Saturday, 17 October 2015

Tulasi & Ginger Kashayam Recipe For Cough, Cold & Weight loss

The word kashayam will bring fond childhood memories for many, being chased around the house by elders for drinking kashayam is a common scenario in most of the homes. Nandhini, a dear reader of this blog suggested that I post traditional kashayam recipes a few weeks back. Kashayam usually refers to the water decoction of different blend of herbs and spices, usually prepared at home to treat various ailments from cough to fever. Though kashayams are usually prepared at home with fresh herbs, we do get different kashayams in the market. Some of the important kashayams are varadi kashayam, sukumaram  kashayam, punarnavadi kashayam, dhanwantharam kashayam, etc. Dhanwanthram kashayam is given for women after delivery, it is made with more than 35 herbs. Varadi kashayam is used for obesity and it has got ingredients like haritaki, amla, etc. Sukumaram kashayam is generally used for treating menstrual problems. Punarnavadi kashayam made from punarnava and other herbs and is given for treating various kinds of inflammations. These are all very important ayurvedic preparations should only be taken under strict medical supervision, if not we will have serious side effects. Kashayam recipes made at home are usually safe, very easy to prepare and can be given to both adults and children. Especially this recipe made with thirikadugam and herbs like tulasi, betel leaf and thoothuvalai treats all respiratory and digestive problems very effectively. Thirikadugam is a very famous mixture made with equal quantities of dry ginger, pepper and long pepper, this combination is very effective in treating all sorts of respiratory and digestive problems. When this mixture is combined with herbs like tulasi, betel leaf and thoothuvalai, it becomes very very effective. This decoction is full of antioxidants and can boost immunity. You can also have it during weight loss as it keeps the digestion and assimilation in peak order. I prefer to drink this kashayam when I am having cold, cough or mild fever due to indigestion. Along with using it as a remedy, you can also make it as a drink during cold winter seasons and serve the family weekly once or twice, it will greatly prevent all the common diseases.....


1. Take thirikadugam mixture (equal quantities of dry ginger, peppercorns and long pepper).

2. Take the herbs, I have used fresh thoothuvalai (solanum trilobatum), betel leaves and holy basil leaves.

3. Pound the thirikadugam mixture coarsely in a mortar and pestle.

4. Add the herbs and pound everything together.

5. Boil water and add the pounded mixture, boil for a few minutes till the color of the water changes and strain.

6. Drink it warm....

  • Please don't worry, this kashayam is not bitter only a bit spicy...:)
  • You can also add a bit of jaggery to the kashayam for children.
  • Try to use fresh herbs for best results.
  • This kashayam recipe can be given for both cold and digestive related problems.
  • For children reduce the amount of spices.


  1. Hi ramya...nice post very useful...
    could you also post Dhanwanthram kashayam recipe pls....
    thank you....

    1. Hi, Dhanwanthram kashayam is very very difficult to make at home as it is made with more than 40 herbs...

  2. This sounds lovely.. I bought some fresh ginger today to make a warning tea as I got very cold & wet today for a long period of time. I have sinus problems right now & need to get rid of it quick.
    I dont know what toothuvalai or betel leaves are but I do have peppers of many types and some holy basil as well. I will have to make a mixture of what I do have. Thank you for sharing this today! Blessings!

  3. Ramya, the receipe sounds great. but what is thoothuvalai ? Is it easily available?

    1. Thoothuvalai is a herb that is easily found in South India. Full information about thoothuvalai can be found here:

  4. is punarnavadi kashayam usefull for weight loss

    1. Punarnavadi kashayam is mainly used for treating respiratory problems and inflammations....


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