3 Best Face Washes For Acne & Pimples You Should Try !

acne face wash recipes
If you are looking for face wash for acne prone skin then you should definitely try these three acne face wash recipes. All these three recipes can be used for both oily and dry skin. It does not make the skin greasy so it is perfect for oily skin and it does not dry out the skin as well so people with dry skin can also use them.

Why We Get Acne?

We get acne when our hair follicles get clogged with oil. Though acne can occur at any age, it usually happens during adolescence when there are hormonal changes. Stress and poor diet also can cause acne, I get acne when I am extremely stressed. Most of the mild forms of acne can be treated at home easily.

Acne Face Washes:

One of the best ways to treat acne at home easily is to use face washes that has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. We get loads of face washes in the market particularly for treating acne but we can easily make them at home without any of the preservatives, colors and synthetic fragrances.

Though these face washes are homemade, you will find no difference between them and store bought acne face wash. They foam well, smell amazing and has wonderful antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties and is very very gentle on the skin.

Homemade Acne Face Washes:

The base for these recipes are rice water and liquid castile soap. Rice water reduces inflammation, treats acne and is very soothing on the skin. Castile soap cleans well and is very gentle on the skin as it is made with olive oil as a base. I also love to add aloe vera gel in the recipe as it prevents skin dryness, it also helps reduce the inflammation very quickly.

All these three acne face wash recipes use the same base and they differ only by the essential oils you add to it. Essential oils have amazing anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and they make the face wash smell amazing too. I have given three acne face wash recipes, choose the one you like and use regularly.


Face Wash Base:

Take 1/4 cup rice water in a cup. You can find how to make rice water at home easily here.

best face wash for pimples

Add in 1/4 cup of liquid castile soap to it. You can buy liquid castile soap easily online.

best face wash for acne and pimples

Add in 1 tsp of aloe vera gel that is free of color and perfume to it and mix well. This is the face wash base.

acne aid face wash recipes

Add in essential oil of your choice and mix well. This face wash will clean and lather well. After mixing, store it in a bottle and use daily once or twice.

anti acne face wash recipes

3 Best Acne Face Wash Recipes:

1. Tea Tree:

Tea tree essential oil has anti microbial properties that treats acne really well. Add in 3 drops of tea tree essential oil to the face wash base and mix well.

2. Lavender:

Lavender has wonderful healing properties that helps the skin heal, it also helps reduce scars and is very soothing on the skin. Add 3 drops of it to the face wash base and mix well.

3. Sandalwood:

Sandalwood essential oil is one of the best essential oils to use for acne prone skin. It reduces inflammation and helps treat and prevent acne. Add 3 drops to the face wash base and mix well.


pimple clear face wash recipes

To use, take little bit of the face wash in your hands and apply it all over the face and neck, massage for a few minutes and then wash it off. Make sure to apply moisturizer after using this face wash….


  • This face wash can be stored at room temperature for about a week.
  • I have used boiled rice water which makes this face wash creamy.
  • I have used store bought aloe vera gel without color and perfume.

face wash for pimples


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