6 Top Celery Juice Benefits & Side Effects

celery juice benefits

Celery juice has become very popular now as it is believed to cure many health problems including obesity, thyroid, gout, blood pressure and fluid retention. In my research, I found that like with any natural ingredient it is not a cure all but it does have some health benefits that we can’t ignore. From reducing inflammation and blood pressure to aiding weight loss, it does have some significant health benefits.

What Is Celery Juice? 

Celery juice is made by grinding celery leaves whose botanical name is Apium graveolens along with the stalks and water. It tastes bland on it’s own so usually I like to add a fruit like apple to make it taste good. You can also add in vegetables like carrot and cucumber too.

Celery Juice Nutrition

Half cup of celery juice contains around 21 calories, 1 gram of protein, 4.3 grams of carbohydrates and 2.5 grams of sugar. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin K.

celery juice for blood pressureCelery Juice Health Benefits

1. Celery Juice For Diabetes:

Celery juice is good option for diabetics. In a study, 16 elderly pre diabetics were divided into two groups. One group was given celery juice and the other group was placebo. The treatment consisted of celery leaf extract at the dosage of 250 mg three times a day for 12 days. After 12 days, there was significant decrease in pre prandial plasma glucose level and post prandial glucose levels although there was no significant increase in plasma insulin levels.

2. It Is Rich In Antioxidants

Celery contains many compounds like caffeic acid, p-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, apigenin, luteolin, etc that have powerful antioxidant properties which helps remove free radicals. Consuming antioxidant-rich foods is very important to keep ourselves healthy. Antioxidants are also important for healthy hair and skin.

3. Very Hydrating

Celery juice consists mainly of water and it helps us stay hydrated which is especially very important for people who live in a very hot country like India. Consuming enough water is very important for our health but many of us tend to forget that or some of us simply don’t like the taste of water. For them, celery juice is a good alternative to drinking just plain water.

4. Celery Juice For Skin Care

Any ingredient that is rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties is good for skin care and celery is no exception. It is rich in phytonutrients which helps reduce inflammation and it also helps reduce oxidative stress which fights off free radicals which are the major reason for premature aging of our skin and hair.

5. Celery Juice For Weight Loss

Celery is very low in calories but high in nutrients and fiber which is the main reason that celery makes it to almost all the weight loss diet charts. Instead of consuming low fat packaged foods that has zero nutrition, it is better to substitute it with real low fat fresh greens that is high in nutrition like celery leaves and stems.

6. Celery Juice For High Cholesterol & Blood Pressure

Celery leaf extract has been proven through clinical research to reduce blood pressure and lower LDL cholesterol. If you are suffering from high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, try to replace all sugary beverages with healthy alternatives like celery juice.

celery juice side effectsCelery Juice Side Effects

Celery allergy is very serious. A 28 year old women with celery allergy experienced anaphylactic shock after consuming fresh celery.

In an another case a 36 year old female patient came to the hospital with blurred vision, palpitation and nausea. She was consuming 8 gram of celery extract in powder form a day for reducing weight. She developed hyperthyroidism and allergic reaction after celery extract consumption.

Celery juice can interact with certain medications. If you are taking blood thinner medications make sure to mention it to your physician before consuming celery juice on a regular basis.

Nowadays celery juice cleanse is very popular and people tend to consume large amounts of celery at once. This can lead to digestive issues like diarrhoea and stomach discomfort.

a. Celery Juice Cleanse:

Celery juice is considered to be a cure all for many chronic illnesses but I couldn’t find any research supporting these claims. I would highly recommend not consuming celery juice in excess as it can cause more harm than good. The best cleanse is consuming our traditional home cooked food that is rich is nutrients and fibre.

b. Celery Juice Diet:

During celery juice diet, people are advised to drink large quantities of celery juice (usually around 400 to 500 ml of juice) in empty stomach for around a week or more. Consuming this much amount of juice can lead to stomach discomfort and nausea. In my humble opinion, celery juice can be a part of our regular diet but it is not a cure all and should never be consumed in large amounts at a time.celery juice recipe

How To Make Celery Juice:

1. Always select celery stalks that are firm, of medium thickness and it should also snap easily. Wash under running water, remove the leaves (use in salads) and the root and cut the stem into small pieces.

celery juice for inflammation

2. If using a juicer, add a cut apple and celery stalks into the juicer and juice directly, it makes things so much easier. You can make it in blender too. Peel a fresh apple, cut and add to the celery stalks, since celery stalks taste bland, adding apples to the recipe makes it taste good. The apples were looking fresh and beautiful, had to take a picture…:)

celery juice for weight loss

3. Add black salt or kala namak to taste, add required water and puree everything together in a blender.

benefits of drinking celery juice

4. Strain using a soup strainer..

negative side effects of celery juice

4. Drink immediately. If you like to add some fibre into the juice, strain through a strainer with big holes and if you like you can sweeten with honey too.

celery juice benefits for skin


  • This juice can be made in a juicer very quickly without adding any water.
  • This simple juice is full of antioxidants and is high in nutrients, perfect as a sports drink too.
  • Fresh celery is called celery all over India and can be got in almost all the vegetable shops in the cities.
  • You can consume this drink in empty stomach or in between meals.
  • Have it in moderation, try to limit to a cup per day.
  • If you have allergy problems, drink just a tiny amount and check whether your body agrees with it before consuming large quantities

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