Saturday, 3 August 2013

Haritaki/Terminalia Chebula Health Benefits: Haritaki Mouth Rinse | Wash for Mouth Ulcer

This haritaki mouth rinse treats mouth ulcers very effectively. Haritaki has amazing health benefits and it is one herb that we should always have at home. Having mouth ulcers can be very painful. Mouth ulcers makes eating very difficult and it affects both young and old. I was surprised to learn that, one out of five adults suffer from mouth ulcers. Citrus and certain acidic fruits like strawberries and figs worsen the condition. There is a very effective home remedy for mouth ulcer. It is the infusion made with "Haritaki (Hindi Name)/ Kadukkai (Tamil Name)/ Harde whole (English Name)". Haritaki is a fruit of "Terminalia chebula" tree and it has a special place in Indian Ayurveda and we also use it extensively as a home remedy. For this remedy, kadukkai is broken using mortar and pestle. Don't pound it too finely, just break the outer covering. Then boil the broken haritaki with a cup of water. The color of the water will change to dull yellow color. Cool this infusion and rinse your mouth with this, several times a day. This mouth ulcer home remedy usually gives good relief. The infusion is not bitter, so it can be safely used by children too. Haritaki stores well, so stock up on this medical wonder, to treat yourself and your family.

1. Take the 2 whole haritaki in a mortar and pestle and pound it once to break the outer skin. Don't pound it finely.

2. Boil water in a pan.

3. Once it reaches boiling point, add the haritaki and boil for few minutes.

4. The color of the water will change to yellow. Remove from fire and strain the water. Cool and use!

  • Use this haritaki mouth rinse at least two to three times a day.
  • This is not bitter at all, so try it out!


  1. i have seen appa using this for his Vathilai pakku :) now realized why he is using !

    1. Aparna are u sure? Ur dad must ve used arecanut with betel leaves.v call that as kottaippaakku in Tamil

  2. Hi Ramya, it was amazing reading your blog about Haritaki It was very beneficial for me reading your post, just got lot of information and the uses of Haritaki. Thanks for sharing.

  3. the tips are very useful and superb


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