5 Top Hair Benefits & Uses Of Eggs For Hair Growth, Dry Hair & Hair Loss

Eggs are one of the best ingredients to use for dry, damaged hair especially if used along with coconut oil or olive oil as a hair pack. Eggs mixed with honey is also another famous remedy for promoting hair growth and arresting hair loss. Egg hair treatments promote hair growth and stop hair fairly quickly as they strengthen the hair follicles.

I still remember, when I was in my teens, one of the first few beauty recipes I tried was the egg and olive hair mask. But it was not at all like what I planned.  Since it was my first time, I couldn’t apply it without spilling the raw eggs on my dress and in the bathroom. And my god! the bathroom was smelling of raw eggs for days.

And you could have imagined the amount of scolding I got for doing such a mess. When I was cleaning up the mess and getting the scolding I thought I will never ever use eggs on my hair again. But the next day when I combed my hair I realized how silky smooth it was and all my thoughts of not using eggs for my hair vanished. I have been using eggs on my hair ever since :).

Egg Whites For Hair Growth:

Egg whites are full of protein and are amazing for hair growth. If you don’t like the eggy smell, you can use just the egg white alone. Just using plain egg whites is good for oily hair, you can use it along with amla powder for promoting hair growth. If you have dry hair and want to use the egg whites alone, use it along with little bit of coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil.

Egg Yolks For Hair Growth:

Though egg yolks smell, they are super conditioning and will make your hair super shiny and soft. It is especially good for dry hair. If you are suffering from extremely dry and damaged hair that is lifeless, mix egg yolk with little bit of coconut oil and coconut milk and use it as a hair pack. It will immediately soften and condition your hair…..

Eggs Hair Benefits:

1. Eggs for Hair Growth:

Eggs does help in promoting hair growth, it strengthens the hair roots and prevents breakage. The protein in the eggs helps to strengthen the hair roots.

2. Repairs Damaged Hair:

Egg hair masks are great for treating chemically treated  hair. If you are a person who is using lot of chemical treatments on the hair, then I would suggest using egg hair masks weekly twice for best results. It will greatly prevent hair breakage.

3.Prevents Split Ends:

Egg hair masks to a certain extent prevent hair fall and also prevent split ends, if applied to the length of the hair. To use always apply egg hair masks to both the scalp and the legnth of your hair

4. Makes The Hair Silky: 

Homemade egg hair masks usually can be used for all types of hair. For very greasy hair, use only the egg white and for very dry hair you can use the yolk along with little bit of any unrefined oil.

5. Treats Dry Hair:

Egg yolk hair masks are one of the best at home treatments for very dry hair, it leaves the hair silky soft and smooth. I would suggest using at least weekly twice to see results.

Eggs For Hair Side Effects:

The only con about egg hair masks is the lingering smell of raw eggs in the bathroom. For that, try cleaning the bathroom immediately after bath and pour over hot water, this will greatly diminish the smell.

How To Use Eggs For Hair: 3 Egg Hair Treatments

1.  Olive Oil & Egg Hair Mask For Hair Growth:

This olive oil and egg hair mask has just two ingredients, but the result is simply great. I tried this after reading it in a magazine. This mask is made by beating an egg and mixing it with extra virgin olive oil and your hair mask is ready! More than the quantity of ingredients, I always focus on the quality of the ingredients.

For this mask I have used organic country eggs. The difference between ordinary eggs and organic country eggs are surprising. The shells of the country eggs are thicker, the yolks a deep yellow color and in taste too, organic country eggs wins over ordinary eggs considerably. But please be careful when buying country eggs, because due to their expensive price, some vendors dip the outer shell of ordinary eggs in red color and sell it.

The only draw back about this mask is that you have to clean your bathroom after bathing due to the eggy smell. But the reward is you are left with silky smooth hair. Try using this mask regularly to strengthen and condition your hair along with promoting hair growth.

2.Egg & Avocado Hair Mask For Hair Loss:

This natural homemade avocado & egg hair mask recipe is great for treating dry hair and stimulating hair growth. Avocados offer a lot of benefits to our health, when eaten regularly. The high nutrient content of the fruit also keeps the skin and hair in peak condition if used externally. Nowadays we get many avocado based creams, masks, hair packs on the market.

This homemade avocado & egg hair mask can be made with fraction of that cost with even more benefits. If you are used to treating your hair chemically, then try this hair mask regularly to condition and strengthen the roots. This hair mask contains fresh avocados, organic country eggs and coconut oil.

Egg is a great conditioner for the hair and especially organic country eggs are full of nutrients. But if you don’t like to use egg yolk on the hair then use only the egg white for making this hair mask. I used my homemade virgin coconut oil but you can use good quality virgin coconut oil that you get from the shops. To make the mask, remove the flesh of an avocado and beat it in a mixer along with little virgin coconut oil to a smooth paste.

Add an egg to the mixture and mix it well to form a paste. The paste should not be too runny so don’t add too much of coconut oil. To use, part your hair and apply it all over the scalp. Make sure to apply it evenly so it covers all over the scalp. Wait for 20 to 25 minutes before washing it off with a mild herbal shampoo.

I personally feel my hair is much healthier if I use hair packs regularly. It takes just few minutes to make them and homemade hair masks really reduce hair fall if combined with a healthy diet. This homemade is especially useful for people with dry hair. If your hair is not very dry, then you can skip the coconut oil in the hair pack. You can also substitute the avocado with a ripe banana too…

3. Mayonnaise Hair Mask For Dry & Damaged Hair:

If you are a person who makes mayonnaise at home regularly especially using virgin olive oil, then you have a wonderful ready made hair mask at home. I have always preferred to make my own mayonnaise at home as it is healthier. I would suggest not using store bought mayonnaise for hair as it full of preservatives and stabilizers.

And they are also way too greasy and most of the time I find it hard to wash my hands of the greasiness after eating and I also feel very heavy after using them. So my choice is always homemade mayonnaise, it is light and tastes great. Since we raise chickens in the farm, I use those eggs, but if you are making mayonnaise I would suggest using organic farm raised chicken eggs. For making mayonnaise, take 2 egg yolks in a mixer along with 2 teaspoons of vinegar in a blender and blend till smooth.

Now open the small lid in the mixer jar and while the mixer is running pour in about 3/4 to 1 cup of virgin olive oil in a slow steady stream. Once the mixture thickens, stop adding the oil, if you add oil after it has thickened the mixture will split. For using it in recipes, mix in salt and other seasonings but for using it as a hair mask, you can use it as it is. This homemade mayonnaise stores well for about 2 weeks in the refrigerator and can be used weekly twice on the hair especially if it is very damaged…



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    Hi Ramya..Should I wash off just with plain water or shampoo?

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
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      We should use a shampoo after using these egg hair treatments….

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    Thank You Ramya for all the excellent homemade treatments. We just forget that there are hundreds of recipes that you can do from your kitchen than going for expensive treatments that does not produce the outcomes they promise. Keep up the excellent work! Regards- Prashant

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      Thanks a lot for your kind, encouraging words, means a lot to me…

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      Try this remedy for removing facial hair: remedy

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    Hi Ramya,You are doing a great job, and are useful to many. I am male currently having hair fall/loss. Do you suggest any other solution other than using egg?Thanks.

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      You can try fenugreek hair mask from the blog, if you don't want to use egg….

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