4 Top Benefits & Side Effects Of Fish Pedicure | Fish Spa | Garra Rufa Fish Therapy | Doctor Fish Therapy

Fish pedicure is getting popular all over india now. Fish Pedicure goes by many names, they are also called fish spa, garra rufa fish therapy and doctor fish therapy. We all know about regular pedicures and how they are done at spas but with fish pedicure, there is no equipment and creams are necessary, the fish does all the work! But though fish pedicure sound a lot of fun, it is important we get to know both the benefits and side effects before doing it.

What is Fish Pedicure?

Fish pedicure | Fish spa | Fish therapy is a procedure in which a person places his feet in a tank filled with fishes and the fishes does the job of cleaning the feet. Usually a special type of fish called garra rufa are used for the pedicure. They cost anywhere from 500 rupees to 800 rupees and this varies from spa to spa depending on the duration and also on how famous the spa is….

Fish Pedicure Benefits:

  • Fishes do an excellent job of nibbling away the dead skin from the feet.
  • After the fish therapy you will find your feet soft and smooth.
  • Fish therapy is believed to greatly help in psoriasis but it does not cure it.
  • Fish pedicure is a great stress buster as the nibbling makes us laugh and giggle all the time.

What Is Garra Rufa Fish?

Usually the type of fish that is used for fish pedicure is called garra rufa also called as doctor fish | nibble fish. But even other fishes like the ones shown in the main picture are used but usually garra rufa is the preferred fish for the procedure.

Garra rufa are toothless tiny dark colored fishes that does an excellent job of sloughing away the dead skin. There is a small stream at the back of our farm and whenever there is water flowing there, I love to put my feet in the water.

Usually there will be small fishes nibbling at my feet and after the immersion, my feet will usually be soft and smooth as the dead cells are sloughed away by the fish. But there is a lot of difference between immersing your feet in running water and in a tank. I took the above picture in an island in Srilanka where the fish pedicure was done in large tanks.

Fish Pedicure Side Effects:

The main problem with fish pedicure is the sanitation. If a person with skin disease has immersed his feet in the tank and the fishes have fed on the infected skin and again feeds on the dead skin of an another person, the chances of the second person getting infected is very very high.

There is even scientific evidence to proof it, you can read the study that proves it here. My whole intention of writing this is not to scare anyone away from fish therapy. Fish pedicure is fun and we should experience new things in life but not at the cost of getting an infection.

If you are planning on getting fish therapy make sure the tank is cleaned and the water is changed for you. If you have small cuts and wounds on your feet, I would suggest not doing fish pedicure at all….

How Fish Pedicure Is Done:

1. First you are made to immerse your feet in the tank….

2. The fishes start feeding on the dead skin, most of the time the clients will be either laughing or giggling….:)

3. After some time the fish starts dispersing, the clients are asked to feed the fish so the fishes come near the feet and start nibbling again. This procedure is repeated again and again…..


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