fresh early in the morning and always collect only the fresh roses not the ones that are wilted as the fresh roses have the best fragrance and beautiful pink color. How we dry our rose petals are also important, we can do them in 3 ways. The first method is to dry them out in the oven, to do that just spread the rose petals in a single layer in a baking sheet and bake in a low temperature, fan assisted ovens will dry them faster and evenly. The second method is by using the dehydrator and the third is shade drying. I prefer to shade dry the roses as it retains it’s fragrance and color very well. Dried rose petals have wonderful uses and if you have them at home, you can make wonderful things with them. They can be used in potpourri, in cake decorations, as a wedding confetti, for making tea and of course the amount of skin and hair preparations you can do with them are endless. I have many recipes using dried rose petals in the blog, check them out. You can also freeze the dried rose petals and store for months together. To freeze, spread the dried rose petals on a sheet, freeze and store. Next time you have lot of rose petals hand, try drying and storing them for future use, you will be very happy you did so…..

1. Collect fresh roses early in the morning. Remove the petals separately from the flowers.

2. Place the rose petals on a cotton cloth to absorb any moisture on top of the petals and spread them in a single layer on a plate.

3.The real trick is where we are placing the rose petals. If we keep it under direct sunlight they lose their beautiful color. I prefer to shade dry them somewhere close to the place where we get direct sunlight. This way it dries very quickly and there is very little loss of color. Make sure to turn the petals and dry them on the other side too. The petals should sound dry when touched but still retain their color and fragrance.

4. I like to store the dried petals in a tightly capped glass jar. The last time I made dried rose petals it lasted well for few weeks. The petals start losing their color the longer they are stored in the bottle but still you can use them.


  • You can also make rose tea out of these dried petals, they taste heavenly.
  • The rose petals last well for about a few weeks after that it starts losing it’s color and fragrance.
  • If you dry the rose petals and freeze them, they really last longer.
  • If you are drying in the oven do it in low to medium temperature.
  • There should not be any moisture in the petals else they will spoil easily…
  • Though you don’t need direct sunlight, drying rose petals is best done in summer.



  1. Coral crue
    November 6, 2015 / 8:03 pm

    i have roses, rose tea is a brilliant idea too. 🙂

  2. Anonymous
    June 5, 2017 / 8:08 pm

    1. Are there different variety of paneer rose?I got some rose from a flower seller who told its paneer, yet I have doubt. Mine are single (not fully double) meaning they have less petals and the central part of the flower is visible. They are intense bright pink. The center smells, yet the petals have no smell. I then let them dry out naturally indoors yet the petals don't smell either fresh or dried. The center smells like light rose scent. Is it possible this is a hybrid or not paneer or something else sold as paneer?2. How to determine we have original paneer?

  3. Radha
    May 10, 2018 / 6:35 am

    I found dried rose petals which appear like paneer, can you suggest how to safely consume them so the entire body gets cool? I can’t make gulkand because I don’t have proper sugar nor sunlight to do it….

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