5 Top Benefits & Uses Of Bibhitaki | Baheda | Bahera | Terminalia Bellirica | Belleric Myrobalan For Health, Hair & Skin

Bhibitaki | Baheda is a very important herb that we should get to know, bibhitaki is the Hindi name of the herb. It is one of the three ingredients that make up the famous triphala, that itself signifies it’s importance in ayurvedic medicine.

The tree that bears these fruits are found all over India. It’s botanical name is Terminalia Bellerica and is commonly called Belleric Myrobalan in English. Though this tree is not commonly found all over in Tamil Nadu, if you happen to trek in any forest you can easily spot the tree.

The fruits are dried and sold in the markets, you can also easily buy them online too. Though the fruits look like haritaki at first glance, it is more round and does not have ridges that haritaki has.

Bhibitaki Common Names:

Bhibitaki is called Thandrikai in Tamil, Thandri-kaya in Telugu, Tanni Kai in Malayalam, Tanri-kayi in Kannada, Bayada in Bengali and Baheda in most of the other North Indian states.

Bhibhitaki Traditional Uses:

Bibhitaki has astringent qualities and is best known for it’s use in treating all cough and cold related problems, dental problems, improving immunity, digestive problems, liver problems, eye problems and for healing wounds faster. The oil made from with the fruit is well known for it’s use in treating premature greying and promoting hair growth. I would suggest making the oil along with both amalaki and haritaki.

Where To Buy Bhibitaki?

You can buy pure bibhitaki churna | powder easily everywhere now, you can also stock the dried fruit at home like I do. When buying the dried fruit always remember to sun dry and then store for longer shelf life.

Bibhitaki Side Effects:

Bibhitaki has the tendency to lower blood sugar levels so please mention it to your physician if you are a diabetic patient or planning to undergo a surgery. I couldn’t find any research papers on toxicity reports of the herb for pregnant and nursing women. For pregnant women, I would strongly suggest taking this herb only under medical supervision, especially if planning to take for a few days continuously and please don’t overdose..

5 Amazing Health Benefits & Medicinal Uses Of Bibhitaki | Baheda | Bahera | Terminalia Bellerica:

1. Bibhitaki For Cough, Asthma & Indigestion:

Take equal quantities of licorice root, long pepper and bibhitaki (after removing the seed) and powder it as finely as you can. Now take about 2 tsps of the powder and boil it along with 500 ml of water till it reduces to about 300 ml. Drink about 100 ml of this decoction 2 times (morning and evening). This remedy will give good relief from indigestion, asthma and cough.

2. Bibhitaki For Sore Throat:

For sore throat take a bibhitaki and if you pound on it using a stone you will find a single seed inside, remove it . Now take one of the broken shell and suck on it, it has an astringent and bitter taste but it works well for sore throat and cough.

3. Bibhitaki For Wounds:

Bibhitaki paste is an amazing wound healer. If you are suffering from minor rashes, skin irritations, I would suggest applying a paste of bibhitaki. For the paste, take a small piece of bibhitaki and rub it on a stone (I have used a small sandalwood stone) along with little water to get a smooth paste.

4. Bibhitaki For Dental Problems:

This decoction made by boiling the shell of the broken fruit along with little water can be used as a mouth rinse and it will treat most of the dental problems like mouth odor, mouth ulcers, etc…

5. Bibhitaki Powder:

Pure bibhitaki powder can be used instead of bibhitaki fruit too. Bibhitaki powder when mixed with honey acts a natural tonic. When mixed with water and applied as a poultice on minor skin irritations treats them very soon.



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