DIY: Rose Petal & Almond Bath Bag

When you are tired after a long day at the office, having a nice warm bath with these rose petal and almond bath bags will immediately relax and help you unwind. Just draw in a warm bath and drop these bags into the warm water. You can also tie these bags in the water sprout and fill the tub.

These bath bags contain rose petals and ground almonds. Both ground almonds and rose petals nourish the skin. We don’t get almond meal in India, so I have ground almonds and used. If you get almond meal use that.

As for the rose petals, I am a big fan of paneer roses, so I have used them. You can use any variety that you like. I have dried the rose petals in shade, so they don’t loose their color and the smell.

Whatever variety of rose you are using, make sure to use roses that are not sprayed with pesticides. You can also make small bags of these when you have time and store it in the refrigerator. When you are tired, all you have to do is drop one of these bags into the water. Drop a few fresh rose petals in the bath for an at home spa feel!

Rose Petal & Almond Bath Bag

1. Separate the petals and dry them in the shade.

2. Soak almonds in water overnight.

3. Next day, peel the skin and grind it in the mixer without adding any water.

4. Mix the ground almonds, dried rose petals and rose essential oil.

5. Take a thin cotton cloth/ muslin and keep the mixture in the middle and bring the sides together and tie it into a bundle. Your bath bags are now ready!


  • When grinding almonds, the mixer should be dry.
  • Use thin cotton cloth.
  • Dry the rose petals only in the shade.

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  1. Unknown
    March 5, 2017 / 10:10 am

    Can this be stored? If so for how long?

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