Homemade Natural Turmeric and Coconut Oil Inhaler

Some people get headache and sinus, whenever they have hair wash. This turmeric and coconut oil inhaler is for them. This inhaler is very easy to make, provided you have hot coal. We also use this for children, whenever we give them hair wash during the cold winter months.

We use this big ladle called “Thoopakal” to make the inhaler. It is either made in iron or in copper like the one in the picture. To make this remedy, mix coconut oil and organic turmeric powder together. Keep the hot coal ready and add few drops of the mixture in the coal, immediately it will start emitting smoke.

I actually love this smell. It is very mild and will not irritate the nostrils. Once the smoke reduces, add few more drops of the turmeric mixture again. I must warn you that, if you have had hair wash and you use this smoke very near your hair, it might smell of it. If you want to avoid it, you can cover your hair and use the inhaler.

People who are allergic to smoke should avoid this remedy. Always use the best quality turmeric powder and virgin coconut oil for this remedy. This remedy also can be used, when you suffer from blocked nose. Once you have hair-wash, dry your hair and use this inhaler immediately.

Homemade Natural Turmeric and Coconut Oil Inhaler

1. Take turmeric powder and coconut oil in a bowl and mix them together into a paste.

2. Take hot coal in a heat proof bowl. We use a copper vessel called “Thoopakal” for this inhaler.

3. Add few drops of the mixture on to the hot coal. It will start emitting smoke. Once the smoke stops add few drops more.


  • Don’t add the mixture all at once.
  • Make sure the turmeric doesn’t have any spiciness. If the turmeric is ground in a chilli powder grinding machine, it will be spicy.
  • Try using only coconut oil for this remedy.


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