Creams and Lotions


2. Home Made Lotion

3. Rose Water

4. After Shave Lotion

5. Home made almond night cream

6. Home made mosquito repellent blend

7. Homemade vaseline

8. Homemade hand sanitizer

9. Homemade Insect Repellent

10. Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent

11. Homemade Vicks Vapor Rub

Homemade cosmetics: 

1. Home Made Wax

2. Home Made Lip Balm

3. Home made bronzer

4. Vanilla and Green Tea Face Mist

5. Homemade eye makeup remover

6. Homemade lip gloss

7. Homemade kohl/kajal (eye liner)

8. Chemical free bindhis

9. Allergy free face paint

10. Homemade Sindoor/ Kum Kum

11. Liquid Bindhi

12. Homemade Toner

13. Chamomile Hair lightener

14. Vitamin C serum

15. Flax Seed Hair Gel

16. Sea Salt Spray

17. Vijaysar Bindi 

18. Green Tea Toner

19. Hydrogen Peroxide Hair Lightener

20. Sweet Flag Bindhi

21. Lemongrass Facial Toner

22. Natural Hair Removal with Nagarmotha

23. Activated Charcoal Eyeliner

Candles and Air Fresheners

2. Homemade air freshener gel

3. Homemade Reed Diffuser

4. Pooja Oil

5. Scented Sachets

6. Homemade Incense sticks & Cones

 Homemade Cleaners:

2. Fruit & Vegetable Wash

3. Homemade toilet cleaner

4. Laundry detergent for sensitive skin

5. Reetha | Soap nut

6. Citric Acid All Purpose Cleaner

7. White Vinegar

8. Hydrogen Peroxide

9. Sweet Flag Insect Repellent

10. Citric Acid Toilet Cleaner


  1. Priyaa
    November 11, 2015 / 1:57 am

    Hi Ramya,I work in night shifts. I am 30 years, married and have a 2 years old boy. My weight post pregnancy came back to normal in a month and it lasted for 6 months. But until then i have slowly started putting on weight and I was 60Kgs post delivery but now 68 Kgs and 5"2 in height..please help

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      December 6, 2015 / 12:32 pm

      Hi Priya, the only way to lose weight is with regular exercise and calorie controlled diet. But certain foods will make weight loss easier especially foods that keeps us satiated for a long time. Some of them are banana stem, basil seeds, pulses, millets, etc. Start by taking low calorie but nutritional foods and start exercising regularly, even consistent daily walking will do, your weight will slowly come off, all the best..

  2. Unknown
    November 27, 2015 / 6:57 am

    Hi Ramya,Please im not getting my periods regularly

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      December 6, 2015 / 12:22 pm

      Try fenugreek tea from the blog, it has been proven to regularize the periods.

  3. Sridevi Ganesh
    December 8, 2015 / 5:19 pm

    Hi..u r really a wonderful lady to give such a great website..hatsoff to i

  4. Anusha Saravanan
    December 23, 2015 / 1:55 pm

    Hi Ramya,It's really a useful blog, you are really so sweet that you share all that you know.I have lot of hair growing on my chin and side locks….tried Laser as well, it seems to be waste. Can you tell me how long should I use the wild turmeric and kupamani juice on the affected areas to arrive at good results? I really have thick hairThank you

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      December 25, 2015 / 4:04 am

      Thanks a lot for your kind words :). It might takes months of regular application to see results as you have thick hair but in addition it also improves the skin tone and treats all blemishes…

  5. Unknown
    April 6, 2016 / 7:22 am

    hi ramyacan u tell me the recipe of homemade sunscreen lotion

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      May 27, 2016 / 3:01 pm

      I am working on a recipe for homemade sunscreen lotion, once I do I will post it in the blog soon…

  6. Anonymous
    May 29, 2016 / 12:34 am

    Hi I have lot of grey hair can you please let me know the home made remedy for grey hair problemThank you so much

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      June 7, 2016 / 3:08 pm

      I would suggest curry leaf hair oil from the blog for grey hair

  7. Jaggery Pepper
    June 6, 2016 / 4:24 am

    Hii Ramya very useful blog urs. Is there any post you have to reduce post delivery tummy naturally. Pls update if you have

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      June 7, 2016 / 3:10 pm

      I will very soon…

  8. Samaya
    June 30, 2016 / 6:39 am

    Hi Mrs.Ramya,Ur blog is really useful.I'm loving it.can u suggest a remedy to get rid of dark neck?

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      July 13, 2016 / 8:48 am

      Hi Samaya, you can find an effective remedy for getting rid of dark neck here

  9. Anonymous
    June 30, 2016 / 6:48 am

    Hi Mrs.Ramya,Can I use honey for face?Wer can I get pure honey?

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      July 13, 2016 / 8:52 am

      Yes, you can use honey for your face. You can get good quality honey in government "green shops" found near most of the forests. Pure honey collected by local tribe people is usually sold there…

    • Nandini Jambhekar
      July 26, 2016 / 7:05 am

      Hi Ramya, thank you for all the interesting information.I would like to know if a mixture of Lavender, Lemon Eucalyptus and Citronella essential oils in coconut oil applied on the exposed body parts would be effective as a mosquito repellent. If yes, please let me know the proportion in which they should be mixed. Also what is the function of witch hazel/vodka in a mosquito repellent spray?

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      August 13, 2016 / 2:11 am

      Hi Nandini, I am very sorry for the late reply. You can use essential oil blends instead of neem oil as a mosquito repellent too. Try 25 drops of lemon eucalyptus oil, 7 drops of lavender and citronella. We get very few brands in our local town, I use aroma magic & satinanace essential oils, they are good. These are only 2 brands we get :(, but now I have started ordering online, I tried soulflower essntial oil last time, it was good too. If you don't mind the price you can try "rocky mountain essential oils" from, they are said to be very very good and was voted the best essential oil…

  10. shilydv
    November 11, 2016 / 3:47 am

    Hi Ramya,I just love your blog, its very informative. I was looking for some help with respect to my skin. I am 34yrs with a 3 yr old kid. I have had lot of acne breakouts in the past due to trying various products on my face – although I am very careful with the product choices now but I always struggle to find right moisturiser for my skin. I kind of have dehydrated sensitive skin with open pores on cheeks. Most of the moisturiser i try kind of sit on my skin without providing any hydration. Natural/organic moisturisers in the market kind of clog my pores and makes the situation worse. Can you suggest anything to keep my skin hydrated and supple without clogging the pores?

  11. santhi
    November 30, 2016 / 1:29 pm

    hi ms.ramya, i have a long hair which was quite dense.but for the past 1 month im getting continuous loss of hair.i take headbath twice a week using meera shampoo.using herbal bringhadi hair sleep cycle got disturbed due to exams..can you please suggest me some hair masks or hair oil or healthy foods to overcome hair loss

  12. prashanthi kasthuri
    December 18, 2016 / 9:39 pm

    Hi Ramya. Pls let me know the remedies to loose postpartum tummy .

  13. kamar
    January 10, 2017 / 3:08 am

    Hi Ramya, Like many others, me to been delighted to come across your enlighting blog.Thank you for all your information and efforts. Can you provide some help to firm the saggy breast. Can collagen supplements be used for d same.

  14. Anonymous
    March 7, 2017 / 10:52 am

    Hi Ramya, this is akila. first i want to thank u sharing your valuable remedies for beauty & health. Ramya it i'll be helpful if u make videos on shower gels for different skin types. bye.

  15. Geetha Venkataraman
    April 3, 2017 / 10:58 am

    Hi Ramya, thank you for the wonderful blog. It would b great if you could let us know any natural sunscreen lotion as well. Thanks again.

  16. Mahmuda nasrin
    April 15, 2017 / 7:42 pm

    thanks for your good health information Hair Loss

  17. Ashwini
    December 12, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    Hi Ramya can you please suggest some tips for pimple marks and whiteaheads ?

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      December 26, 2017 / 4:16 pm

      I have a video specifically for acne scars and blackheads, can you please look it up?

  18. Do r Die
    December 25, 2017 / 10:35 am

    Hello madam, I am ranjith from madurai…I need some herbal details ,where can i meet you

  19. Ramya Venkateshwaran
    December 26, 2017 / 4:17 pm

    You can message me through facebook anytime…

  20. Charlene
    August 5, 2018 / 11:51 pm

    Did Aloe Vera & Coconut oil like you mentioned and put in cold, dark place and it is buddling up and smells really bad. Is this normal? Is it still good. It has only been about a 2weeks and you said to do this for about 2month than it will be ready. Does it chemically change in that time? Do I take out the aloe vera leaf chucks after 2 months. Will it smell better then? Or has my aloe vera went bad?

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