8 Top Uses & Benefits Of Baby Oil For Face, Hair & Home

Many of us think baby oil is only for massaging babies but you will be surprised to learn that baby oil has many uses. Baby oil has been around for many years now. I am sure almost 99 % of the mothers would have purchased baby oil for their newborns.

Though I didn’t purchase baby oil when my son was born, I got 2 huge bottles of baby oil as presents. From the first day my son was born, I have always been particular to use only natural homemade products for my son and since he had dry skin I didn’t want to use mineral oil for him.

I used only pure homemade unrefined oils for him. The 2 huge bottles of baby oil that was presented to me was sitting there on the shelf for a month or two. I didn’t want to throw it away, so I started looking for ways to use it.

What is Baby Oil?

Baby oil is a mineral oil and is a byproduct of petroleum. Since it is a byproduct of petroleum, it is highly refined and purified. The baby oil that we get in the markets are highly refined to remove any traces of toxic substances and then perfumed. I know there has been a lot of debate on using mineral oil but since I already had the oil with me I was curious to find out the different uses.

It was actually fun because I started using it in so many ways. This experience also was one of the reasons for me to start looking for all the different ways of using the ingredients that I buy. If you have an extra bottle of baby oil sitting at home, try to use it in the ways suggested below…

8 Amazing Uses & Benefits Of Baby Oil For Hair, Skin & Home:

1. Baby Oil For Face:

I don’t prefer using baby oil for massaging my skin as I have always preferred only pure unrefined oils. But baby oil makes an amazing cleanser since it is so light and non sticky. To use, just take a few drops of the baby oil in a cotton pad and use it remove the makeup, you will find it so very easy to use.

2. Baby Oil For Polishing Leather:

If you have leather shoes or bags in your home that looks dull and lifeless, take a very small amount of baby oil in a soft cloth and rub it gently over the leather. Wait for few seconds and then take an other soft cloth and rub it the second time, your leather will look all shiny and new. But don’t use too much of baby oil, just a tiny drop will do the trick….

3. Baby Oil In The Kitchen:

If you have stainless steel sink in your kitchen and they look really dull, try this simple trick. Wash the sink as usual to remove any dirt and grime completely. Wipe it clean with a cotton cloth. Take few drops of baby oil in a cotton cloth and rub all over the sink. After few minutes, take an other cloth and rub it nicely again. They will look all shiny and new again!

4. Baby Oil For Wearing Glass Bangles:

If you have large hands, wearing glass bangles will be hard. We have to wear them carefully without breaking the bangles and getting hurt. A simple trick I follow is to apply baby oil all over my hands and the bangles will easily slide in. You can use this trick for both removing and wearing the bangle. Make sure to wash your hands later…

5.  Baby Oil For Removing Paint:

If your child has got acrylic paint in his hands, which is very common, take him to the sink and rub baby oil on it first. Ask him to gently rub the hands together till the paint comes off his hands. You can use a small cotton pad to rub on the edges of nails. Wash his hands with soap to get rid of any remaining small bits of paint.

6. Baby Oil For Noisy Doors:

If your doors or window hinges are making noise, it is time to oil them. The easiest way to stop the noise is to apply baby oil on it. To easily do it, take baby oil in a plastic bottle with a very narrow edge, like a dye bottle and apply to the creaky door. You will be relieved of the noise very soon.

7. Baby Oil For Hair:

I strongly recommend using only unrefined oils for your hair but in case you don’t have any other oil, baby oil can used as a hair treatment for lice. Warm baby oil and then add few drops of tea tree oil and apply on the hair. Wait for 15 minutes before having your hair wash. This is an effective lice treatment that can be done easily at home.

8. Baby Oil For Removing Bandages:

We all know how painful it can be to remove bandages that is stuck firmly to the skin. To release it easily, first apply baby oil all around the stuck bandage. The bandage will start coming around the edges and we can easily pull it off. Though this method does not reduce the pain fully it greatly reduces it….


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