5 Top Benefits & Uses Of Badam Pisin | Almond Gum | Badam Gum | Badam Gondh

badam pisin health benefits

Badam Pisin | Badam Gum | Almond Gum is a natural gum that has amazing health benefits from aiding weight loss to reducing body heat. It turns into a jelly when soaked in water and is used in the famous Jigarthanda drink. Usually badam pisin is had during summers in Tamil Nadu.

What Is Badam Pisin?

Badam pisin is a natural gum obtained from sweet almond tree. The botanical name of sweet almond tree is Prunus Dulcis. Many think that badam gum is obtained from Indian badam tree but it is not. Indian badam tree whose botanical name is Terminalia Catappa does not produce any gum. Badam pisin is either colorless, pale yellow or light brown in color and looks like small rocks.

How Do We Get Badam Pisin?

Sweet almond tree oozes out the gum and you can find it all over the trunk and branches of the tree. The gum oozes out as small tear drops and then they collect together to form large masses. When it first oozes out, it will be almost jelly like and with time it hardens like a hard rock.

Usually badam pisin is collected during autumn only from older sweet almond trees. Collection of badam gum reduces the number of leaves and flowers the tree produces so badam gum is collected only from older trees.

Badam pisin is usually scrapped of the tree branches with a sharp knife, if the badam pisin is fresh you can just remove it with your hands too.

Badam Pisin Common Names:

Badam gum is very very famous in Tamil Nadu and is called Badam Pisin in Tamil. Though many don’t know about it’s full health benefits, almost everyone would have tasted it in the famous drink Jigarthanda. It is called Almond Gum | Almond Resin in English and Badam Gondh in Hindi.

Badam Pisin (Almond Gum) Nutritional Value:

Badam pisin is composed of almost 92.3% carbohydrates, 0.8% of fats and 2.4%of proteins. It is rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

almond gum health benefitsHow To Make Badam Pisin Jelly?

It is so easy to make badam jelly at home. Soak badam pisin in a cup of water for 24 hours. One small piece will yield a cup of jelly, it swells up really well. I also find that soaking for 24 hours gets it completely softened and of perfect texture.

Nowadays jelly’s are sold in different shapes and sizes and most kids love artificial jelly’s.My sister’s daughters both love jelly so much that each time before I visit them, if I ask them what they want they will reply in an instant that they want jelly.

The problem with store bought jelly’s is the amount of added colors and flavorings in them. Since manufacturers want to capture the attention of kids, too much of artificial colors and flavorings are added.

It is alright if they are consumed once in a while, but having it very often, which normally most children do is not good for them. Instead why not introduce them to a natural jelly that has wonderful health benefits?

Where To Buy Badam Pisin?

You can easily buy badam pisin in all the departmental stores in Tamil Nadu. I buy badam pisin from a departmental store near our village. Badam pisin stores well for months together is kept away from moisture. Badam pisin can also be ordered easily through online shops.

Badam Pisin Health Benefits:

1. Body Coolant:

Badam Pisin is a wonderful natural body coolant and is a perfect ingredient to use during scorching summers to keep the body cool. If you are a person who suffer excessive body heat (red eyes, burning sensation in the body are some of the symptoms) this natural gum will work well to get rid of it.

2. For Weight Loss & Weight Gain:

Badam pisin is an amazing ingredient to include in a weight loss diet. Badam pisin is very very filling and keeps one satiated for a long time so it helps reduce the overall calorie consumption resulting in weight loss. For using badam pisin for aiding weight loss, I would suggest mixing it with skimmed milk of your choice.

Some people suggest that badam pisin can help gain weight. Badam pisin by itself does not help with either weight gain or weight loss by altering our metabolism. But it is filling and depending on the ingredients it is added along with it can be added either to weight gain or weight loss diet.

For losing weight, it can be added to skimmed milk and for gaining weight, it can be added to calorie dense ingredients. Since it is very nutritious and an amazing antioxidant, it is a good idea to include it in our diet.

3. For Reducing Acidity:

Badam Pisin is very very soothing on the stomach and is an amazing home remedy for reducing acidity and stomach ulcers. For the remedy, mix badam pisin jelly with coconut milk sweetened with jaggery and consume. Coconut milk is also very effective for reducing both acidity and stomach burn.

4. For Skin Care:

Badam Pisin has both anti bacterial and wound healing properties making it very effective for skin care. You can read the study that supports this claim here. Badam pisin when applied on the skin externally has cooling and healing properties. Badam pisin jelly can be applied externally as a poultice to treat heat boils during summers very effectively.

5. Amazing Antioxidant:

Badam Pisin is an amazing antioxidant and when consumed regularly helps fight off the free radicals that causes premature ageing. Badam pisin is also rich in minerals and protein making it an ideal replacement for jellies sold in the markets. Badam pisin jelly is also free of color, cheaper than store bought jelly and does not have any additives.

badam pisin for skin

Other Amazing Uses Of Badam Pisin:

Badam pisin is used to increase the shelf life of tomatoes. When tomatoes are coated with almond gum it helps retain the firmness, color and ascorbic acid content for a long time.

Badam pisin is also used as a coating for banana chips while drying. If coated it prevents cell destruction of banana slices and greatly reduces browning of the banana slices.

Since badam pisin has anti bacterial properties it used to preserve meat. Oligosaccharides extracted and purified from badam pisin has very good anti microbial properties so it is used for preserving beef meat.

Badam pisin is also widely used in pharmaceutical industry. It is used both as a binder and as a release retardant in tablet formulations.

Badam Pisin Side Effects:

Badam pisin if had in excess causes upset stomach so I would suggest consuming it in moderation. I feel sick if I consume badam pisin in excess. I couldn’t find any study proving that it is safe for pregnant women to consume so I would suggest to be cautious while consuming badam pisin while pregnant.

How To Eat Badam Pisin: 5 Top Badam Pisin Recipes:

1. Homemade Jigarthanda With Badam Pisin:

badam pisin side effects

Soak basil seeds | sabja seeds in hot water for 15 minutes and strain. In the serving bowl, add the swollen sabja seeds. You can read about sabja seeds in detail here.

Top it up with homemade gulkand | rose petal jam, I have a recipe for it here. Add rose syrup, I used homemade rose syrup using pesticide free rose petals but you can use store-bought too.

Add chilled whole milk on top, I used organic grass fed milk from our farm. Top it up with softened badam pisin. Your delicious jigarthanda is ready!

2. Badam Pisin With Nannari:

badam pisin for face

This is a very delicious recipe and is perfect for serving during hot summers. It can be given to children and adults. Take a cup of cold water in a bowl, add in a squeeze of lemon juice to it.

Add in the required amount of nannari sherbet to it. Nannari sherbet can be easily made at home and it will be already sweetened so you don’t have to add sugar. Finally top it up badam pisin jelly and enjoy!

I usually make my own nannari sherbet but since it got over, I have used store bought syrup. I would highly suggest using homemade nannari without color and preservatives.

3. Badam Pisin With Rosemilk:

badam pisin recipes

Badam pisin and rose milk is a magic combination. Whenever I get pesticide free rose petals, I make rose syrup and stock it for future use. For this drink, just mix rose syrup with milk and top it up with badam pisin jelly.

You can also use store bought rose syrup too. If you are vegan, use plant based milks instead of cows milk. Just make sure to use unsweetened milk as rose syrup will be usually sweetened.

This drink also can be served as a dessert especially after serving spicy foods, it will greatly prevent heartburn and acidity. But please don’t over consume badam pisin on a daily basis as it might prevent nutrient absorption…..

4. Badam Pisin With Lemon & Honey:

badam pisin image

I make a healthy cooling drink at home with badam pisin, lemon and honey. Diabetics can skip the honey and consume this drink in between meals.

This recipe is a very healthy, low calorie recipe perfect for including in a weight loss diet. For the drink, take a cup of water in a bowl. Squeeze in the juice of half a lemon and sweeten with honey if you prefer. Finally add in badam pisin jelly to it.

You can have this drink in between meals and it will keep you fuller for long periods of time. People who have acidity or irritable bowel syndrome will find it difficult to drink lemon juice, adding badam pisin jelly will prevent acidity.

5. Badam Pisin With Ice Cream:

almond gum side effects

This is a wonderful recipe for kids. For the recipe, take a cup of milk, add in a scoop of vanilla ice cream and blend in a mixer till thoroughly mixed. You can also add few drops of pure vanilla if you like.

Pour the prepared mixture in a cup and top it with badam pisin jelly and serve immediately. I have used vanilla ice cream, you can use any flavored ice cream you like.


  • These badam pisin recipes tastes absolutely delicious and is very very effective in easing stomach burn.
  • The amount of each ingredient to be used is individual preference, add more of the ingredients you like.
  • For children, milk (in recipes that requires milk) can be thickened a bit before adding by heating it in low flame for a few minutes. It will make the drinks thicker and creamier.
  • These drinks are best had during summer and please don’t over consume badam pisin on a daily basis.
  • If you are vegan, substitute cows milk with plant based milks like soy milk or almond milk.
  • For children, you can serve the soaked and chilled badam pisin jelly topped up with just sweetened plain milk too.

badam pisin for weight loss