Friday, 17 November 2017

10 Best Benefits & Side Effects Of Peppermint Tea For Hair, Skin & Health


Peppermint tea has amazing health benefits and medicinal uses. From freshening our breath, aiding weight loss and treating headaches to soothing the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), peppermint tea has wide medicinal uses. Peppermint is actually a hybrid between spearmint and water mint and it's botanical name is Mentha Piperita. In India peppermint is called Pudina in Hindi and Urdu (the same name as regular mint), Milakukkirai in Tamil (though we call it mainly as Pudina), Karpuratulasi in Malayalam (not 100% sure of the name), Pipparamentu in Telugu and Peperaminta in Marathi and Gujarati. Peppermint Tea Chemical Constituents: The main phenolic compound present in peppermint leaves are rosmarinic acid and the main flavonoids found are eriocitrin, luteolin and hesperidin. The main volatile components found in peppermint are menthol and menthone. Peppermint Tea Medicinal Properties: Peppermint tea has anti microbial, anti tumor, antioxidant, anti viral, anti cancer, anti allergenic, analgesic, chemo protective and anesthetic properties making it truly a wonder tea. Along with the uses mentioned peppermint also have cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar lowering properties. Here are the health benefits of peppermint tea: 1. Peppermint Tea For Cough, Cold, Fever & Sore Throat: Peppermint tea is an amazing home remedy for cold, cough, fever and sore throat as it helps relieves many of the symptoms like congestion, inflammation, headaches, etc. Menthol present in peppermint helps relive chest congestion and since it has anti inflammatory properties, it helps reduce the inflammation fast too. 2. Peppermint Tea For Pcos: Peppermint is very beneficial for women suffering from pcos as it helps relieve some of the symptoms of pcos like hirsutism (excessive body hair). This is because peppermint has anti androgenic properties and you can read the study that proves it here. 3. Peppermint Tea For Bloating & Gas: Peppermint tea is very good for our digestive system and helps treat many of the stomach problems like gas and bloating. Peppermint has anti spasmodic properties and greatly helps reduce spasms. In fact peppermint oil is recommended for reducing spasms during endoscopy, you can read the study that proves it here. 4. Peppermint Tea For Headache: Peppermint tea is one of the best home remedies for headache. Peppermint has relaxant properties and stops the headaches by relaxing the blood vessels. I would highly recommend a cup of warm peppermint tea if you are suffering from headache. 5. Peppermint Tea For Weight loss: Peppermint tea suppresses appetite, improves our metabolism, keeps our digestion in peak order and is very low in calories making it one of the best weight loss teas. Peppermint tea has a refreshing taste and aroma and is great for reducing stress which is also one of the main reasons for weight gain. 6. Peppermint Tea Before Bed For Sleep: Since peppermint tea reduces anxiety and relaxes us, it is a great tea to consume before bed time. If you are suffering from anxiety or if you are not able to get sleep due to stomach troubles, just sip on a cup of warm peppermint tea. It will help you sleep peacefully. 7. Peppermint Tea For Hair: Peppermint is one of the best herbs that has been proven to help promote fast hair growth. Both external application and internal consumption of peppermint tea helps increase blood circulation to the scalp thus promoting hair growth. 8. Peppermint Tea For Skin: Peppermint has anti microbial properties and drinking a cup of peppermint tea greatly helps in reducing acne flare ups. Peppermint can be applied externally on to the skin too, menthol present in peppermint tea helps reduce acne. Peppermint tea is rich in antioxidants and is very soothing when applied externally on suntanned skin. 9. Peppermint Tea For IBS: If you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, then I would definitely recommend you give peppermint tea a try. Peppermint tea has a soothing effect on our digestive system and helps reduce all the symptoms of ibs like bloating, constipation, abdominal pain and spasms. 10. Peppermint Tea For Eyes: Don't throw the peppermint tea bags away after using them, you can use them as an eye compress. It help reduce redness of the eyes, relaxes eye muscles and greatly helps treat dark circles too. You can refrigerate the peppermint tea bags before using for best results. How many cups of peppermint tea can we drink a day? Though peppermint tea has amazing health benefits, I would suggest not drinking more than 2 cups a day. Peppermint Tea Vs Green Tea - Which is better for health? Both are rich in antioxidants, minerals and nutrients. Personally I would choose peppermint because I like the taste better. Is peppermint caffeine free? Yes, peppermint tea is 100 % free of caffeine which is also a huge plus. Where do you get peppermint tea? You get organic peppermint tea bags in some departmental stores but it is hard to get loose leaf peppermint tea here in India. You can also order them online, try out different brands and choose the one you like. Peppermint Tea Side Effects: Peppermint tea might interact with certain drugs like blood pressure and diabetic medications so consult your physician before taking peppermint tea on a regular basis. Also please don't over consume peppermint tea during pregnancy and it is best not to give babies as it is quite strong.....

Sunday, 12 November 2017

8 Remedies To Tighten Loose Stomach Skin After Pregnancy Naturally !


I wanted to share tips, remedies and recipes to tighten loose skin after pregnancy. After delivery, our body changes in many ways and one of the biggest change is our sagging stomach. Don't be frustrated about it, our stomach stretches throughout delivery so give it some time to get back to it's original shape. The time it takes for our stomach to get back to it's normal shape depends on how much weight we gained during pregnancy, our fitness level and genetics also plays a main role. Here are 10 important tips that will help get rid of loose skin: 1. Dry Brushing: Dry brushing after delivery regularly helps greatly in tightening loose skin after delivery. Choose a good quality dry brush for best results, you can read about dry brushing in detail here. 2. Massage Oil: Regularly massaging your stomach during pregnancy will go a long way in preventing stretch marks. I would suggest starting the massage from the first trimester onwards, this will ensure that your skin is supple and will greatly minimize skin sagging. I have given my favorite massage oil recipe below. 3. Exercise: Do stomach strengthening exercises regularly like planks and crunches but if you have had a caesarean delivery I would suggest consulting your doctor before starting your exercise regime. 4. Don't Crash Diet: Don't try to cut down on your calories drastically, losing weight too quickly is also one of the main reasons for loose skin. 5. Massage Cream: Soon after delivery, start massaging your stomach everyday with a massage cream. Massaging regularly improves skin elasticity and helps tighten the skin greatly. I have given a homemade massage cream recipe below, use it regularly for best results. 6. Keep Yourself Hydrated: Keeping your body hydrated is essential for improving the skin elasticity and toning the sagging skin. If you don't like to drink water, try to consume more of hydrating ingredients like coconut water, soups, fresh juices, etc. 7. Consume Lots Of Protein: Consuming lots of protein is especially important after delivery to improve muscle mass, to have the energy to exercise daily and also to prevent sagging skin. Try to consume more of plant based proteins like nuts and legumes. 8. Use Exfoliating Scrubs: Weekly once use exfoliating scrubs to improve the blood circulation. I would suggest coffee and brown sugar scrub, it is gentle to be used on the stomach and helps improve the skin tone greatly. All these natural remedies work really well in tightening sagging belly skin after pregnancy and if used regularly will help tighten loose skin completely....


Thursday, 9 November 2017

10 Top Benefits Of Dry Brushing For Skin & Face & How To Do It Correctly

Dry brushing is an ancient practice with amazing skin and health benefits. Dry brushing is a simple process and you just need only a brush for it. My interest for dry brushing started a few years back when I read a small book that listed all the benefits of dry brushing. I was completely sold and wanted to start dry brushing right away but I couldn't find any good quality brushes to do it. I waited patiently for a few months and when I went to Mumbai I got a good quality brush and started using it right away like mentioned in the book. Does Dry Brushing Really Work? This is one of the most of the common questions asked regarding dry brushing. Personally, the first thing I immediately noticed was my skin was much smoother and softer than before. Also I have very dry skin, after dry brushing regularly for a few days my skin felt smooth and was not dry even without using a body lotion. It also improved the blood circulation and I could definitely feel a positive difference in my skin tone. Best Body Brush For Body Brushing: I would suggest spending some time to research into the types of body brushing available. Choose a firm brush for best results. We get body brushes of varying firmness available in the markets. If you are starting new, I would suggest a less firm brush and once your skin gets used to it, you can move on to firmer brushes. Also please remember that there are face brushes available in the markets separately, they are much less firmer than body brushes. I would suggest having a separate brush for the body and face. If you use the body brush for face, you might experience severe irritation and if you use face brush for the body, it might be too soft and not serve the purpose at all. Always try to buy natural brushes with long handles so you can reach your back fully. When buying face brushes make sure to buy one with a handle for easy use. Replace the brushes once in 6 to 8 months of regular use. How To Do Body Brushing? The main thing to remember when body brushing is to brush towards the heart. If you are starting with the legs, start with long, gentle strokes starting with the feet and then moving up the legs towards the heart. Always use gentle strokes and never brush too hard or too much, 5 to 6 gentle strokes will be enough. After dry brushing, your skin will turn slightly pink which is normal but if there is burning sensation and or if the skin turns red then you have over brushed yourself or you have brushed too hard. When brushing the stomach, use circular motion and use only a soft brush for it. The same thing goes for the face too. When To Do Body Brushing? The best time to do body brushing is in the morning before bath, brush all over the body and face, shower and then massage in a few drops of pure unrefined oil mixed few drops of your favourite essential oil. How Long Does It Take To See Results From Dry Brushing: You will start seeing positive changes in your skin tone right away but it might take few weeks of regular use to see reduction in cellulite and stretch marks. Side Effects Of Dry Brushing: One main complaint against dry brushing is skin irritation. This is the result of using inferior brushes and also using it on skin with existing skin problems like acne, varicose veins, eczema, etc. I would suggest using very mild brushes and being careful about brushing on inflamed skin. If you feel skin irritation in any area, stop dry brushing there for a few days...


Sunday, 29 October 2017

5 Top Hair Uses, Benefits & Side Effects Of Indigo Powder (Avuri) For Grey Hair & Hair Growth


If you are looking for a natural alternative for chemical hair dyes, then indigo powder is a great choice. Indigo powder is got by powdering the leaves of indigo plant whose botanical name is Indigofera Tinctoria. The leaves produce dark blue dye and when applied as a hair dye after using henna, gives dark black colour. Indigo powder is called Indian Indigo in English, Avuri or Neeli in Tamil, Neeli Chettu in Telugu, Neela Amari | Neelayamari in Malayalam, Neelini | Neela in Hindi, Neeli in Kannada, Neel in Marathi, Wasma in Arabic and Neel in Urdu. Indigo is a small shrub that grows about 1 to 2 meters high and produces beautiful pink flowers. Indigo plant has wonderful medicinal uses and all parts of the plant is used medicinally. Though indigo is known mainly as a natural dye, it has other amazing hair benefits too. Indigo is mainly used in the form of hair oil for stimulating hair growth and in the form of a pack for dyeing the hair. For dyeing, it is applied after henna. Henna makes the hair reddish orange and indigo dyes the hair dark blue color and together they create a natural black color. Here are the amazing hair benefits of indigo powder: 1. Indigo Powder For Premature Greying Of The Hair: Indigo leaf is an amazing home remedy for treating premature greying of the hair. Regular use of hair oil made with indigo leaves will reverse and prevent greying of the hair. 2. Indigo Powder For Hair Growth: Indigo hair oil made with the leaves is amazing for hair growth. It prevents scalp infections and stimulates new hair growth when used regularly. 3. Indigo Powder For Dandruff: The hair oil made with indigo leaves is also a very good remedy for dandruff. It reduces dandruff greatly and if used from young age, it will greatly prevent dandruff. 4. Indigo Powder Hair Dye: One main hair benefit of indigo is that it acts as a natural hair dye. In my personal opinion, it is one of natures gift considering the side effects of chemical hair dyes which range from increased sensitivity to sun to skin allergies. 5. Indigo Powder For Dry Hair: Indigo hair oil is one of the best conditioners that softens your hair really really well. If you are suffering from dry brittle hair, I would suggest using indigo oil regularly. Within few days of regular use, you will find you hair smooth and soft. For making indigo oil, indigo leaves, amla and bhringraj are boiled together in a pan till the water evaporates and the sizzling sound stops. These 3 herbs also forms the base for the famous Neelibhrigraj Oil which is very popular for treating premature greying of the hair. Neelibhringraj oil also contains additional ingredients like buffalo milk, cow's milk and coconut milk. But in my personal experience hair oil made with just the three herbs also is equally effective for stimulating hair growth and preventing premature greying of the hair. For dyeing, if you want black color, make sure to use it after applying henna, this will ensure you get a dark color. If you want a dark reddish tinge color, you can mix both henna and indigo together and apply. Side Effects Of Indigo Powder: There are no side effects to using indigo powder for hair. But like with any ingredient some might experience indigo powder allergy but this is very rare. The only side effect is it might be messy and time consuming to use indigo as a hair dye but it will get easier once you start using it regularly. Also we get lot of fake indigo powder in the markets. To make sure it is original, mix it in water and wait for 15 minutes, the dark blue dye should bleed out else it is fake. Where To Buy Indigo Powder For Hair? We get natural organic indigo powder in most herbal shops in India. If you are living in Tamil Nadu, you get avuri leaf powder in nattu marundhu kadai. You can also buy good quality indigo powder online. Some common questions asked regarding dyeing hair with indigo powder: How Long Should I Leave Indigo In My Hair: I would suggest leaving Indigo paste for 2 hours for best results. Can I leave Indigo In My Hair Overnight? You don't need to leave it on overnight, the dye fixes on the hair within 2 hours. How To Rinse Indigo Out Of Hair? Rinse it off with plain water for best results. Is Indigo Bad For Your Hair? Indigo is natural product and will never harm your hair. It will only make it shiny and strong. How Long Indigo Hair Dye Lasts? The time it lasts varies from person to person. For some it might last well for 8 to 12 weeks, for some it might wash off sooner. It greatly depends on how porous our hair is. How to Make Indigo Stick To Hair? Some people's hair absorb the indigo dye poorly, if it is the case, mix 1 tsp of salt for every 100 gram of indigo powder, it will help fix the dye. Also apply indigo paste on clean dry hair only. Oiling Hair After Indigo: It is best to oil the hair after 48 hours after indigo hair dye application. Shampoo After Indigo: Shampoo only after 48 hours after applying indigo hair dye to prevent it washing off fast. How To Make Indigo Last Longer: If you wash your hair daily, the dye will not last longer. Also try to use only mild shampoos for best results...

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet: 5 Weight Loss Benefits & Uses Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar also called ACV has multiple health benefits including aiding weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is a type of vinegar got from apples and it's main component is acetic acid. Apple cider vinegar diet which is nothing but consuming a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar daily is increasingly used for aiding weight loss. Apple cider vinegar is known as Seb Ka Sirka in Hindi and it is called by it's English name apple cider vinegar in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Marathi and Malayalam. Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss: 1. Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels: Studies show that apple cider vinegar delays gastric emptying and reduces postprandial blood glucose and insulin levels. Maintaining stable blood sugar sugars is vital when trying to lose weight else we will suffer from hunger pangs and usually reach out for sugary snacks to relieve the hunger pangs which is also one of the main reasons for weight gain. You can read the study that supports this claim here. 2. Suppresses Appetite: Acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar is a well known appetite suppressant. Consuming apple cider vinegar during meal times makes us feel fuller and satisfied quickly thus reducing the overall calorie intake which in turn results in weight loss. 3. Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Control Cravings: When we drink apple cider mixed with water or juice in between meals, it suppresses appetite and stabilizes blood sugar levels thus greatly reducing cravings for high fat, sugary processed foods which are the main reasons for weight gain. 4. Reduces Triglyceride Levels: Acetic acid which is the main component of apple cider vinegar suppresses body fat accumulation and reduces triglyceride levels. During a 12 weeks study, people who consumed around a tbsp of apple cider vinegar experienced weight loss and waist circumference, triglyceride levels and visceral fat was also significantly reduced compared to placebo. You can read the study that proves it here. 5. Apple Cider Vinegar Detoxifies The Body: Apple cider vinegar drink helps detoxify our body naturally. When our body gets rid of toxins, our digestive system works in peak order and there is a boost in our metabolism too. When our digestion is in peak order, nutrients get absorbed efficiently into our body and apple cider vinegar also improves our gut health. I have given my favorite apple cider vinegar weight loss drink recipe below, this recipe made with honey and ginger greatly helps boost metabolism and aids in weight loss. What Type Of Apple Cider Vinegar Is Best For Weight Loss? When buying apple cider vinegar always try to buy organic apple cider vinegar as apples are usually sprayed with pesticides. Also make sure to buy apple cider vinegar with the mother which is the reason behind many of it's amazing health benefits. Mother refers to the live culture that is present in apple cider vinegar, apple cider vinegar with the mother will be cloudy as opposed to regular apple cider vinegar which will be clear. How To Take Apple Cider Vinegar For Weight Loss? Don't drink apple cider vinegar undiluted, always dilute it in water and consume. I would also suggest not mixing apple cider vinegar in tea (herbal teas are ok), sodas, coffee and high sugary drinks. The best time to drink apple cider vinegar is in between meals as it does not cause any stomach irritation and also aids in digestion too. How Much Apple Cider Vinegar To Drink For Weight Loss (Dosage): Though in the study a tbsp of apple cider vinegar was used, I would suggest starting with a tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed with a cup of water. Once your body gets used to this dosage, you can slowly increase it over time to a tbsp per day. Drink it once or twice in divided dosage as per your preference. Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Pills: We also get apple cider vinegar diet pills in the market but I am not sure how effective they are for aiding weight loss, personally I would suggest using organic raw apple cider vinegar with the mother. How Much Weight Can You Lose With Apple Cider Vinegar? Apple cider vinegar does not result in rapid weight loss and the amount of weight we can lose will vary from person to person. But to lose weight faster couple it with a regular exercise regime and a good healthy diet. Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Diet Side Effects: Apple cider vinegar might interfere with certain medications so if you are on any medication, it is best to mention it to your physician. One main concern with drinking highly acidic foods like apple cider vinegar is that it might damage the teeth. To avoid it always drink apple cider vinegar diluted and another tip is to rinse with your mouth after drinking it. You can also drink it using a straw to prevent teeth damage. Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers should consult their physician before taking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. Too much apple cider vinegar can reduce potassium levels and can lead to osteoporosis.


Sunday, 15 October 2017

3 Top Ways To Use Alum Powder (Phitkari) For Skin Whitening | Lighten Acne Scars & Dark Spots


Alum powder also called as Fitkari or Phitkari in India has amazing skin benefits and uses. Alum powder has anti bacterial and skin lightening properties making it very effective for reducing dark spots and acne scars on our face really well. There are many types of alum and the type of alum I am referring to is called potash alum. The chemical formula for potassium alum is KAl (SO4)2.H2O. It is the hydrated form of potassium aluminum sulfate and it's nomenclature is potassium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate. Potash alum powder is commonly called Alum | Picking Alum in English, Fitkari in Hindi, Phitkari in Urdu, Padikaram in Tamil, Patika in Telugu, Phatakadi in Gujarati, Phatikara | Patika in Kannada, Sphatikari in Sanskrit, Patki in Sindhi, Phatakiri in Bengali, Phatakadi in Malayalam, Tawas in Philippines and Turti in Marathi. One of the best ways to use alum powder for skin lightening is in the form of face pack. When I say skin whitening, I mean to lighten dark spots and scars and make your skin look even toned and smooth. Skin whitening does not mean to change the color of the skin we are born with which is impossible and unnecessary as every skin tone looks beautiful as far as it is even toned and smooth. When we apply alum face packs regularly, it does few amazing things for our skin: It treats skin problems like acne as it has anti bacterial properties. It also lightens acne scars, dark spots and prevents blackheads too. It also heals minor cuts and scrapes along with tightening our skin. But we have to remember few things when we use alum powder for skin whitening. Alum powder can be drying on the skin so always apply a moisturizer after using alum face packs. Alum is also a mild abrasive so when removing the face pack always wash it off gently using plain water than rubbing it off. This is especially important if you have sensitive skin. I have given three alum face packs I tried and liked very much, choose the one you like and use it regularly weekly twice or thrice to see good results...

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

10 Benefits & Side Effects Of Rubbing Ice Cubes On Face Everyday


Ice cubes have amazing beauty benefits and is our skin's best friend if we know to use it correctly. We can use ice cubes for reducing pimples and inflammation, soothe sunburn, reduce eye puffiness, improve blood circulation thereby making our face glow and depending on the ingredients added in the ice cubes, it can reduce fine line and wrinkles too. Ice cubes need not be made only with water, it can be made with many nourishing ingredients like milk, green tea, lemon, fruit juices and even herbs like mint and thyme. When we add nourishing ingredients to ice cubes, along with tightening our skin and improving blood circulation, it helps fade scars and dark spots, treats acne, reduces inflammation really well. Here are some of the benefits and different ways to use ice cubes for skin care: 1. Green Tea Ice cubes For Reducing Acne & Inflammation: Ice cubes are great for reducing the size of the pimple, numbing the pain and it also reduces the inflammation greatly. To use ice cubes for acne, take an ice cube that has green tea in it, wrap it over a thin muslin cloth and gently place over the pimples for few seconds, remove for a minute and place again. Green tea ice cubes are best for using on acne prone skin but do it gently. To make green tea ice cubes, make green tea, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. 2. Mint Ice Cubes For Glowing Skin: When we massage our face with ice cubes, it improves the blood circulation and immediately brightens up dull skin. Especially before going to a party or a wedding, a simple tip that will brighten the skin complexion is massaging for a few seconds with mint ice cubes. To make mint ice cubes, place a mint leaf in each hole in the ice cube tray. Pour water on top till the leaves are immersed and then freeze. 3. Cucumber Ice Cubes For Removing Eye Puffiness: Our eyes get puffy and red due to lack of sleep and spending too much of time in front of the television or computer. One simple home remedy is to massage the area around the eyes with cucumber ice cubes after wrapping them in a thin muslin cloth. To make cucumber ice cubes, take an organic cucumber, grind finely in a blender, strain, pour into ice cube tray and freeze. 4. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes For Sunburn: One main problem we face during hot summers is sunburn and there is nothing like Aloe Vera gel to treat sunburn. For making Aloe Vera ice cubes, collect fresh Aloe Vera leaf, remove the thorns on both sides of the leaf and wash to get rid of the slimy green juice. Now cut into small pieces and freeze the Aloe Vera pieces. To use wrap in a thin muslin cloth and massage gently all over the face. 5. Milk Ice Cubes To Prevent Wrinkles: Ice cubes can be used as a simple home remedy for preventing wrinkles. For treating wrinkles, take milk ice cubes and massage gently all over the face. To make milk ice cubes, pour organic milk in ice cube trays and freeze overnight. Massage your face for few seconds with this milk ice cubes for a few seconds and then wash your face. 6. Rose Water Ice Cubes For Heat Rashes: During hot summer months massaging our face with rose water will help cool our skin and will help get rid of heat rashes too. To make rose water ice cubes, take homemade rose water, pour into individual freezer trays and freeze. To use, wrap in a thin muslin cloth, and gently massage over the heat rashes. Rose water ice cubes are very soothing and will help treat heat rashes too. 7. Ice Cubes As a Makeup Primer: Almost all of us would have heard of this remedy which is to rub a piece of ice cube before applying make up to make it last longer. This remedy works really well, use plain ice cubes for it. Rub gently on the face for a few seconds after wrapping in a thin cloth for a few seconds. Dab excess moisture with a cloth and then apply makeup. 8. Lemon Ice Cubes To Close Open Pores: Many suffer from open pores and one simple home remedy for open pores is to use ice cubes as it helps shrink large pores very effectively. For closing open pores use lemon ice cubes. To make lemon ice cubes, cut a fresh organic lemon into thin rounds. Now place a round in each hole in the ice cube tray, pour water on top and freeze. Rub face with this ice cube wrapped in a thin cloth for few seconds. 9. Ice Cubes To Reduce Pain: If you are threading your eye brows for the first time, it is best to rub ice cubes for few seconds before shaping as it helps numb the pain to a great extent. Just before shaping your eyebrows, wrap in a thin cloth and massage your eyebrows for a few seconds and then after shaping also massage for a few seconds. 10. Green Tea & Cucumber Ice Cubes To Reduce Dark Circles: If you are suffering from dark circles and under eye bags, massaging with green tea and cucumber ice cubes will greatly help. I have given the recipe for it below. Cucumber juice and green tea in the recipe greatly lightens dark circles around the eyes and reduces eye bags very effectively. Side Effects Of Using Ice Cubes For face: One main side effect when using ice cubes directly on the skin is it might cause delicate skin capillaries to break but if we wrap the ice cubes in a thin cloth, we can completely avoid it. I would also suggest not using ice cubes on the skin immediately on the face after being out in the skin for a long time as it might cause headache for some people. Also don't massage ice cubes for long periods of time, give small breaks between each application....