How to Treat Scabies Rash With Homemade Antiseptic Wash

Scabies is a contagious skin infection caused by a mite. We call it “Sirangu” in Tamil. This is mostly a water related disease and it mostly spreads through direct skin to skin contact. The worst thing about this scabies is the terrible itching. The mites are very small and cannot be seen with our eyes and it can be only seen with the help of a microscope. Another thing about this disease is that, the symptoms won’t appear till 2 months after the infection. After that the intense itching starts. There are good home remedies for scabies. This home remedy for scabies consist of two parts. First is the antiseptic wash for scabies and second is the home made application for scabies. In this post let us see, how to make the antiseptic wash. To make the wash, first soak turmeric in hot water and rub it into a paste. Take a long piece of shikakai and burn it directly in the fire, till it turns dark. Wait for it cool and grind it into a fine powder. Mix both ground turmeric paste and ground shikakai powder with boiled water. Strain and use as a antiseptic wash on the affected area. Both shikakai and turmeric have anti fungal, anti microbial and anti bacterial properties, that makes this an effective wash for scabies. Please consult a doctor, if the condition is very, very severe. 


1. Soak turmeric in hot water.

2. Rub the turmeric in a coarse stone to get a thick paste.

3. Take a long piece of shikakai and burn it directly in the flame, till it gets black.

4. Powder the burnt part in a mortar and pestle.

5. Combine both shikakai powder and turmeric paste along with water to make antiseptic wash. Make sure to strain, before using.


  • Make sure to use a long piece of shikakai for burning.
  • Try to use organic turmeric for this remedy.
  • The quantity of the ingredients, depends on the affected area.


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