Vetrilai | Pan Leaf Health Benefits & Medicinal Uses: Home Remedy For Gastric Problems

This remedy was taught to me by my co-sister. You will be amazed at how effective this remedy is for gastric problems. We use betel leaf (vetrilai in Tamil, Paan leaf in Hindi, pan leaf in Bengali), omam (carom seeds) along with a pinch of salt for this remedy.

Betel leaf is an aromatic creeper with heart shaped leaves. There are many varieties of betel leaves in India. You can use any type you prefer. Betel leaves has powerful antiseptic properties and offers many benefits when taken as a medicine. In our village, we use betel leaves extensively as a home remedy.

We even use it on babies (I will post about it later) who are just few months older and it is very effective. In most of the South Indian homes, men and women alike chew on this betel leaves along with betel nut after lunch. It helps in digestion. This remedy is used when you suffer from gastritis and this remedy couldn’t be any simpler.

Just take a fresh betel leaf, add carom seeds and a pinch of salt. Roll it up and chew and swallow it when you have gastritis with a glass of water. This remedy gives instant relief. Why take antacids, when you have such easy and effective home remedies?

Vetrilai | Pan Leaf Health Benefits & Medicinal Uses: Home Remedy For Gastric Problems

1. Take a fresh betel leaf. Wash it well and dry it using a cloth. Take out the stalk of the leaf. Add a pinch of salt in the middle.

2. Add omam too.

3. Carefully roll the leaf without breaking it and chew it well and swallow it with a glass of hot water.


  • The betel leaf should be fresh, for the remedy to be effective.
  • This is not bitter at all and can be consumed any time of the day.


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