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Though here in South India we don’t use mustard oil for cooking like North Indians do, we do use it for certain remedies. A few readers have asked me whether they can substitute certain oils mentioned in the blog with mustard oil. I wanted to compile all the different ways of using mustard oil so it will be useful for everyone.

Mustard oil is called Sarson Ka Tel in Hindi, Kaduku Ennai in Tamil and Avala Nune in Telugu. Mustard oil obtained by pressing mustard seeds is dark yellow in color with a distinctive, pungent odor. Mustard oil is such a part of North Indian culture and tradition and it’s usage dates back centuries. It is also one of the healthiest oils with amazing skin, hair and health benefits.

Mustard Oil Health Benefits:

1. Mustard Oil For Heart:

It is high in mono unsaturated and poly unsaturated fat which makes it a heart friendly ingredient. It is rich in antioxidants, has cholesterol reducing properties and can be used in weight loss diet.

If mustard oil has been the traditional oil used for cooking in your family please continue to do so, just focus on getting pure mustard oil. Since mustard oil is not very expensive everyone can make use of this wonderful oil.

2. Mustard Oil For Skin:

Massaging with mustard oil has many skin benefits. Regular mustard oil massage for babies has been proven to improve the skin tone and is highly recommended by elders. Try making this homemade turmeric massage oil for babies with pure mustard oil.

Mustard oil has antibacterial properties and regular skin massage with pure mustard oil prevents all kinds of skin infections. Since mustard oil is rich in vitamin E, it also acts as a natural sunscreen. Regular skin massage with mustard oil lightens and brightens the skin tone and also prevents skin aging and wrinkles.

To use it for massage, warm pure mustard oil and massage it onto the skin, wait for 15 minutes before washing it off preferably with homemade bath powder. Mustard oil also can be used to massage the lips and the delicate skin around the eyes.

3. Mustard Oil For Cold, Cough & Chest Congestion:

This is one home remedy that we use mustard oil regularly. A gentle chest rub with warm mustard oil is very good for chest congestion. To prepare the oil, heat mustard oil with little bit of camphor, make sure to do it in low flame else it will catch fire.

Once the camphor has dissolved, let it come to lukewarm temperature. Use the oil to massage the chest, it is a very good home remedy for chest congestion. This oil also can be used for treating leg cramps during pregnancy.

4. Mustard Oil For Joint Pain:

The warming nature of mustard oil helps increase the blood circulation in the area thus easing the pain. A warm gentle massage with mustard oil mixed with pounded dry ginger is very effective as a massage oil. Both ginger and mustard oil have anti inflammatory properties which will relieve pain and improve mobility.

5. Mustard Oil For Hair Loss:

Mustard oil is very good for hair and it makes a cheap and very effective hair treatment for dry, dull and damaged hair. I have always preferred using only coconut oil or sesame oil for my hair and have never used mustard oil on my hair.

But one of my North Indian friends uses mustard oil mixed with fresh henna leaves (step by step instructions below) for her hair as a pre-shampoo treatment regularly. If you are used to applying mustard oil for your hair, a warm massage with this henna infused mustard oil will greatly prevent split ends, dandruff  and will leave your hair shiny and smooth….

How To Use Mustard Oil For Hair Growth:

1. Collect fresh henna leaves, the leaves should be really fresh.

2. Spread them on a clean cloth and fold both edges so it absorbs all the moisture. Leave it for about 10 minutes.

3. Grind the henna leaves coarsely without adding any water in a dry mixer.

4. Mix the mustard oil and the henna leaf paste first before heating it.

5. Start heating it and once it sizzles reduce the flame to low.

6. Continue cooking till the sizzling stops and immediately switch it off.

7. Let cool, strain and store in glass bottles.


  • Mixing with henna reduces the strong smell of mustard oil a bit.
  • You can add fenugreek seeds and dried amla to mustard oil and use it for hair massage too.
  • Try to buy the traditional cold pressed mustard oil like done in the olden times. But it is hard to get cold pressed mustard oil in Southern India.
  • Though this method seems easy, you can easily burn the oil so please keep a close watch and switch off accordingly.
  • Try not to use non stick pan for making the oil…



  1. Ammy
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    Hello Ramya,Thank you for your nice post. You suggest 5 essential oil which is very good for health and skin. This is very informative post for every one. "Sarson Ka Tel" is used in different ways.

  2. Anonymous
    September 1, 2016 / 3:39 am

    Hello Ramya,I am a north indian lady in our home we use mustard oil to massage our babies.mustard oil darkens the skin tone but it is good in winters so we use it.

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      Thanks a lot for the information…

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