5 Top Benefits & Side Effects Of Raw Milk For Skin, Hair & Health

raw milk benefits

A few months back I was reading an article describing in great detail about the dangers of drinking raw milk. I immediately showed it to my mother who was given raw milk daily when she was young. She replied that if we drink fresh raw milk from organic grass fed native cows, we will never have any problems.

All of my family members including my parents, myself, my sister, husband and in-laws were brought up in villages with access to fresh produce and farm fresh milk. All of us still live in villages and we all do farming :). In my humble opinion what my mother said was 100% true, if we focus on the quality of the ingredients we are using then we won’t have to worry about any problems at all.

Back then, the cows were not given feeds daily to increase the fat content of the milk. The cows were mostly native cows and they were led to graze happily the whole day in the farm and each of the cows were named and loved by the family dearly. So the milk from these cows can be had in any form and it will do us only good :).

side effects of raw milk on faceRaw Milk Health Benefits:

1. Nutrient Content:

When the milk is pasteurized, it is heated to very high temperatures which leads to destruction of heat sensitive vitamins. In a research done between pasteurized and raw milk, heat sensitive vitamins like vitamin B2, folate, vitamin B 12 and vitamin c were comparatively higher in raw milk when compared to pasteurized milk.

2. For Asthma & Allergy:

Raw milk also has a protective role against asthma and allergies. Though the exact mechanism is not known, many find that drinking raw milk prevents allergies and asthma, you can read more about the study that supports this claim here.

3. Raw Milk & Whey Protein:

Heating the milk changes the natural structure of whey protein found in milk. But surprisingly, contrary to popular belief,  there was no change in digestibility between raw milk and pasteurised milk.

4. Raw Milk Benefits For Skin:

Raw grass fed unpasteurized milk is great for skin care as it is rich in nutrients. I have given the different ways of using raw milk for skin care below, choose and try the ones that you like.

5.Raw Milk  Benefits For Hair Care:

Raw milk is great for hair care too. When applied on the hair, it prevents split ends and greatly nourishes and conditions it. I like to include it in hair packs, the hair pack with fenugreek I have given below is one of my favourites.

raw milk side effectsRaw Milk Side Effects:

The main concern regarding drinking raw milk is the harmful pathogens found in it. We can negate the side effects if we follow how our elders really consumed raw milk.

Drink raw milk fresh immediately after milking, my mother said she always drank fresh milk when it was still warm from milking. The more the fresh milk is left out after milking, there is a higher danger of contamination.

Always make sure to drink only grass fed preferably country cows milk raw. Even if you don’t want to drink raw cows milk, I would suggest using grass fed milk for best benefits.

Personally I don’t drink raw milk but I only prefer boiled grass fed cows milk. You can also read a study that proves that grass fed milk has higher concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids than regular milk here.

8 Top Ways To Use Raw Milk For Skin & Hair At Home:

1. Raw Milk Cleanser:

raw milk for glowing skin

Raw milk is an amazing cleanser and you will be surprised how effectively it removes grime and dirt from the face. To use, dip a cotton ball in raw milk, squeeze and use it to cleanse the face by wiping gently all over the face.

2. Body Scrub:

raw milk for oily skin

Raw milk when combined together with rice flour is an amazing face scrub. To make the scrub, take rice flour in a bowl and add enough raw milk to get a semi thick paste and use it as a face scrub

3.  Raw Milk & Banana Face Mask For Dry Skin: 

raw milk for face

This mask is very very conditioning and is ideal for dry, sunburned and aged skin. For the mask mix together a ripe banana with raw milk to form a paste and apply on the face.

4. Raw Milk & Sandalwood Paste For Oily Skin: 

raw milk for oily skin

This mask made with raw milk and sandalwood paste is great for oily skin and it is also very very soothing. To make the mask, take a sandalwood bark and rub it on sandalwood stone along with raw milk till you get a thick paste and apply it on the skin.

5. Raw Milk & Turmeric Face Mask For Acne & Acne Scars: 

raw milk for acne and acne scars

This mask treats acne really well. For the mask mix enough organic turmeric powder with enough milk to form a paste and then apply on the affected area, a very very good and simple treatment for acne!

6. Raw Milk Bath:

raw milk bath

Whenever we think of a milk bath, we are always reminded of Cleopatra :), milk baths are always wonderful for the skin. You can also use this bath for young kids who have extreme dry skin. For the bath, to the warm bath water, add in grated zest of 1 orange, 5 to 6 drops of orange essential oil and 1 cup of raw milk and soak in it.

7. Foot Soak For Dry Cracked Heels:

foot soak

For the foot soak, take a cup of milk and add 2 liters of warm water to it along with a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil. Take a handful of dried rose petals, crush lightly and add to the foot soak. Immerse your feet in it and you will really feel like you are in a spa 🙂

8. Hair Pack: 

fenugreek and milk hair pack

I like to use raw milk for my hair by making a mask with it along with fenugreek powder. To make the mask, take fenugreek powder in a bowl, add enough raw milk to form a loose paste (it will thicken later). Wait for the fenugreek powder to soak and thicken and you can use it as a hair mask.

raw milk uses


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    September 30, 2016 / 12:53 pm

    very nice post. Thanaks

  2. Thelma A. Paredes
    December 20, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    No! The only thing it will do is pull the hair out. Consider brushing your hair instead; this will keep it healthy and help get rid of any loose hair.

    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      December 24, 2016 / 4:29 am

      No the raw milk hair mask will never pull the hair out, we have been using it for many years now…

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