Top 25 Benefits & Uses of Orange Peels For Skin, Hair & Home

of us discard the orange peels after eating the fruit. You will be
amazed, if you read the uses of orange peels. Orange peels can be used for skin, face, eyes, pimple treatment, hair packs, cleaner and in the garden too. Orange peels can be used
both, when it is fresh or when it is dried. I personally like to dry the
orange peels in the sun and use them, as they last longer than fresh
peels. Orange peels can be used in home remedies, face packs, cooking
and even to make candles. If you are
planning to use the orange peels in cooking, try buying and using
oranges that are not wax coated. We all love oranges in our home and
after eating the fruit, I usually remove the inner pith, sun dry and
store them. Sometimes, I grind the orange peels into a powder and use it
to make face packs. The powder stores really well, if the peels are sun
properly. Since I am recording all the home remedies in the blog, I find
that the orange peel are very effective in  treating a variety of skin conditions. Next time you buy oranges, make sure not to throw the skin away. Orange peels can be used for skin, dish washing, hair, hair pack, candle making, acne, acne scars, skin whitening, homemade tooth paste, in compost, for fleas, for dogs, cats, plants, teeth whitening, face pack tan removal, oily skin, fairness and the list goes on and on……


1. Orange peel for dry skin:
A bath made with orange zest and full fat milk powder is a great
relaxant and is very good for dry skin. Citrus baths are also very easy to make and after a tired
stressful day, you will find yourself refreshed. You can find the link to the bath recipe – here

2. Orange peel for skin whitening & body odor:
                               Orange peel powder is very effective in
treating body odor when combined with sandal wood paste.
This paste also whitens and brightens the skin and people with oily skin will benefit from this paste. You can find the link to the remedy – here

3. Orange peel face pack for dark spots & dark circles:
                          Face packs made with orange peel powders are
very effective in treating dark spots and dark circles. Regular use of face packs made with
orange peels keeps the skin glowing, remove tan and brighten our face.

4. Orange peel for acne & glowing skin:
                           Orange peels make a great addition to bath
powder. Usually bath powders are made with gram dhal, vetiver, etc. When
you add orange peel powder to it, it smells heavenly and treats minor
skin infections and it effectively treats acne.

5. Orange peel for acne scars:
                          Dried orange peels, when mixed together with
extra virgin olive oil makes great massage oil. Make sure to keep the
mixture under the sun for a few days. Regular massage with this oil will fade away acne scars and prevent acne.

6. Orange peel for bad breath:
                        Dried orange peel powder mixed together with powdered salt and water makes a great tooth paste and helps to whiten teeth very effectively along with banishing bad breath

7. Orange peel hair mask:
                     Grind fresh orange peels, mix it with fresh yogurt and apply on the
scalp. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it off, to get dandruff
free hair.

8. Orange peel hair rinse:
                   Orange peels can be added to any homemade hair rinse while making it, it will give a nice citrus smell and will prevent itchy scalp.

9. Orange peel powder for washing hair:
                  Orange peel powder can be added to homemade shikakai powder for hair wash. But make sure not to add too much and the powder should be really fine.


10. Orange peel sugar:
It is very easy to make orange sugar. Take some sugar and add the
zest of fresh oranges to it. Stir well and let it dry out for an hour,
add some more sugar, mix well and store in airtight containers. You can
use the sugar in making orange flavored sugar
scrub, orange flavored drinks etc….

11. Candied orange peel:
                                        Make your own yummy candied peels with fresh orange peels. You can use the candied orange peels in a lot of baking recipes.

12. Orange peel tea for digestion: Orange peel is known for it’s effectiveness in aiding digestion. To make the tea, boil a cup of water and add the dried orange peels and strain. You can sweeten with honey, if you desire.

13. Orange peel flavored oil: 
Take orange zest and and add it to a cup of extra virgin olive oil. Let
it infuse for a week and you have got amazing smelling orange flavored
oil that can be used in salad recipes.

14. Orange peel vinegar:
Orange vinegars are great in salad dressings. To make orange vinegar,
take a cup of vinegar and add dried orange peel and let it infuse for a
week. You can start using the oil after a week.

15. Orange peel salt:
                        Orange salts make great presents and they can
be used in any recipe that calls for citrus flavor. To make orange
salts, add grated zest of an orange to salt. Make sure to grate the zest
very finely and mix every thing together well.

16. Preserve brown sugar:
Add orange peels to brown sugar to keep it from lumping, as the orange peels
draws in all the moisture.

 17. Orange peel for cleaning:
                                    Orange peels also make great
cleaners when combined together with vinegar. Infuse orange peels in a mixture of vinegar and little bit of water and your effective homemade cleaner is ready! 

18. Orange peel for dish washing:
                      Mix orange peel powder and shikakai powder and use it as a dish washing powder.

19. Orange peel for potpourri: 
                       Dried orange peels can be added to potpourri mixture to make it smell great. I love the fresh citrus smell. If you feel you want to freshen up the room, then orange peels are the best answer.

20. Orange peel for fleas:
             Orange peel powder that has been made by drying orange
peels and grinding them are great ant repellants. Just sprinkle them in
the problem areas.

21. Orange peel candles for relaxation:
      They make amazing base for making candles. Paraffin wax melted
and poured into fresh orange peels make great candles and they make the
home smell really great and you can store and use them for 2 to 3 days. You can find the method on how to make the homemade candles-  here

22. Orange peel for cats:
                        If you want to get rid of your neighbors cat
from your house, spread some orange peels around the home. Cats hate the
smell of the oranges and this is the best natural way to get rid of

23. Orange peel for plants:
                                        Start new seedlings in
orange peel shells. They are perfect for it, make sure to select shells
that have a flat base.

24. Orange peel in composts:
                                  They are great addition to compost
mixture as it make the compost smell clean too. Make sure to cut the
orange peels finely for faster decomposition before adding to the
compost pile.

25. Orange peel for birds:
                    Orange peels make amazing bird feeders. Cut the fruit in half and after juicing it, remove the pith from inside and poke two holes in the opposite side of each of the peels. Insert a twine in the holes and hang the fruit in the balcony, now fill it with seeds and your bird feeder is ready!



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    • Ramya Venkateshwaran
      July 15, 2015 / 5:39 pm

      I have updated the links and I will try my best to share more recipes using orange peels…

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