Tamarind Leaves Uses & Benefits: Home Remedy for Muscular Pain & Sprains!

Tamarind leaves has amazing health benefits and uses. This tamarind leaves compress is a very effective home remedy for muscular pain and sprains. Almost all the parts of tamarind tree are used in home remedies. In our village almost all the farms will have at least 2 to 3 tamarind trees. We usually collect tamarind for that years use in cooking and store it in huge jars.

Since most of us have tamarind tree in our farms, we use the different parts of tamarind tree extensively in home remedies. The leaves of tamarind tree is very good in treating muscular sprains and also helps in greatly easing the pain. This compress can be safely used on young children too, if they get sprains and bruises.

This tamarind leaf compress recipe is very simple to make, but you need fresh tamarind leaves for making it. To make the tamarind leaves compress, boil water in a wide pan and once the water comes to boil, add all the tamarind leaves at once. Boil for 5 minutes till the color of the leaves changes to light brown color and switch off the flame.

Wait for the water to cool down a bit, now remove the tamarind leaves using a strainer and place it over a pure cotton cloth. Tie the cloth into a bundle and use it as a compress for muscular sprains. The compress should be warm to the touch. When the compress looses it’s heat, dip it in the water that the leaves were boiled in and squeeze to remove excess water and use again.

This tamarind leaves compress can be used both morning and evening till one gets good relief. Collect tamarind leaves, store it in the refrigerator and use it daily. The compress, once made can be used for a day and then the leaves should be discarded. The compress should be made fresh again the next day for best results.

Tamarind Leaf Compress:

1. Collect fresh tamarind leaves.

2. Boil water in a pan and once it comes to boil, add all the tamarind leaves at once. Boil till the color of the leaves changes.

3. Switch off the flame and wait for it to cool a bit. Now remove the leaves from the water and place it over a cotton cloth.

4. Tie it into a bundle and use it as a compress.


  • The compress should be warm, not hot.
  • Use only pure cotton cloth

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