Thursday, 15 March 2018

10 Top Wart Removal Home Remedies, Treatment, Causes & Types


Wart is a very common and harmless skin condition that affects many people. Though you can remove it surgically, there are wonderful herbs and home remedies to treat warts easily. Here in our village, we use a herb called amman pacharisi to treat warts. We apply the milky sap of the plant on the wart till it falls off. What Are Warts? Warts refers to small, hard growths in the skin consisting of dead skin cells. We get warts when viruses, mostly the human papilloma type affect our skin. They are usually painless and harmless but can be unsightly. But plantar wart which refers to the warts that appear on our feet can be painful when we walk as the weight of body presses it inwards. Warts have a rough surface and can be either lighter or darker in color. Types Of Warts? Warts are called by different names depending on the area it is found. Warts can appear on the fingers (common warts), scalp, face, thighs, arms (flat warts) elbows, knees, genitals (genital warts are caused by a different type of virus which is more serious than other warts), around mouth (filiform wart), under finger and toenails (periungal wart) and on feet (plantar wart). Warts that appear on the scalp and on our feet can be problematic as they sometimes bleed when we comb our hair or walk. Warts Conventional Treatment: Conventional treatment includes applying ointments, burning with chemicals, using liquid nitrogen and cauterizing with an electric needle. If you are planning on using liquid nitrogen, please talk to your doctor about side effects as it does not agree with everyone. If you are considering homeopathy, thuja pills are very famous for treating warts, consult a homeopathic doctor before consuming them. Warts Prevention: If you tend to get plantar warts, wear sandals when you visit common places like swimming pool and spas as they spread faster in moist floors. Warts usually develops when our immunity is very low so try to improve your immunity by eating healthy, improving your intake of vitamin C rich foods and getting plenty of rest. Also consider taking multivitamin after consulting with your doctor to improve immunity. Stress also can contribute to warts as it lowers our immunity so try your best to keep your self relaxed and happy to prevent warts. One other tip is soak the wart in water to soften it before doing any treatment, this makes the treatment more effective....


Friday, 9 March 2018

5 Top Anti Dandruff Shampoos You Should Try For Indian Hair !


Dandruff affects young and old and though it is not a serious condition, it can be uncomfortable as it causes itching and severe flakiness. We get plenty of dandruff shampoos in the markets to treat it but we can easily make our own anti dandruff shampoo that treats dandruff very effectively without any of the harmful chemicals. All the ingredients given for the recipes below can be easily got here in India and they work perfectly for Indian hair. The most common symptoms of dandruff are appearance of excessive amount of white flakes in the scalp and extreme itchiness. You can read about all the causes and treatments available for dandruff here. Since one of the most common reasons for getting dandruff is a fungal infection, most of the shampoos contain ingredients that contain anti fungal properties. Some of the common ingredients used in anti dandruff shampoos are zinc pyrithione for mild dandruff, ketoconazole for severe dandruff, coal tar but it smells bad and selenium sulfide. But almost all of the anti dandruff shampoos available in the markets comes with a long list of chemicals that we can't even pronounce along with synthetic fragrance and colors. All we need is a powerful anti fungal to treat the dandruff and we can easily do it by including fresh neem leaf or rosemary or poduthalai extract. I also love to add tea tree essential oil as it has powerful anti fungal properties. I use liquid Castile soap as a base for making the shampoo. Castile soap is natural bio degradable soap made with olive oil as a base, you can easily order it online. Make small batches of this shampoo and use it with a week, if you want to improve the shelf life you can refrigerate it. Though this shampoo might look a bit runny compared to commercial shampoos, it foams and cleans well. It also helps get rid of dandruff very quickly and permanently. If you like to get to know all the other amazing home remedies for dandruff, you can read it here.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

10 Top Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff Permanently


If you are suffering from dandruff, please don't worry, there are wonderful home remedies to treat it. Even I suffered from dandruff when I was young and I got it rid of it with home remedies. Dandruff Symptoms: The most common symptoms of dandruff are appearance of excessive amount of white flakes in the scalp and extreme itchiness. For me, it was mild itchiness and flakiness and once I started using home remedies, it stopped very quickly. Dandruff Causes: Dandruff can be caused due to variety of reasons. It can be due to stress, poor diet, fungal infection, not washing hair often and even certain medications can cause dandruff. You can read about all the causes for dandruff and the chemical treatments available along with their side effects here. There are really wonderful home remedies and herbs to treat dandruff. Here in Tamil Nadu, there is a herb called Poduthalai (we call dandruff "பொடுகு" in Tamil) which treats dandruff really well. The treatment my mom used for me was fenugreek hair mask, fenugreek hair mask works really well in treating dandruff but it does not agree with everyone as it is very cooling. People who are prone to sinus infection should never use fenugreek hair mask, they can use other remedies mentioned below. Along with following the remedies mentioned below, always make sure to keep your hair and scalp clean. Choose one remedy given below and follow it at least weekly thrice at first to treat dandruff. Once the dandruff is gone, continue doing the treatment weekly once to prevent getting dandruff back permanently.....


Wednesday, 7 March 2018

10 Top Benefits & Uses Of Washing Our Face With Rice Water Daily


Rice water is one of the best ingredients to use for skin care and especially if we use it to wash our face daily, we will get amazing skin benefits. I love to use rice water to wash my face, it keeps my skin blemish free and smooth. What Is Rice Water? The water in which rice was boiled is called rice water. In olden days, when the concept of rice cooker was not known, rice was boiled in clay pots with large amounts of water and once the rice got cooked, the water was drained. Since rice was consumed on a daily basis, rice water was always there at home and it was extensively used for both skin and hair care. Types Of Rice Water: There are actually two types of rice water. The first is the water in which the rice was used to soak before cooking. It is also called rice water and it will be slightly cloudy as rice releases little bit of it's starch in it. The second is boiled rice water got when we drain the water after the rice is cooked. I prefer the boiled rice water as it is more creamy and thicker. Rice Water Nutrients: The important bio active compounds found in rice bran are called ferulic acid, gamma-oryzanol, allantoin and phytic acid. They are wonderful antioxidants and have been used in many skin creams to prevent skin ageing and to repair damaged skin. They also have anti inflammatory properties. Rice water has these amazing skin benefits especially if we use it as a face wash daily:1. Lightens Dark Spots: If you are looking for natural ways to lighten dark spots then rice water will greatly help. To lighten dark spots, mix rice water with gram flour and use it as a face wash. 2. Treats Acne: Since rice water has anti inflammatory properties  it helps reduce the inflammation greatly. If you are suffering from acne, you can just wash your face with rice water and neem mix daily. 3. Soothes Sunburn: Rice water is very very soothing on the skin and is especially great for sunburned skin. You can just apply plain rice water on the face and then wash it off. 4. Lightens Scars: Since rice water has skin lightening properties, it lightens all scars well. Though it takes regular daily use to see results, you will definitely see results if you use it daily. 5. Prevents Skin Dryness: Many commercial face washes dry out our skin as they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives but rice water is hydrating and is great to use for dry skin. 6. Cleans The Skin Well: Try using rice water as a face wash once and you will be surprised how effectively it cleans the skin. It removes grime, dirt and excessive oiliness well especially if used along with ingredients like gram flour or green gram flour. 7. Evens Out The Skin Tone: Since it helps heal scars and reduce break outs, it greatly helps even out the skin tone very effectively. I would suggest using the turmeric, gram flour and rice water mix as it evens out the skin tone well. 8. Prevents Blackheads: If we use rice water face wash daily, it removes excessive oiliness which is the leading cause of blackheads thus greatly preventing blackheads. 9. Repairs Damaged Skin: Rice water is very very healing and helps heal even the most damaged skin very quickly. I would suggest using it as a face wash along with Castile soap like given below. 10. Makes The Skin Glow: Washing with rice water evens out the skin tone, reduces blemishes and literally makes it glow. I have given different rice water face wash recipes I have tried over the years below, choose the one you like and use regularly......


Tuesday, 6 March 2018

10 Top Exercises & Tips To Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy Fast


I wanted to share some of the effective remedies to reduce belly fat after pregnancy that has been followed in our village for a long time. When we get pregnant our stomach slowly expands to accommodate the growing baby and this happens during a period of nine months. We should give our body almost the same time to get back to it's original shape too. Following the remedies given below will help speed up the process of belly fat reduction after pregnancy. These remedies can be followed while breast feeding also. When I delivered my son, though I was keen to get back in shape, I never let it stress me. I just followed the simple remedies that was followed in our village for many years and slowly I lost belly fat and got back to my original shape. Please be patient with yourself, already your body is going through a lot of stress due to the demanding schedule of a newborn child. If you are not patient, you will start cutting down on calories drastically to lose belly fat quickly. Though it is bad for anyone to cut calories drastically, it is especially worse when done after delivery. We lose lot of muscle not body fat when we cut calories drastically and breast milk also will reduce considerably. Stress is also an another factor, when we are stressed, the stress hormone cortisol will be elevated which will hinder fat loss. So try your best to keep your self relaxed and catch up on the lost sleep whenever your baby is sleeping. Try to eat nutritious home cooked food along with the garlic soup I have mentioned below, try to reduce your stress levels by resting whenever you can and do the exercises I have mentioned daily and you will start seeing results soon. After delivery, my doctor taught me the exercises mentioned below and they helped me a lot to get back to my original shape. I had normal delivery and I started doing the exercises given six weeks after delivery. If you have had caesarean, I would suggest waiting for at least eight weeks before doing the exercises. Listen to your body, if you are in any pain while doing the exercise, please give yourself more time....

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

How To Use Clove Essential Oil To Treat Toothache | 3 Top Ways !


Applying clove essential oil also called as lavang oil in Hindi is one of the most popular remedies for tooth pain. Cloves are actually the flower buds of a tree whose botanical name is Syzygium Aromaticum. Cloves are native to Indonesia but now it is grown in many countries including India. I have always wanted to grow clove tree in our farm and I even planted one few months back. But due to the severe drought we are facing now, it just died last week which really upset me. Clove is one spice that I always stock in my pantry as I use it always to season the curries and rice. Now lately I stock up clove essential oil too to use in remedies as it has wonderful medicinal properties. For treating toothache, I use clove essential oil as such or use it along with pounded cloves for making mouth wash. Clove based mouth washes are not only effective for treating toothache, it also treats tooth decay, tooth cavity, gum diseases, gum pain and tooth infection. Eugenol is the main bio active compound of clove that is found in very high concentrations, almost 89% of clove essential oil contains eugenol. Three types of essential oils are distilled from clove tree - clove bud essential oil, clove leaf oil and clove stem oil. Out of these three, clove bud essential oil is the most widely used and I would suggest using it for toothache. The reason clove essential oil is wonderful for treating tooth pain is because it has powerful analgesic, antimicrobial and anti inflammatory properties. It not only helps reduce the pain and inflammation, it also helps treat the infection very effectively. Another interesting fact about clove oil is it is a very effective anesthetic. It is so effective that it can effectively replace the traditional gel benzocaine used for reducing the pain before needle insertion or tooth extraction. You can read the study that proves it here. Clove Essential Oil Side Effects: Eugenol present in clove essential oil should not be ingested in large doses, it can be rapidly absorbed and enter our blood stream. Eugenol is prooxidant in large doses! If we use clove essential oil repeatedly often in large doses, it can cause intense irritation and some times can lead to tissue burns too. Try not to swallow clove essential oil and make sure to use just a tiny drop of clove oil on the affected teeth. Pregnant women should not use this remedy. Where to buy clove essential oil for treating toothache? You can easily order clove essential oil online. While buying make sure it says clove essential oil and not clove oil as clove oil is just an infusion which can be easily made at home like given below...


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

10 Top Health Benefits Of Salt Water Gargle (Warm Salt Water Rinse)


One of the easiest at home remedies that has amazing health benefits is salt water gargle. Almost all of us must have used salt water gargle to treat sore throat in some point in our lives, it is that famous all over the world. But salt water has other amazing uses other than relieving sore throat. What is salt water gargle? For those of you who don't know, salt water gargle is the act of gargling our mouth with warm water in which salt is dissolved. How does salt water gargle work? Salt water gargle works by a process called osmosis. Osmosis is a process in which the solvent moves from an area of higher concentration to lower concentration to create an area of equilibrium. When we gargle with salt water, salt moves into the inflamed tissues by the process of osmosis and draws out moisture from the swollen and inflamed tissues. Since salt has anti bacterial properties, it kills some of the bacteria and helps flush out the toxins effectively. When we gargle with salt water, the salt makes the area not hospitable for the bacteria to thrive and since it also reduces inflammation, it helps reduces the pain significantly too. How To Do Salt Water Gargle? To do salt water gargle, mix 1 tsp of sea salt in a cup of warm water and stir to dissolve it completely. Now take a big sip, tilt your head back and gargle for 15 to 30 seconds. When you are gargling, little bit of the water might go into the stomach which is normal. Spit it out after 30 seconds and repeat the process till you have used up the rest of the salt water. If anyone of us suffer from sore throat at home, my grandma used to make us do salt water gargle three times a day so I would suggest the same too. Side Effects & Precautions: Gargling with salt water once in a while as a treatment is fine but try not to do it on daily basis as it might effect the teeth and try not to swallow the salt water rinse too much as it can lead to vomiting in some people. Too much swallowing will dry out the throat leading to more pain.....