10 Top Benefits & Uses Of Garlic Oil For Skin, Hair & Health

garlic oil health benefits

Garlic oil has amazing hair, skin and health benefits and you will be really surprised if you get to know it’s wide medicinal uses. From treating ear infections, acne and joint pain to promoting hair growth, garlic oil does have amazing health benefits. The best part is we can make garlic oil easily at home within minutes to treat many infections.

What Is Garlic Oil?

Two types of oils are referred to as garlic oil. One is garlic infused oil got by either boiling pounded garlic in olive oil or by soaking pounded garlic in olive oil, sun drying and then straining it. It is also called garlic flavored oil. The second type of oil is garlic essential oil which is a concentrated form of garlic oil got by steam distilling garlic. Garlic essential oil though expensive is more potent than garlic infused oil.

Garlic Essential Oil:

Garlic essential oil is got by by crushing the garlic and then steam distilling it to remove the oil from garlic pods. Steam distilled garlic oil is usually yellowish brown in color and has a very pungent odour. To get a perspective of how potent garlic essential oil is when compared to garlic infused oil we have to know how much amount of garlic is used for making both. To get one ml of garlic essential oil, we need 400 to 500 grams of garlic but with homemade infused garlic oil, we use only 5 to 6 cloves of garlic for a cup of unrefined oil.

Garlic Oil Chemical Constituents:

Garlic essential oil contains high amounts of sulfur compounds with diallyl trisulfide accounting for 38 %, diallyl disulfide accounting for 40 % and methyl allyl trisulfide accounting for 7 %, diallyl sulfide accounting for 3.7 % and methyl allyl disulfide accounting for 2.75 %.

garlic oil medicinal usesGarlic Oil Medicinal Uses:

1. Garlic Oil Anti Fungal Properties:

Garlic oil has amazing anti fungal properties and is especially used for treating candida albicans. In a research, more than 90 % of the candida cells were killed after using garlic oil. The effect is dosage dependent and you can read the study that proves it here.

2. Garlic Oil Anti Bacterial Properties:

Garlic oil has amazing anti bacterial properties and is especially effective for treating Helicobater Pylori which is one of the main reasons for chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers. All vegetables that have high allium content are effective for treating Helicobacter Pylori and all forms of garlic including garlic oil is very effective.

3. Garlic Oil Insecticidal Activity:

Garlic oil has insecticidal properties and has been proven to be effective in getting rid of many insects including meal worms (it is effective against larva, pupa and adult), mosquitoes (Culex Pipiens & Culex Restuans). At home, we can add few drops of garlic essential oil to a cup of water and take it in a spray bottle and use it as an effective insecticide.

4. Anti Obesity Properties:

Garlic has amazing cholesterol lowering properties and anti obesity properties and this has been proven to be true of garlic oil too. It is also a traditional remedy to use garlic for reducing excessive fat here in our village and we use both garlic and garlic oil extensively. A study done on rats for 60 days has shown significant fat loss in the group that consume garlic oil regularly, you can read the study here.

5. Anti Diabetic & Blood Pressure Lowering Properties:

Garlic essential oil has amazing anti diabetic and blood pressure lowering properties too. Garlic oil improves oral glucose tolerance, insulin tolerance and also improves the insulin stimulated utilization of glucose to synthesize glycogen. Along with it, it also reduces oxidative stress and inflammation which are the main reasons for progression of diabetes. It also helps reduce high blood pressure naturally.

6. Disinfectant For Dental Instruments:

Another amazing use of garlic oil is it is an amazing disinfectant for instruments used in dental procedures. Usually due to high risk of contamination, single use dental instruments are becoming the norm all over the world.

But in countries like India where cost is a big factor, the instruments are sterilized and used again and again. What amazes me is just adding a few drops of garlic essential oil to the water that the instruments are washed prevents most of oral microorganisms. You can read the study that proves it here.

7. Garlic Oil For Ear Infections:

Garlic oil is one of the best home remedies for ear infections. In our home, garlic oil is the go to remedy for ear infections. When I was younger, whenever I suffered from ear infections, my mother used to fry garlic in unrefined coconut oil till a nice aroma wafts. Then using a piece of cotton, she used to apply just a drop or two in my infected ear. Within a few minutes of applying garlic oil, I will usually feel better, this is due to garlic oil’s anti microbial properties.

8. Garlic Oil For Skin Problems:

Garlic oil has amazing anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties making it one of the best ingredients to use for skin care. When we apply raw garlic on the skin, it might cause burns in some people so I would always suggest using garlic oil than raw garlic. Few drops of garlic essential oil mixed with a carrier oil can be used for treating acne effectively.

It will help reduce the inflammation and will help both treat and prevent acne. Garlic oil can also used to treat many skin problems like warts, athletes foot, foot odour, ring worm, itching and psoriasis. Mix garlic essential oil with a base oil and apply on the affected area.

9. Improves Immunity:

Garlic oil has a protective effect on the liver, kidneys, heart and it greatly helps reduce oxidative stress. Regular use will greatly help improve immunity. It prevents many infections from cancer to common cold. It also fights off many infections so I would highly suggest always stocking garlic essential oil at home.

10. Garlic Oil For Hair Growth:

Garlic hair oil treats almost all the scalp problems, it is an amazing home remedy for dandruff and itchy scalp. It also arrests hair loss and greatly helps in hair growth too. At home we make a garlic hair oil using garlic, peppercorns, dried ginger and cumin seeds for using as a pre shampoo treatment. It treats almost all scalp problems and helps promote hair growth.

How To Make Garlic Oil At Home:

a. Garlic Infused Olive Oil – Sunlight Method:

garlic oil recipe

To make infused garlic oil, pound 5 garlic cloves in a mortar and pestle. Now take the pounded garlic in a cup. Now top it with olive oil or unrefined coconut oil and place it under hot sunlight covered with a thin mesh. Once the oil gets heated up, strain the garlic out, your homemade garlic oil is ready. You can use the strained garlic in cooking. Since I live in a place where there is plenty of sunlight, I always make garlic oil using this method.

b. Garlic Infused Olive Oil – Direct Heat Method:

how to make garlic oil

To make garlic oil using direct heat method, pound 4 to 5 large garlic cloves in a mortar and pestle. Now heat a cup of unrefined coconut oil or olive oil in a pan. Now add in the pounded garlic and fry for few seconds in low to medium flame till the garlic changes color slightly and a nice aroma wafts. Now switch off immediately, let cool, strain and store it in a bottle.

Where To Buy Garlic Essential Oil?

You can buy garlic essential oil easily online, it costs around 300 to 350 rupees for 15 ml depending on the brand. We also get garlic oil capsules, they come in 5000 mg soft capsules. You can buy them in medical shops or order them online. Finally we get garlic oil ear drops for treating ear infection, usually sold in 30 ml bottles.

Garlic Oil Side Effects:

The main side effect of consuming garlic oil capsules are the garlic burps which normally occurs to many people for an hour or two after consuming it. For some people it might cause vomiting, nausea diarrhea and hearth burn too. Garlic breath is also another problem when consuming garlic oil capsules.

Garlic oil also might interfere with certain drugs so if you are on any medication please mention it to your physician before consuming garlic oil capsules regularly. When using garlic essential oil, never use it directly on the skin or scalp, always mix it with a base oil before using else it might cause burns.

Garlic Oil Dosage:

I prefer to use garlic essential oil mixed with a carrier oil for external applications and for internal consumption, I would suggest using plain garlic or garlic oil capsules. For using externally, usually 1 to 2 % dilution of garlic essential oil with base oil is recommended, I would suggest starting with 1 % dilution. For internal consumption of garlic oil capsules, the recommended dosage is one 5000 mg capsules per day.

5 Top Ways To Use Garlic Oil At Home:

1. Garlic Oil For Acne:

garlic oil for skin

Garlic oil can be used in face packs that treat acne. For making the face pack, take a tbsp of multani mitti also called fullers earth in a bowl. Add in 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder and 3 drops of garlic essential oil to it. Now add rice water to form a thick but spreadable paste. This pack is amazing for reducing acne inflammation, it also helps prevent further breakouts.

2. Garlic Oil For Ear Infection:

garlic oil for ear infection

For treating ear infections, I would suggest using garlic oil made by boiling the crushed garlic in olive oil or coconut oil. At home, we use coconut oil. Once garlic changes color slightly, remove from fire, let cool and strain. Take a small piece of cotton, dip in this mixture and squeeze out excess. Now squeeze in just a drop or two of this mixture in the infected ear. You will find the pain subsiding quickly but please don’t use this remedy if the inner ear is perforated.

3. Garlic Oil For Hair Regrowth & Hair Fall:

garlic oil for hair growth

Garlic when used as a hair treatment arrests hair fall and promotes fast hair regrowth. The ingredients needed for making garlic hair treatment oil are sesame oil, cumin seeds, dry ginger, black pepper and garlic. To make the oil, pound garlic and dry ginger. Heat sesame oil in an iron pan and add all the ingredients and fry till they turn golden brown. Switch off and strain. Use it to massage your hair scalp. You can find the video recipe here.

4. Garlic Oil For Joint Pain:

garlic oil for joint pain

Garlic oil can be used as a massage oil for joint pain. For the remedy you can either use garlic essential oil or garlic infused oil but garlic essential oil will be more effective as it is more concentrated. For the remedy, take a cup of unrefined coconut oil in a cup. Add 10 drops of garlic essential oil and mix well. Now massage gently on the affected area, this will help reduce the inflammation and pain greatly.

5. Garlic Oil For Warts:

garlic oil for warts

Garlic oil is effective for getting rid of warts too. Usually when we apply raw garlic on the warts, we have to be careful that it does not touch the remaining skin as it causes burns in many people. But when we use garlic in the form of garlic oil, it is very very safe and helps get rid of the wart fast. To use garlic oil for removing warts, mix 3 drops of garlic essential oil in a tsp of coconut oil and using a cotton bud, apply on the wart two times a day till it falls off.

garlic essential oil health benefits

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