Both bhringraj oil and mahabhringraj oil have amazing hair benefits and uses. The botanical name of bhringraj plant in called Eclipta Alba. Bhringraj is the Hindi name and Karisalankanni is the Tamil name. It… View Post

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  This homemade bhringraj oil | karisalankanni hair oil is very famous in my place and does wonders for hair. The botanical name of bhringraj is Eclipta Alba. There are two varieties of bhringraj plants,… View Post

  Henna is a wonderful ingredient to use for our hair and this traditional henna hair oil made with henna leaves and coconut oil is very good for the hair. I have a henna tree… View Post

Ratanjot (Hindi name) was used to add natural deep red color in North Indian dishes for years. Sadly, it is replaced by synthetic red colors now. We call it “Vembalampattai” in Tamil. It is called… View Post

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Our neighbor in our village used to collect curry leaves from our farm regularly. One day when I was talking to her, she mentioned about this curry leaf hair oil. She said that, she has… View Post