Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Coconut Oil For Beard Growth: Best Natural Homemade Coconut Beard Oil Recipe

A reader of this blog was asking me about tips for growing his beard in the comments section and one of the best tips for beard growth is using a beard oil. Beard oil, just like a good hair oil has multiple benefits if applied regularly. 1. Beard oil prevents skin drying which is usually the case for many. 2. If the beard is long, applying beard oil prevents tangling 3. Beard oil prevents infections if used regularly. 4. Beard oil promotes faster hair growth. 5. Applying beard oil also makes it look neat and presentable. Since beard oil has all these benefits, it is a good idea to use it if you are planning to grow a beard. We don't get beard oil commonly in the shops in India but you can easily order beard oil online. If buying, always chose the one that nourishes and conditions well. But store bought beard oil is not cheap and you have to try a few to really pinpoint the product you like. Instead I would suggest making your own beard oil, it is easy and fun and the best part is you can mix in your own favorite scents and customize it to your liking. First step that we have to do while making beard oil is choosing the base oil, we have a quite a few choices. But no matter what oil you chose always remember to chose unrefined pure oils. Some good choices are jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and grape seed oil, I always prefer coconut oil. Coconut oil promotes beard growth and prevents drying but try using only unrefined coconut oil. I also like to mix it with sweet almond oil as it is also a great conditioner. I also like to add vitamin e oil as it acts as a natural preservative. The fun part is mixing the essential oils with the carrier oil, have fun formulating your own recipes. I like rosemary, lavender and peppermint essential oils combination as it smells really masculine. They complement each other well and makes the beard oil smell really really good. In addition to smelling good, rosemary essential oil has anti bacterial properties and it prevents infections. Lavender essential oil is very very soothing and peppermint essential oil promotes hair growth. However I would suggest making only a small batch of beard oil so the fragrance remains fresh. These also make great gifts, if your husband loves growing beard gift it to him, I am sure he will thank you for it....:)


1. Take 2 vitamin E capsules, pierce and add the contents into a bowl.

2. Add the oils to the vitamin E oil. Here I have used homemade unrefined coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

3. Mix the essential oils into the carrier oil and mix well.

4. Pour into a dark bottle and store it away from sunlight.


  • Always make small batches for best results.
  • Don't use artificial fragrances always use pure essential oils.
  • Like I mentioned before always use only unrefined oil.
  • If you want to gift it, you can double or triple the recipe too..


  1. Love this recipe...thanks for sharing. Also, I love the bottle you use..is it a recycle or can they be purchased? I buy mine at a local health food store but they not as pretty as yours.

    1. My mother in law loves collecting antiques and this bottle is from one of her collections :), don't know where she got it though...

  2. Hi Ramya, My husband love to grow beard and this oil will be very useful to him. If i don't have the 3 essential oils, what else can i use?

    1. You can use any essential oil that you have at home for making this beard oil recipe but try using a essential oil that smells masculine like sandalwood, ginger, etc...

  3. My boss should allow me grow longer beards :). Applying beard oil is a good treat to your beard.Even better,cheaper if you can make it yourself.

  4. I want to start growing facial hair afresh. I want to know if I can use coconut oil and castor oil together to grow my beard. If yes, for how many weeks will it take to see progress? Thanks

  5. Hello! I don't have any facial hair and I want to start growing beard. So Can I mix coconut oil with castor oil and eucalyptus oil? If yes, please explain the mixture measurements for me. And how many weeks will it take to see progress? Thanks.