Monday, 3 August 2015

5 Top Hair Benefits & Uses Of Beer For Hair Wash, Hair Growth & Hair Fall


When I was browsing through beauty recipes from an old book of mine, there were few hair rinse recipes with beer. I was debating whether to try it or not for the past month thinking it will dry out my hair and smell weird. As usual it lead to researching all the benefits and side effects of beer while using it for hair. First the benefits: 1. Beer For Damaged Hair: Beer is principally made out of four ingredients - Malt, hops, water and beer yeast. The protein in the malt and the hops in the beer is very good for chemically treated and damaged hair giving it a natural shine resulting in healthier looking locks. It is also said to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss when applied on the scalp. But I haven't used it enough to notice any difference in hair growth. 2. Beer also adds volume to the hair. I got interested in beer hair rinse in the first place when I saw a lady in a magazine demonstrate the effect of beer rinse on her hair volume, the result was really noticeable. Though temporary, even my hair felt full after using the rinse. 3. Beer Adds Shine: Beer hair rinse adds a nice sheen to the hair. Especially if used along with apple cider vinegar it smooths out the hair helping it reflect the light resulting in lovely, shiny hair. 4. Beer rinse makes a very good setting lotion: In fact it was a popular setting lotion in the olden days. One of the famous beer setting lotion recipes from the past was made by boiling little sugar in water and adding beer and essential oil. But I was wondering how they used sugar on the hair as the sugar might make the hair sticky. You can also spray the hair with very little of the beer rinse before setting the hair. 5. Beer Hair Mask : If you have dry hair and want to use beer on the hair, try a beer hair mask by mixing beer with an egg and apply it as a hair mask. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off. Beer can also be added to shampoo for hair wash. Now the side effects: The main side effect of using beer on the hair is the strong odor. We can do a few things for that, try using a flat beer ( beer that has lost the fizz by keeping it open for a day or so) and also try using essential oil. The next side effect is the alcohol content in the beer, it can vary between 2% to 12 %, so try using a beer that has a low alcohol content. If the alcohol content is very high, it will dry out the hair.


1. Try to buy beer that has a low alcohol content and one that does not have a strong smell. Open the beer and leave it aside for a day to make it go flat. Mix the water with beer, usually half the amount.

2.  Add the essential oil and apple cider vinegar to the rinse and mix well.

3. To use, after shampooing the hair, massage the beer rinse generously in the scalp and the hair gently. Wait for few minutes before rinsing with water.

  • You can store the left overs in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Also try the recipe with 1/4 cup water instead of 1/2 cup water.
  • Try not to use this rinse too often as beer does have alcohol content in it no matter how small. 
  • I ended up using strong beer :( as I am not very familiar with beer and the smell was very, very strong. But even though I used strong beer and there was some smell while using I didn't notice any after rinsing my hair. So if the smell is the issue, don't worry there will be no smell at all after rinsing with water.
  • I also didn't experience any dryness of the hair and I purposefully didn't oil my hair before hair wash to see whether it was drying. But still I would advice not to use it often.
  • Because it gives good volume, it is good for using it before attending a function or a party.


  1. Thanks for great write up, I never knew beer was good fro hair. Im going to try this tonight.

  2. It well allways smeel like baer evan if itz alcholol contant is low

    1. After using beer on the hair and rinsing with water there is absolutely no smell at all...

  3. thanks for sharing the benefits of beer for hair care.

  4. Hi Ramya, Suggest a remedy for hairfall post baby delivery. I am losing lot of hair when brushing and bathing...pls help

    1. I would suggest having oil bath (method in the blog)on Fridays, it will greatly relax you. Also I would suggest trying homemade hair packs (there are many recipes that I have tried and recorded both in the blog and YouTube, please chose the one you like)weekly twice. Also oil your hair regularly with amla or curry leaf hair oil (recipes in the blog)...

  5. My parents told me, that the �� beer is very good for the hair Danuta A.

  6. What is the meaning is beer in Urdu and where it is available

  7. Can beer apply after colouring. As I have dry hair is it good to apply beer and beer is wash completely with shampoo.

  8. Can beer be applied after colouring. As I have dry hair,is it good to apply beer.
    Is beer rinsed out completely with shampoo.