How To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth | 3 Top Rice Water Hair Treatments

Rice water is one of the cheapest but most effective hair care treatments that we can do at home. All you need for it is handful of rice, using rice water for stimulating hair growth and to condition our hair has been done for centuries. It has been popular in many Asian countries like India and Japan for stimulating hair growth. What Is Rice Water? The water in which rice was boiled is called rice water. In olden days, when the concept of rice cooker was not known, rice was boiled in clay pots with large amounts of water and once the rice got cooked, the water was drained. Since rice was consumed on a daily basis, rice water was always there at home and it was extensively used for both skin and hair care. Types Of Rice Water: There are actually two types of rice water. The first is the water in which the rice was used to soak before cooking. It is also called rice water and it will be slightly cloudy as rice releases little bit of it’s starch in it. The second is boiled rice water got when we drain the water after the rice is cooked. I prefer the boiled rice water as it is more creamy and thicker. Rice water has amazing hair benefits especially if we use it regularly: 1. Rice Water For Hair Growth: Rice water is rich in amino acids and vitamins which helps in hair regrowth. If you are suffering from hair fall, I would suggest using rice water regularly for hair care 2. Rice Water For Split Ends: Rice water especially cooked rice water is very very nourishing and super conditioning. When we use it as a shampoo mixed with shikakai powder, it prevents dryness which leads to split ends. 3. Makes Hair Super Shiny & Glossy: When we use rice water as a final hair rinse, it coats the hair and makes the hair super shiny and glossy. You can use either one of the three methods mentioned for the hair rinse. 4. Rice Water Repairs Damaged Hair: Rice water contains a compound called inositol which helps repair damaged hair really effectively. When we use it as a hair rinse, it forms a protective coat and helps heal and repair damaged hair. 5. Strengthen Hair Roots: When we use rice water on our scalp along with other conditioning ingredients as a hair pack, it greatly helps strengthen the hair roots. 6. Treats Dandruff: Fermented rice water when applied directly on the scalp is an amazing home remedy for dandruff. It is a traditional remedy that has been done for many years in our village. 7. Natural Hair Conditioner: If you are looking for a natural but effective hair conditioner then I would highly suggest using rice water as a final hair rinse. If you have extremely dry hair, you can mix one vitamin e capsule in it and use as a final hair rinse. 8. Arrests Hair Fall: If the hair fall is caused due to scalp problems using rice water regularly will greatly help. I would suggest mixing amla powder and rice water and using it as a hair pack, it will arrest hair fall immediately. What Is Fermented Rice Water? When we leave the rice water to ferment, it is called fermented rice water. Both types of rice water I mentioned can be left to ferment for a day and then can be used for hair care. Fermenting the rice water increase the nutrient profile of rice water which in turn helps nourish our hair follicles even better. It also brings down the pH level of the rice water almost close to that of our scalp which makes it very effective. Fermented rice water also contains pitera which is a natural by product of fermentation. Pitera has amazing hair and skin benefits and greatly helps protect the hair. You can use any type of rice to make rice water, I prefer hand pounded rice…..

A. How To Make Rice Water For Hair Growth – 3 Ways!

1. How To Make Plain Rice Water For Hair Growth: 

Soak 1/4 cup of
hand pounded rice in a cup of water for 30 minutes and then strain out
the liquid. Your simple rice water is ready.

2. How To Make Boiled Rice Water For Hair Growth:

soaking a cup of rice for 15 minutes, boil it in 5 cups of water till
the rice is cooked fully. Cover with a lid and then strain out the rice water.

3. How To Make Fermented Rice Water For Hair Growth:

make fermented rice water let the rice water ferment by leaving it at
room temperature for a day. If you live in a cold place, you can let it
ferment for 2 days. Once fermented you can store the rice water  in a
glass bottle in the fridge and use it for a week.

B. How To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth – 3 Ways !

1. Rice Water Hair Pack:

1 tbsp of amla powder in a bowl. Add in enough fermented rice water to
form a paste and apply as a hair pack. Wait for 15 minutes and then wash
it off. This hair pack has multiple hair benefits, it treats dandruff,
strengthens hair roots and arrests hair fall immediately.

2. Rice Water Shampoo:

make rice water shampoo, take 2 tbsp of shaikai powder in a bowl. Add
in enough rice water to form a paste and use it for washing your hair.
This shampoo is all natural and cleans the hair really well.

3. Rice Water Hair Rinse:

water hair rinse is one of the best ways to use rice water to bring
shine to otherwise dull hair. To use rice water as a hair rinse, take rice water and pour over hair after using shampoo. Rinse with
water once more and you will be amazed how glossy and shiny your hair


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