5 Top Uses, Benefits & Nutrition Of Eggshells For Skin, Hair, Teeth & Garden !

If you are throwing out the eggshells after eating eggs each time, I would strongly suggest not to as it has wonderful uses and benefits. Eggshells are a rich source of calcium and each shell has about 2 grams  and that is a lot of calcium! Eggshell Nutrition: Eggshells contain around 900 mg of elemental calcium (calcium that can be absorbed by our body) and it is found in the form of calcium carbonate. It also contains other micro elements like boron, magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, molybdenum, sulfur, zinc, etc. Eggshell powder can be easily absorbed by our body. When I was a student, our school had a beautiful rose garden that produced beautiful large roses. Eggshells from the hostel was regularly used as a manure and it kept the plants healthy. When I had my own garden, I started using eggshells regularly. I always used to think eggshells can only be used as a fertilizer but few months back I read a research paper that proved beyond doubt that eggshell powder can be internally consumed to increase our bone density. Regular use greatly prevents osteoporosis and you can read the study that proves it here. Eggshell powder can be used for skin, teeth and hair care too. Since it is rich in calcium, using it in the form of face pack, gives a nice glow to our skin. Applying the powder as a hair pack makes our hair glossy and shiny. Using it as a tooth paste removes plaque and tartar from our teeth naturally! How To Make Eggshell Calcium? To make eggshell calcium, first take 10 to 12 eggshells. When making eggshell powder, try using only organic, farm raised country eggshells for best results. If you have boiled the eggs, then we do not need to boil the eggshells again. But if you are using the eggshells after making omelettes then I would suggest washing and boiling for 10 minutes to get rid of any bacteria. This step is especially necessary if you are using regular eggs. Then sundry till crisp and powder immediately in a dry mixer to a fine powder and store in an airtight box. Eggshell Powder Dosage: 1/2 tsp of the eggshell powder contains around 400 mg of calcium. Consume the eggshell powder depending on your body’s needs. Side Effects: Don’t overdose on eggshell powder as overdose of calcium is also bad for us. One of the main concerns of eating eggshell powder is bacteria present in the eggshells. Boiling and sun drying will eliminate the risk of bacterial infection completely but try your best to use organic farm raised eggs for best results….

5 Top Uses, Benefits & Nutrition Of Eggshells For Hair, Skin, Teeth & Garden:

1. Eggshell Face Pack: 

Take 1 tsp of eggshell powder in a bowl. Add in enough
unprocessed honey to form a paste. To use, apply this face pack all
over the face, let it dry completely and then wash it off. When you use eggshell as a face pack, you will find it is almost similar to using rice flour face pack. Bu it leaves the skin smooth and glowing…

Eggshell Hair Pack: 

For the hair pack, take enough eggshell powder in a bowl
depending on the length of your hair. Now add in enough curd to form a
thick smooth paste. To use, apply all over the hair, wait for 15 minutes
before washing it off. This eggshell hair pack makes the hair shiny and glossy.

3. Eggshell Fertilizer: 

Like nitrogen and phosphorus, plants need calcium to thrive and it’s deficiency could lead to stunted growth, twisted leaves and dark spots. One easy and cheap way to give your plants calcium is by adding eggshell powder. To use eggshell powder as a fertilizer, mix it with potting mix while
planting. You can also stir the eggshell powder into the soil.

4.Eggshell As a Calcium Supplement:

Eggshell powder can be used a replacement for calcium supplement pills. Half tsp of the eggshell powder contains around 400 mg of calcium. Consume the eggshell powder depending on your body’s needs. The calcium will help regrow teeth, prevent osteoporosis and joint pain. You can add the eggshell powder to smoothies and drinks. It is popularly added to coffee. It can also be mixed with apple cider vinegar and consumed along with water. 

5. Eggshell For Teeth: 

Eggshell powder is great to use a toothpaste. To make toothpaste, mix 1 tsp of eggshell powder, a pinch of baking soda in a cup. Add in enough unrefined coconut oil to form a paste. Weekly once use this paste to brush your teeth, it will help get rid of plaque and tartar from teeth and will make it whiter and brighter.



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