10 Top Causes, Symptoms & Treatments For Dandruff We Should Know

Dandruff affects young and old and though it is not a serious condition, it can be uncomfortable as it causes itching and severe flakiness. I got dandruff when I went to hostel, my scalp was constantly itchy and hair fall also started very soon. The hostel food also was poor and added to the problem. When I came home for the long holidays, my mom treated my dandruff with at home treatments which worked really well. I still continue to do those treatments at home regularly to keep my scalp dandruff free. But before we get to know the traditional home remedies for dandruff, we should get to know what causes dandruff in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure and if we get to know the reasons we can prevent getting dandruff in the first place. When I first spoke to a dermatologist about it, he said that the exact cause of dandruff is not known but he mentioned all the possible reasons that we could get dandruff. Since I had dandruff, I could personally relate to many of the reasons he mentioned which I have listed below. Dandruff Symptoms: The most common symptoms are appearance of excessive amount of white flakes in the scalp and extreme itchiness. For me, it was mild itchiness and flakiness and once I started using home remedies, it stopped very quickly. I will be doing a separate post on all the natural remedies for dandruff soon. Common Treatments: The common treatment for dandruff involves using anti dandruff shampoos containing certain special ingredients. The first ingredient is ketaconazole which is used for treating fungal infections that cause dandruff. The next ingredient used in dandruff shampoos is salicylic acid which helps loosen the flakes found in the scalp which when stuck to the scalp can increase the infection further. The third common ingredient used is coal tar which helps reduce the inflammation. The next ingredient is selenium sulphide which helps reduce the fungal infection well and finally in extreme cases steroids are prescribed. I would suggest using home remedies but if you want to try these shampoos apply them on the scalp only the number of times prescribed and leave it on the scalp only for the time mentioned in the bottle. Some of these shampoos can cause side effects so if you experience any adverse effects stop using them immediately and consult your dermatologist about it…..


1. Stress & Dandruff:

Stress does major damage to our
health and well being than we realize. Stress causes hormonal imbalance
which can lead to excessive oil production or excessive dryness in the scalp
depending on the type of your body which then leads to dandruff.
For me, the
stress of moving to hostel was also one of the major reasons for
dandruff. Try to reduce stress if you are suffering from dandruff and
you will see positive changes soon.

2. Seborrhoeic Dermatitis & Dandruff:

you experience very severe itchiness then it can be seborrhoeic
dermatitis which is a scaly itchy scalp rash. With seborrhoeic
dermatitis, the itching and flakiness is very severe and you will have
it in the face and back too. If you suffer from it, eat healthy and try
to cut down high fat processed food completely. If the condition is very severe visit a dermatologist without fail.

3. Diet & Dandruff:

plays a major role in dandruff too. If you regularly eat high fat, high
processed food then there is a high chance of getting dandruff. Diet
very low in nutrients, high in artificial colors, preservatives and
trans fats plays havoc with our hormones which in turn can affect the
oil glands in our scalp which can lead to dandruff.

4. Dry Scalp & Dandruff:

the major reason for mild forms of dandruff is dry scalp. When we have
dry scalp we should take care of it well by having oil bath regularly
and not using chemical products often which dries out the scalp. If you
are suffering from dry scalp and dandruff, I highly recommend taking oil bath weekly twice, it will take care of the problem soon.

5. Fungal Infection & Dandruff:

can be can also be due to fungal yeast infection caused by a type of
yeast fungus called Pityrosporum Ovale. This fungus is present in our
scalp in small quantities but certain conditions like stress, poor
eating habits, dirty scalp can cause it grow in large quantities leading
to dandruff. To prevent it, maintain a health life style and reduce stress

6. Not Washing Hair Often & Dandruff:

must have heard people commonly comment that their hair is itchy if they don’t wash their hair regularly. This is because when our scalp gets dirty, it starts accumulating
in the scalp and can lead to mild form of dandruff which in turn can
cause itchiness. Try to wash your hair often and keep it clean of dirt
and grime to prevent dandruff.

7. Certain Medications & Dandruff:

you are taking any medication regularly especially ones that are very
powerful chances are it is the cause for your
dandruff too. If you experience dandruff suddenly and are taking
certain medication like steroids please mention it your dermatologist.
It will help him pinpoint the reason correctly. Most of us never think that
medicines can cause scalp diseases but they do so watch keenly whether
it is because if it.

8. Hormonal Imbalance & Dandruff:

imbalance which affect many women can also be one of the main reasons
for dandruff. If you are going through important phases of your life
like puberty, menopause, pregnancy, etc and if you are extremely
stressed out about it along with eating badly and not exercising chances
of you getting dandruff increases many fold. Educate yourself about the
different phases of life and how to deal with it calmly and everything
will work out fine…

9. Aids & Dandruff:

information that surprised me was that dandruff is very common in aids
patients and also people with aids get the more severe form of dandruff I
mentioned earlier called seborrhoeic dermatitis. The chances of an aids
patient getting seborrhoeic dermatitis is almost 27 % more when compared
to the normal population. In fact extreme cases of dandruff is
considered one of the early signs of aids.

10. Hair Products & Dandruff:

hair products can also lead to dandruff. If you use very strong
chemical based shampoos that strip the scalp of the natural oils, it can
lead to dandruff especially in people with dry scalp. If you are using a
lot of store bought shampoos, I would suggest slowly replacing them
homemade shampoos
that does not strip the hair of natural oils . You can easily make your own shampoo that is
100 % natural and you can find many natural shampoo recipes here in the blog.


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