Monday, 17 June 2013

How to Use Fitkari (Alum) to Treat Cracked Heels!


This remedy made with alum in English / fitkari in Hindi to treat cracked heels might sound strange to some of you, but it really works. For this home remedy, we use alum powder. Alum (we call it "Padikaram" in Tamil) will be well known to men, who visit barber shop for their shave. After the shave, barbers usually massage the face with alum stone. Alum is an astringent and helps to prevent bleeding from shaving cuts. Alum was also traditionally used as a deodorant, as it has anti bacterial and antiperspirant properties. Alum is a chemical compound and in India it is available every where in block form as shaving alum. Alum powder is very useful in treating cracked heels. For this remedy alum is heated in a small empty kadai. When we heat alum, it liquifies and foams. Once all the water evaporates, we are left with a crumbly mixture. Once it cools down, it is powdered and mixed with coconut oil and applied on the legs. The mixture in the picture appears a bit dry because the wooden pot absorbed all the oil, before I could photograph it. This remedy gives amazingly good relief, if applied regularly for some time.


1.This is alum and you get it in blocks like this. Break a small piece from it.

2. Take a thick bottomed pan and add the broken piece of alum. I used my iron pan for this.

3. In a short while, it will start foaming and it will melt. Once the water evaporates completely, it will form into a crumbly lump.

4. Cool before touching it. Powder it finely using a mortar and pestle.

5. Mix it with coconut oil and apply on the feet, where it is cracked.

  • Wait for alum to cool, before powdering it.
  •  Usually it is mixed with coconut oil, but if you don't get it then use olive oil.
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  1. I really agree with you. When you combine coconut oil with alum it will become a great product and very helpful for cracked heels. It will fill the cracks and recover the heels. And we know some grand Nanny's Recipes which will be helpful in recovering the cracked heels. You can check the link given below

  2. can we apply daily at night ?


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