5 Top Benefits & Uses Of Paraffin Wax For Hands, Feet & Arthritis

I have been wanting to research in detail about paraffin wax for a long time. I used to use only paraffin wax for making my candles. A dear reader of this blog messaged me about the toxic fumes paraffin wax produces after reading my post on candle making and asked me to substitute it with beeswax. I have tried my best to use only beeswax for making candles after that. But what is paraffin wax and how is it made? Paraffin wax is a petroleum by product and is commonly sold in block form or pellets. Paraffin wax is actually manufactured from the grey sludge that is left after refining the crude oil. To make it into the beautiful pure white pellets that we get in the markets, the waxy substance from the sludge is bleached and chemically treated. When we burn the candles made with paraffin wax it produces smoke that is very toxic. When I was reading the EPA document about candles and environmental pollution, what shocked me the most was scented candles produces the most toxic fumes. The combinations of paraffin wax and fragrance oils produces soot and candles that contain large amount of fragrance oils produces the most soot. We all look out for the most scented candles to relax us, the product that is suppose to relax and calm us causing so much harm is so scary! Also imagine the effects of burning scented candles in rooms with small children, asthma patients and older people. Using scented candles once in a while will not cause harm, but lighting paraffin wax candles especially highly scented ones in closed unventilated space will cause the most problems. Try substituting paraffin wax candles with beeswax candles or soy candles and for aromatherapy try using a diffuser instead of scented candles. Also never buy candles with lead wick, they cause lot of harm, especially pregnant women and small children will be harmed the most. Many countries have banned lead wick candles, but here in India it is widely used. With a simple trick we can find out whether a candle has got lead wick or not. To find out, remove the wax from the tip of the wick and separate the strands, if you see a metallic core, it has lead. So is there no use for paraffin wax at all? Paraffin
wax heat treatment increases the blood flow, relaxes stiff muscles and softens the skin. This amazing property of paraffin wax has certain uses and benefits: 1. Paraffin Wax For Arthritis: Paraffin
treatment is very useful for people who suffer from rheumatism as it is one of the best methods to apply deep heat to the
affected area. Applying warm compress like mentioned below gives good relief from pain. 2. Paraffin Wax Hand Bath: If you have very dry hands, applying paraffin wax treatment will soften your hands really well. You can either dip your hands in the wax or use a brush to apply the wax like I have shown below.
3. Paraffin Wax For Cracked Heels: Paraffin wax is widely used in both pedicure and manicure treatments. I got paraffin wax treatment done in a parlor few weeks back and it was really good, it left my feet soft and smooth. The only difference is the paraffin wax that is used in the parlor is scented and colored. You can do the treatment for the fraction of that price at home by following the steps below. 4. Paraffin Wax For Face: Paraffin wax treatment for face is done in the parlors now to hydrate the skin, reduce the pores and wrinkles and is gaining in popularity. Before doing paraffin wax treatment for your face please do remember paraffin wax is a petroleum by product and if you have sensitive skin or acne, I would suggest not doing the treatment at all. 5. Paraffin Wax For Physiotherapy: Paraffin wax is also commonly used in physiotherapy treatments to lessen the pain and stiffness. You can use paraffin wax treatment to apply deep heat on any area that causes pain except on open sores and wounds. Paraffin Wax Side Effects: Paraffin wax is best avoided in candles as the fumes are toxic. You can use it for external application if you don’t have sensitive skin.


1.  Take paraffin wax and unrefined oil in a paraffin wax heater and melt.

2. There is no temperature setting in my wax heater so I heat it till it is melted and wait for it to cool a bit. Now using a brush, apply the wax on the area you want to use.

3. Apply 2 to 3 layers of paraffin wax.

4. Cover either with an aluminum foil or a plastic cover and tie it at the base.

5. Wait for 20 to 30 minutes, remove the plastic cover and peel off the wax. You will find your skin really soft and smooth.


  • Be careful while applying paraffin wax especially if you are dipping your hands directly in the wax.
  • You can use any unrefined oil that you prefer along with beeswax.
  • If you have sensitive skin, do a small patch test before applying.



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