5 Top Health Benefits Of Chai Tea Recipe For Pregnancy, Weight Loss & Sleep

Chai tea is an aromatic Indian tea that has amazing health benefits. It is made with wonderful blend of spices. Chai is the Hindi word for tea and now masala tea is popularly called chai tea all over the world. This drink has become so famous that it is there in the menu card of most of the restaurants in the world.

Slowly sipping chai tea in cold, misty mornings is priceless. I know by now all of you would have guessed that I am a chai tea lover. Masala chai tea is usually made with a blend of spices like ginger, peppercorns, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves along with black tea and milk. Out of these spices, ginger and cardamom is very important and the rest is either added or skipped depending on each ones taste.

Whenever we visit our nearby hill station during summer, we regularly visit a small road side shop run by an old lady for our morning masala chai. She makes heavenly chai and I usually love to watch her expertly make it. Each family has it’s own way of making chai tea. The recipe given below is a wonderful mix of 6 spices that is balanced so well, try it I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I do. Masala chai tea is usually had during the cold months as the spices added in it are very warming.

Health Benefits Of Chai Tea:

1. Chai Tea For Cold:

Chai tea definitely helps when had during a cold. The wonderful blend of spices definitely help relieve headaches due to cold. It also greatly helps nasal congestion.

2. Chai Tea For Sleep:

I don’t prefer drinking chai tea close to bed time as it contains caffeine, but some people do prefer to drink it close to bed time as they feel it relaxes them. If you are a person who is used to drinking chai close to your bed time, please do remember that it contains caffeine and will interrupt your sleep.

I would suggest replacing the black tea with chamomile tea, though this is not a traditional method it is perfect as a sleep time tea. Add the spices as usual but skip the milk. That way we get the comfort of drinking chai tea without any caffeine.

3. Chai Tea For Digestion:

Chai tea is good for digestion as it contains ingredients that aids in digestion like peppercorns, cardamom and ginger. If you want to treat indigestion using chai tea, skip the milk in it.

4. Chai Tea For Energy:

We all know that caffeine in any form gives us a boost and chai tea is no exception. But though chai tea gives an energy boost, please remember that drinking it often will lead to acidity (250 mg of chai tea contains around 45 to 50 mg of caffeine).

5. Chai Tea During Weight Loss:

You can consume chai tea during weight loss but substitute the whole milk with fat free milk. 250 ml of chai tea made with whole milk contains around 130 calories, with fat free milk it has around 100 calories, not a significant difference but it definitely adds up when you drink 2 or 3 cups in a day.

Chai Tea Side Effects:

In my humble opinion we can enjoy all the foods without any side effects if had in moderation and it is especially very true of chai tea. Chai tea is best had during cold winter months and never over consume chai tea as it usually leads to acidity and stomach burn. Another common complaint with chai tea is bloating sensation especially if had in the shops.

The main reason for it is in some shops the milk is made to reduce till very thick, most of the time the milk will be boiling continuously for hours in a low flame. The chai tea had with such a reduced full fat milk will result in bloating sensation.

People with acid reflux should be cautious about drinking chai tea especially in an empty stomach. This tea can be had during pregnancy too but have it occasionally between meals and not on a regular basis. Though it is heavenly to drink chai tea in the morning, for some people it might cause stomach burn, if it does have it between meals….

How To Make Chai Tea At Home:

1. Boil water along with black tea and sugar. You can use any sugar you prefer. This recipe makes 2 cups of tea. I have used 3 teaspoons of sugar which I feel is correct but adjust sweetness as per your preference…

2. Get the spices ready. I have used fresh ginger root, cardamom, black pepper corns, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.

3. Pound only the ginger, whole cardamom and black peppercorns coarsely.

4. Once the water comes to a boil, add the milk, the pounded spices, cinnamon stick and the cloves.

5. Boil for 1 minute more in medium flame.

6. Grate the nutmeg into it and switch off.

7. Strain and enjoy your wonderfully spiced chai tea…


  • I love this recipe very much as all the flavors are balanced very well. When you drink this tea, it has a hint of all the spices but none overpowering
  • This recipe makes 2 regular cups of tea.
  • If trying for the first time, try it exactly as given in the recipe and then tweak it according to your individual preference.
  • When pounding the mixture pound it coarsely in a mortar and pestle and not finely in mixer.
  • I used 1/2 tsp black dust tea as I like my tea to be very light but 3/4 tsp of dust tea will give a good strength tea.


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