6 DIY Coffee Scrub Recipes For Face & Body

diy coffee scrub recipes for face & body

I love to use coffee scrubs. Coffee scrubs are amazing to use both for our face and body. They have amazing skin benefits and can be easily made at home. From reducing cellulite, acne break outs and stretch marks to exfoliating dead skin, it does have lot of skin benefits. Coffee sugar scrub, coffee coconut oil scrub and coffee honey scrub recipes are some of my favorite coffee scrubs.

Coffee Scrub Ingredients:

Coffee scrub is nothing but coffee grounds that is mixed along with a liquid and other skin care ingredients. Coffee scrubs can be made with instant coffee, freshly ground coffee beans and also with used coffee grounds too. The liquid used is usually hydrating ingredients like coconut oil, honey, milk, almond oil, olive oil, etc. Other additions like brown sugar, fine salt, cinnamon, vanilla, etc are also added to make the coffee scrubs.

Coffee Scrub Benefits For Face & Body:

1. For Acne & Acne Scars:

Coffee has anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties and using it as a scrub will greatly help prevent acne breakouts along with fading acne scars. But if you are suffering from acne breakouts, I would suggest being very gentle while using a coffee scrub and also try using very fine coffee grounds for the scrub.

2. For Cellulite:

Coffee body scrubs are one of the best remedies for reducing cellulite. Coffee when used as a scrub helps improve blood circulation in the area and improved blood circulation is one of the best ways to reduce cellulite. Regularly using coffee body scrubs will greatly help reduce cellulite, I would suggest the coffee and coconut oil scrub for cellulite.

3. Anti Ageing Properties:

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and using any antioxidant rich ingredient will prevent free radical damage which is the main cause of premature ageing of the skin. Antioxidants help protect our skin from both sun damage and pollution which are the two main culprits for skin ageing and skin damage.

4. Exfoliates The Skin Well:

Coffee scrub exfoliates face and body really well, it exfoliates the dead skin completely leaving our skin glowing. It is best to exfoliate our skin weekly once and though we get loads of exfoliating scrubs in the markets, the easiest way to exfoliate our skin is by using coffee scrubs. At home, I make a coffee ubtan that I love to use weekly once and you can find the recipe for it here.

5. Lightens Stretch Marks:

Coffee scrubs has amazing skin lightening properties, it helps lighten stretch marks well. In fact it helps reduce all scars and blemishes really well. If you are suffering from scars and blemishes, try using coffee scrubs weekly once or twice regularly, it will greatly help. For best results, try use coffee scrubs that has other skin lightening ingredients like honey and coconut oil added to it.

6. Makes Skin Glow:

Whenever I visit hill stations, my skin will feel dry, dull and patchy and even after I return home, my skin will remain the same for at least a week like that. But few weeks back, when I returned home after a weekend trip I used a coffee scrub the same day I returned home and to my amazing surprise, it brightened my skin tone well making it smooth, soft and radiant.

coffee scrub benefitsSome Common Questions Regarding Coffee Scrubs:

a. How Often Should I Use Coffee Scrubs?

Coffee scrub is a mild abrasive so it is best to use it weekly once or twice. I prefer to use it weekly once and some times I use it weekly twice if my skin feels dull and patchy.

b. How Long Do You Leave Coffee Scrub On?

I usually apply the coffee scrub all over my face and if I am using coffee body scrub, all over my body and massage gently for a minute or two gently and then wash it off. This works very well for me and would suggest the same.

c. Does Coffee Scrub Get Rid Of Cellulite?

In my personal experience using coffee scrubs greatly helps. It definitely reduces the cellulite and you will see good results if you exercise regularly along with using coffee scrubs weekly twice.

d. Is Coffee Scrub Good For Acne?

Coffee scrub like is good for both acne and acne scars but like I mentioned before try using coffee that is not too coarse as it can irritate the already inflamed skin and use it along ingredients that helps treat acne like cinnamon, honey, etc.

6 Best Coffee Scrub Recipes For Face & Body:

1. Coffee Scrub With Coconut Oil & Brown Sugar For Cellulite:

coffee and coconut oil scrub recipe

Take a tbsp of coffee in a bowl, I have used fresh ground organic coffee beans for this recipe. Add in 1/2 tbsp of brown sugar and 1/ tbsp of cocoa powder to it. Mix well and store in a box. To use, take enough powder in a bowl and add in enough coconut oil to form a paste. This scrub is very good for treating cellulite.

2. Coffee Scrub With Honey For Acne & Acne Scars:

coffee scrub with honey

Take a tbsp of very finely ground coffee in a bowl, I have used very finely ground organic coffee beans for this recipe. Now add enough raw unprocessed honey to form a paste. This scrub will treat acne and help fade acne scars as well.

3. Instant Coffee Scrub With Salt For Feet & Legs:

coffee scrub for cellulite

Take a tbsp of coffee in a bowl, I have used instant coffee for this recipe. Add in 1/2 tsp of table salt to it. Finally add in enough coconut milk to form a paste. This scrub is ideal for using it on legs and feet

4. Coffee Scrub With Almond Oil For Stretch Marks:

diy coffee scrub for stretch marks

Take a tbsp of coffee powder in a bowl. Add in a tbsp of almond butter to it. Add in 3 drops of your favorite essential too, I have used lavender essential oil. Finally add in enough cold pressed sweet almond oil to form a paste. This scrub is amazing for fading stretch marks if used weekly twice regularly.

5. Coffee Body Scrub With Used Coffee Grounds For Oily Skin:

diy coffee body scrub

Take a tbsp of coffee in a bowl, I have used fresh ground organic coffee beans for this recipe. Add in a tsp of cocoa powder to it. Finally add in enough grape seed oil to form a paste. This scrub is very good for oily skin as grape seed oil is very light on the skin. For dry skin, you can use extra virgin olive oil instead of grape seed oil.

6. Coffee Scrub With Olive Oil & Vanilla For Lips:

homemade coffee scrub

Take a tbsp of coffee in a bowl, I have used fresh ground organic coffee beans for this recipe. Add in few drops of vanilla to it. Finally add in enough extra virgin olive oil to form a paste. This scrub is very good for lightening dark lips and will help keep the lips supple and soft.

coffee scrub beauty benefits


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