DIY: Vinegar and Lemon Foot Soak Recipe

Many of us, including me, always have a bottle of white vinegar in our pantry. We mostly use it only for our cooking, but vinegar can be used a medicine too. Vinegar is especially helpful in treating and preventing problems in the foot like foot odor, athletes foot, etc.

During rainy season, many school going children get their socks wet and they don’t remove their socks till they get home. This leads to foot odor and all sorts of infection in the toes. All young children love to play in the mud, which increases the chances of them getting infected even more. This vinegar and lemon foot soak is an effective way to prevent foot problems in children.

The acidic nature of the lemon and vinegar prevents foot infections. This vinegar soak also helps to soften the feet, thus reducing foot cracks. Weekly once, Make your children immerse their feet for 5 to 10 minutes, till the water turns cold. Then apply moisturizer after patting their feet dry. Adults can use a scrubber after this home made vinegar soak to remove the dead skin from their foot and then can apply a moisturizer.

This soak, if done weekly once, can prevent foot infections. To make this vinegar foot soak, take a fresh lemon and grate the outer skin with a grater. Boil 2.5 liters of water in a pan along with grated zest, once it comes to a boil, switch off. Wait for it to come to lukewarm temperature, then add the measured out vinegar and lemon juice. Enjoy using this home made vinegar foot soak!

Vinegar and Lemon Foot Soak Recipe

1. Grate the outer skin of a fresh lime using a grater.

2. Boil water in a wide pan along with grated lemon zest. Once it comes to a boil, switch off.

3. Wait for it to come to lukewarm temperature and then add the measured out vinegar and lemon juice.

4. Wash your feet well with a mild soap, before immersing in this foot soak. Immerse the feet till the water turns cold.


  • Make sure the the temperature of the water is right, before making young children immerse their feet.
  • If the lemon is not fresh, you will not be able to grate the outer skin easily.
  • This soak smells wonderful because of the lemon zest!


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    super post… definitely useful

  2. We Discuss It
    July 9, 2015 / 6:31 pm

    I honestly never thought of adding lemon or lime to vinegar, but I will definitely try it today!

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