10 Top Herbal Tea Recipes For Weight Loss, Cough, Cold & Diabetes

I am a tea drinker and I love tea very much, I also love to try new flavored herbal teas. From our regular chai tea that we drink almost daily at home to exotic strawberry tea, I love them all.  I love teas not only because they taste good but also because they are very very healing. Since most of the ingredients used in making these healing teas are at home, it is so very easy to make them.

Herbal Teas For Remedies:

I also use teas extensively as a remedy, they are really effective and you don’t  get the feeling that you are taking a medicine. Two days back my son got a severe sore throat, he couldn’t swallow any food. I know licorice is the best for sore throat and treats the inflammation and pain very quickly. I immediately made him licorice tea as I always have licorice root at home. All I did was serve it to him in a nice glass before he went to bed claiming it is a very good tasting herbal tea, he drank it readily and said it tasted good.

As I expected he was better the next day morning. If you get to know to make herbal teas at home, I promise you it will save you so many trips to the hospital. Most minor illnesses from sore throat to indigestion can be successfully treated at home and some teas like turmeric tea even aid in weight loss. I wanted to compile all the herbal tea recipes in a single post so it will useful for everyone.

Herbal Tea Ingredients:

Most ingredients for these herbal teas will be easily found in a well stocked kitchen and some ingredients like lemongrass, licorice, gotu kola can be easily bought from the markets. For teas made with dried herbs like holy basil and hibiscus, try drying the leaves during summer and stock it up in an airtight box. That way whenever you want you can readily use it. Always make sure to use pesticide free ingredients for making your herbal teas. Hope you will enjoy making these herbal teas at home….

10 Top Herbal Tea Recipes For Weight Loss, Cough, Cold & Diabetes

1. Turmeric Tea:

This is my favorite tea as it has so many benefits, it treats inflammation, acne, cold, cough, sore throat and even aids in weight loss. I have never been without turmeric at home and turmeric is one ingredient I use often in remedies. I have made this tea with fresh turmeric roots but you can use organic dried powders too, you can find the link for making the tea here.

2. Hibiscus Tea:

This beautiful red colored tea is actually very famous in certain countries and is served almost daily during summer time. This hibiscus tea has been proven to lower blood pressure. It also greatly improves immunity and prevents skin aging. You can find the link to the post listing it’s benefits and the method of making it here.

3.Tulsi Tea:

I drink tulsi tea fairly often as I really love the fresh smell and also because I have lot of fresh tulsi plants in our farm. This tea is so very refreshing and anyone can make it and also anyone can have it as this tea does not even need any sweetener at all. Tulsi tea is a good remedy for sore throat, indigestion and stress, it also improves immunity. You can find the link to the post listing it’s benefits and the method of making it here.

4. Licorice Tea:

Like I mentioned above licorice tea is my go to remedy for sore throat and for me it works so well. Next time you have sore throat try drinking licorice tea. Licorice is very sweet and can be given even to children but this tea should only be used as a medicine and not on a regular basis. You can find the link for the recipe here.

5. Fennel Tea:

Fennel tea is the best tea for treating bloating and it also can be used for colicky babies. Since we have fennel always at home as we use it in our gravies, this tea is very popular in our place for treating flatulence. You can find the recipe here

6. Lemongrass Tea:

Even if this lemongrass tea doesn’t have any benefits, I would still drink it as it tastes so very good but fortunately it does have wonderful benefits. It is very good for cold and cough and aids in digestion too. This tea is best made with fresh lemongrass roots and fresh ginger roots, you can find the link to the recipe here.

7. Ginger Tea:

Ginger tea is wonderful for pregnancy nausea and it also aids in digestion. This tea is very easy to make and studies have also proven that pregnant women who use ginger did experience significant reduction in nausea and vomiting, you can find the link to the recipe here.

8. Gotu Kola Tea:

This tea is great for reducing stress and anxiety, since I always prefer to use fresh herbs I have made this tea with fresh leaves but you can try it with dried leaves too. Nowadays gotu kola tea is readily available everywhere, you can also give them a try. You can find the link to the recipe here.

9. Fenugreek Tea:

This fenugreek tea is great for reducing blood sugar levels, in fact my own uncle had amazing results with this wonderful tea for reducing his blood sugar levels. If you are a diabetic and taking medications I would suggest keeping a close watch as this reduces the blood sugar levels significantly,you can find the link to the recipe here.

10. Blue Tea:

This is a beautiful looking tea that is full of antioxidants (it has been proven through clinical research too), it is the tea made from boiling butterfly pea flowers in water. If you don’t have these flowers at home you can also order the dried flowers through online shops like amazon, you can find the link to the benefits and the recipe here.



  1. Sandy
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    Hi Ramya, I have suddenly become a fan of different herbal tea out of curiosity to try them. I am loving it. Though I had subscribed to your blog long back, tea recipes went unnoticed until my search for the tea. Thank you for this beautiful collection. I have already tasted lemongrass, ginger, fennel and Tulsi tea to quench my thirst for tea. Let me see how the recipes I had tried are different from yours (and try them as well) and also the other tea.Thank you for this compilation.

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    HI Ramya, I love your videos, I am 27 after weight loss my breast was heavy and saggy, do u have any tips for tight breast.

  3. iA
    September 28, 2019 / 5:45 pm

    Ramya ,
    Mainly for small children –
    1)cold , cough , stuffy nose wat to be given?
    2)gastric and stomach pain, for kids wat to be given?
    Plz mention quantity and how many days once can be given?

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