Tea For Diarrhea: Treat Diarrhea With Black Tea | Lemon Tea

I have used black tea made with lemon as a remedy for diarrhea always. This is such an effective and handy home remedy. But this remedy works only, if you drink this tea when the diarrhea starts itself. If you let the condition worsen, this remedy will be of no help.

Actually if you drink it immediately when the diarrhea starts, the diarrhea stops immediately. But don’t have more than 1 cup of this tea, as too much lemon will irritate your already upset stomach. Also don’t use too much lemon for this tea.

Squeeze the lemon over the freshly made tea, drop by drop, till the color of the tea changes to light brown. You can make the children drink this tea, by adding sugar to the tea. Please don’t use the lemon tea you get in packets, use freshly squeezed lemon. I have used the regular dust tea. I have never tried this remedy with green tea.

How To Treat Diarrhea With Black Tea | Lemon Tea


1. Boil 1 cup water in a bowl.

2. Once the water boils, add tea and sugar.

3. Filter the tea. Now take half a lemon and squeeze it over the tea, till the color of the tea changes to light brown.


  • Don’t use too much of tea to make this lemon tea, else it will be bitter.
  • Stop squeezing the lemon, once the color of the tea changes.
  • Use fresh lemon juice.



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