Both flaxseed and flaxseed oil are amazing for hair growth. Flaxseed is called Alsi | Alasi in Hindi and Avise Ginjalu in Telugu and Ali Vithai in Tamil. We get it easily everywhere in India… View Post

  Almond oil is one of the best oils to use for promoting hair growth. If you are suffering from hair loss, I would suggest using nourishing pure plant based oils like almond oil regularly… View Post

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  Bhringraj plant | Karisalankanni plant whose botanical name is Eclipta Alba is an amazing plant with amazing hair benefits. Bhringraj powder | Karisalankanni powder is especially very well known in India for promoting hair… View Post

  If you are looking for a natural alternative for chemical hair dyes, then indigo powder is a great choice. Indigo powder is got by powdering the leaves of indigo plant whose botanical name is… View Post

  Ginger called Adrak in Hindi and Inji in Tamil is one of the best ingredients to use for treating scalp problems and for promoting hair growth. It has been used for hair care for… View Post

  When one of my friends mentioned about using potato for hair growth, I was skeptical at first. I have used potato for beauty treatments but it was always for skin and never for hair… View Post

  I love curry leaves and use it extensively both in cooking and for hair care. I have grown up seeing both my grandmothers and aunts use curry leaves for hair care and so naturally… View Post

  Hot oil treatments have been around for a long time, especially here in our place, it has been followed for centuries. Like the name suggests, hot oil treatment is a process of applying warm… View Post

    My son loves mayonnaise and usually asks for it each time he has rotis. I don’t like to give him mayonnaise bought from the shops regularly so I always make my own using… View Post

  Rosemary has been used from ancient times to treat hair fall and grey hair and rosemary oil extracted from rosemary is great for treating baldness at home. Rosemary improves blood circulation in the scalp… View Post

  Amla also called as Indian gooseberry, Nellikai in Tamil, Amalaki in Sanskrit is a wonderful ingredient to use for hair growth. It has been used in India from ancient times to stop hair fall,… View Post