7 Top Uses Of Poduthalai For Hair & Skin !

phyla nodiflora medicinal uses

Phyla Nodiflora | Lippia Nodiflora is quite a popular plant in Tamil Nadu that goes by the name of poduthalai, both the fresh leaves and poduthalai powder have many wonderful uses. It is a small creeping herb that produces white or purple flowers which get tubular as they mature. It is native to South America and the United States and can be found in all tropical countries.

Poduthalai Botanical & Common Names:

It is named poduthalai in tamil because it is considered to be an amazing home remedy for treating dandruff. Podugu is the Tamil word for dandruff. It is called frog fruit | Saw tooth Frog Fruit | Turkey Tangle in English, Bukkan in Hindi, Vakkan in Marathi, Bokenaku in Telugu and Vasir in Sanskrit.

Poduthalai Medicinal Uses:

1. Anti Bacterial Properties:

It has wonderful anti bacterial properties making it very effective for treating all kinds of wounds when applied as a poultice. Since it is commonly found here in Tamil Nadu, it is a popular remedy for treating wounds.

2. Anti Inflammatory Properties:

It has anti inflammatory properties making it very effective as a home remedy for treating knee and joint pain. It also reduces piles inflammation when taken internally.

3. Anti Diabetic Properties:

It has anti diabetic properties making it a very effective natural remedy for reducing blood sugar levels for diabetic patients. It also has diuretic properties and people who are suffering from water retention will benefit drinking a water decoction of the plant.

4. Melanogenesis Inhibitor:

Another interesting use of poduthalai is that the extract inhibits melanogenesis and it does that without causing any side effects. You can read the study that supports this claim here.

5. Anti Urolithiatic Properties:

It has amazing anti urolithiatic properties (prevention of formation of kidney stones). It not only prevents kidney stone formation, it also effectively treats existing stones.

6. Anti Cancer Properties:

Phyla nodiflora has anti proliferative properties and especially the stem and the leaf extract inhibits breast cancer cell growth.

7. Anti Fungal Properties:

It also has anti fungal properties making it very effective for treating fungal infections when applied topically as a poultice.

Where To Buy Poduthalai Powder?

Usually poduthalai was commonly found in Tamil Nadu but now it is not so common but you can get the plants from nurseries. We also get poduthalai powder in the markets, you can use it for making hair packs like given below.

How To Make Poduthali Powder At Home?

If you have access to fresh poduthali plant, you can make poduthalai powder easily at home. To make poduthalai powder, wash the leaves well to get rid of any dirt and then sun dry the leaves under hot sun covered with a thin mesh till crisp. Once all the water has evaporated, powder in a dry mixer, sieve and store.

4 Top Poduthalai Uses : How To Use Poduthalai At Home

1. Poduthalai Hair Oil:

poduthalai hair oil

For making poduthalai hair oil, boil coconut oil with fresh poduthalai leaves till it loses it’s water content. Switch off, cool and strain and use it as a hair oil to get rid of dandruff.

2. Poduthalai Hair Pack:

phyla nodiflora uses

For the hair pack, take required amount of poduthalai powder in a bowl, add in enough rice water and 1/4 tsp of coconut oil to it and apply as a hair pack. Wait for 30 minutes before having hair wash. This hair pack also treats dandruff very effectively.

3. Poduthalai Poultice For Wounds:

li[pia nodiflora medicinal uses

For the poultice pound a handful of fresh poduthalai leaves and apply as a poultice on the wounds. Since it has anti bacterial properties, it treats the infections really well.

4. Poduthalai Decoction:

poduthalai benefits

Poduthalai decoction made by boiling a handful of the leaves along with 1/4 tsp of cumin seeds is an amazing home remedy for treating ulcers, indigestion, inflammation, for preventing kidney stones and it is also as an anti breast cancer drink.

poduthalai health benefits


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    I used meera hair wash powder as a child and loved it.I am afraid to use it again as today’s meera powder contains sulfates. Can you please use your expertise to help recreate the same meera herbal hair wash powder at home, that way I can reap its benefits without chemicals.I am listing out the complete ingredients as mentioned on the meera box, please suggest measurements for these.

    shikakai, Amla, reeta, green gram,fenugreek seeds, tulsi leaves,hibiscus,arappu,vetiver,Mahua seeds/Indian butter nut,coconut shell powder,Eucalyptus globulus,bay leaves, Wild Licorice, poduthalai, Kapur Kachri in Hindi/ Tamil-Poolankizhangu.

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