6 Best Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently At Home

One of the most requested remedies in wildturmeric blog is natural and permanent ways to remove unwanted hair at home. I wanted to share the different options available and the different traditional Indian remedies that can be used for unwanted face and body hairremoval.

From ancient times, women have used different natural methods to remove unwanted hair naturally and the choice of ingredients may vary from place to place but all these ancient remedies work.

Can We Remove Unwanted Hair Permanently At Home?

Electrolysis is the only method that gives permanent results with just one use as it burns of the hair follicles completely and then there is laser hair removal which stops hair growth for a year or so but since at home hair removal treatments does not burn off hair follicles like electrolysis and laser, you will not see results instantly. But with everyday use of home remedies like bath powders, the hair gets scanty and over time hair regrowth stops and the results are then permanent.

What Are The Methods Of Hair Removal At Home?

There are 2 natural methods that are commonly used for hair removal at home, one is instant and the other takes months of regular use to see results.

First Unwanted Hair Removal Method:

The first method for body hair removal is waxing, in which sugar is cooked to a thick syrup along with lemon juice and then it is applied to the skin and then a thick cloth is applied on top and is pulled apart in the opposite direction.

Since the sugar syrup is very sticky, all the body hair sticks to it and when we pull apart, it removes the hair along with the sugar syrup too. This process is very very messy and painful, especially if you have coarse hair, I would suggest trying it once in a parlour to get an idea and then try it at home. I do sugar waxing regularly for my hands and legs, trust me, with regular use it gets easier and lot less messier.

Also one best benefit of waxing is it leaves the skin smooth and it also exfoliates the skin really well. It also gives instant results and since it removes the hair from the roots, we can be hair free for at least 2 to 3 weeks and with regular use, the hair also starts getting scantier and scantier. Some women prefer shaving but shaving has to be done everyday and sometimes shaving also can result in cuts and bruises.

Second Unwanted Hair Removal Method:

The second natural method is using natural scrubs, when we use natural scrubs regularly it weakness the existing hair and over time it results in hair thinning. Here in India, we are encouraged to use bath powders from young age, bath powder is a natural but very gentle exfoliant.

Bath powders does multiple things for our skin, it not only keeps the skin blemish free, it also reduces body hair growth over time. The most popular ingredients used traditionally for hair removal are turmeric, besan, nagarmotha (called korai kizhangu) in Tamil, alum and rice flour. Now lately corn flour, baking soda are also used popularly for natural hair removal.

Some people complain that scrubs don’t work for them even after using it for months together regularly, scrubs works best for people with thin, scanty hair. When we use scrubs regularly, thin, feeble hairs fall off fast whereas coarse hair takes very long time to fall off. This is the main reason that some people feel scrubs don’t work for them.

For people with coarse hair, I would suggest using both waxing and body scrubs regularly to see results. Also I get questions regularlyfrom men asking whetheringredients like turmeric, alum, etc, will result in hair removal for them, men have very thick and coarse hair compared to women and using natural scrubs will never result in hair removal…

Instant Hair Removal Method:

1. Homemade Sugar Wax Recipe:

hair removal at home

This tried and tested homemade sugar wax recipe for hair removal is easy. You can find the recipe for making sugar wax here. The ingredients are just lemon juice, water and sugar, though you can buy ready made sugar wax easily I prefer to make it on my own for the simple reason that it is even more messy and hard to transfer the wax from the tin to the heater.

Always remember to pull the cloth quickly in the opposite direction and make sure to check the temperature of the heat each time before applying on the skin, I have burnt myself quite often in the beginning….:(

Ubtan (Bath Powders For Hair Removal)

Homemade bath powders are called ubtan in Hindi, Kuliyal Podi in Tamil and in India each home will have their own bath powder recipe.

The most common ingredients found in bath powders are rose petals, wild turmeric, regular turmeric sandalwood powder, vetiver, avarampoo, gram dal and green gram dal powder.

Homemade ubtan not only keeps the skin blemish free and fragrant, regular use will greatly reduce body hair growth. I have three recipes for making ubtan at home, all the three recipes work if used regularly….

2. Rose Petal Bath Powder:

hair removal home remedies

This bath powder has green gram dal, wild turmeric, white turmeric, poolan kilangu and dried rose petals. Rose petals reduces wrinkles and prevents the skin from sun damage and also reduces body hair growth. Wild turmeric is called “kasturi manjal” in Tamil and it is very fragrant than normal turmeric.

We use kasturi manjal for most of our skin preparations, as it reduces blemishes and pimples. Green gram dal is a very good natural body cleaner and it keeps our body cool. White turmeric (Zedoary)  is called “Poolan kilangu” in Tamil. It helps in healing any damage to the skin and prevents infections. You can find the recipe for it  here.

3. Avarampoo Bath Powder:

hair removal for women

This face wash powder has got 6 amazing ingredients – avarampoo, bengal gram dal, urad dal, kasthuri manjal, vetiver and organic rose petals. Bengal gram dal and urad dal are amazing cleansers, vetiver is a natural coolant and prevents boils on the skin.

Avarampoo and kasthuri manjal prevents infections in the skin. This powder is also very very fragrant and is wonderful for all types of skin. This powder can be safely used on young kids too. You can find the recipe for it here...

4. Sandalwood Bath Powder:

permanent hair removal

This sandalwood bath powder if used regularly gradually reduces hair growth. This fragrant instant bath powder has 5 ingredients- Gram flour, green gram flour, wild turmeric, rose petal powder and sandalwood powder.

This bath powder like the rest of the two bath powders mentioned above should be used regularly for reducing body hair growth and works best for people with scanty hair. You can find the link to the video recipe here.

Body Scrubs For Hair Removal:

Like bath powders, body scrubs also work well for removing body hair. And some of the most commonly used ingredients for body hair removal are alum, baking soda, rice flour, gram flour, turmeric, etc.

Though bath powders can be used for months together without any problems certain scrubs used for hair removal like baking soda scrub should not be used regularly by people with dry and sensitive skin as it can cause intense dryness and irritation.

5. Alum & Rose Water For Hair Removal:

facial hair removal at home

Alum and rose water is a very popular scrub used for hair removal by our ancestors. Alum refers to potash alum that is also very popularly called shaving alum. Barbers use alum stone to rub it in the cheeks of men after shaving.

Since it has antiseptic properties, it heals wounds and scars caused by shaving. Alum powder mixed with rose water and used as scrub helps remove fine hair from the skin really well.

But one big problem with this method is alum is quite drying so I would always suggest using a moisturizer after using the scrub. For the scrub take alum powder in a bowl, mix in pure homemade rose water and use it as a scrub…

6. Baking Soda & Turmeric For Hair Removal:

Baking soda and turmeric is an other popular scrub used for hair removal. This scrub is a wonderful exfoliant and leaves the skin blemish free in addition to removing unwanted hair.

But like with alum and rose water remedy, this scrub is quite drying and I would suggest using moisturizer afterwards. Also if you have very sensitive skin, I would suggest doing a patch test before using it. You can find the video recipe here.



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