5 Amazing Benefits & Uses Of Eucalyptus Leaves for Health, Hair & Skin

Since my son is studying in a hill station, whenever I travel to visit him I usually suffer from motion sickness. I will be just waiting for the place that has a lot of eucalyptus trees. When we reach the place, the beautiful smell of eucalyptus leaves will make me feel so much better. I always collect fresh eucalyptus leaves, dry and store them for future use.

Eucalyptus Leaves Health Benefits:

1. Eucalyptus leaves for Hair:

If you are prone to sinus whenever you have hair wash, try using eucalyptus leaves infusion as the final hair rinse. To make the infusion, boil eucalyptus leaves in a liter of water and use it as a hair rinse. This will prevent sinus headaches after hair wash.

2. Eucalyptus Leaves For Skin:

Eucalyptus oil derived from eucalyptus leaves is very effective in treating in fungal infections in the skin. To treat the infection, mix around 15 drops in 3 tbsp of carrier oil and use it on the affected area. Make sure to use eucalyptus essential oil and not the infusion.

3. Eucalyptus Leaves For Spiders:

If you want to get rid of spiders naturally then eucalyptus leaves will come to the rescue. Make a sachet out of dried eucalyptus leaves for your cupboards and drawers to get rid of spiders.

4. Eucalyptus Leaves Tea: 

Eucalyptus tea made from dried leaves is very effective in treating chest congestion. To make the tea, take 1/4 tsp of dried, crumbled eucalyptus leaves and infuse it in a cup of boiling water and drink. This is a very good home remedy for chest congestion.

5. Eucalyptus Leaves For Cough & Cold:

When we get a nasty cold and suffer from blocked nose, this eucalyptus steam will really give good relief (step by step instruction below). I usually use a machine for steaming, but if you don’t have one at home, simply boil water in a wide pan and use. This steam is made by boiling water with turmeric powder.

If you have ground your turmeric powder in a machine that grinds chilli powder (which is very common), please don’t use that powder. It will start burning all over your face. Once the water comes to a boil with turmeric powder, add the eucalyptus leaves and neem leaves.

When it comes to boil again, switch off and steam. As we all know, both eucalyptus and neem are good for cold. But used together like this, it gives really good results. This steam can also be used whenever we get a headache too.

When you steam, bring the water to a boil, switch off and then do your steaming. This is especially important when we use a machine, as too much direct steam will burn your skin. If you don’t get fresh leaves, try with dried neem leaf powder and good quality eucalyptus oil.

Side Effects of Eucalyptus Leaves: 

Never give eucalyptus internally (eg: eucalyptus tea) to children as it might be poisonous and even adults should not go above the given dosage.

Eucalyptus Steam:

1. Separate the leaves of eucalyptus and neem from their branch and keep it ready.

2. Boil water along with turmeric powder. Once it boils, switch off.

3. Add the leaves and switch on again.

4. Once it comes to boil again, switch off and steam.


  • Use fresh leaves
  • Don’t touch the steamer when it is on.
  • Switch off the machine, before steaming.
  • The leaves in the main picture are neem leaves that I used for steaming….


  1. Joshna
    March 27, 2016 / 7:31 am

    Hi! I suffer from sinus head aches after hair wash. And availability of eucalyptus tree/leaves is an issue in my locality. Is there a way to use eucalyptus essential oil as a final rinse as i hav heard that it's not safe to be used directly….

  2. Neena Mukherjee
    July 13, 2017 / 12:20 pm

    I just saw a huge eucalyptus tree cut down in my locality, love its smell, was wondering how can I make use of the leaves. Your page was very helpful. Thanks! 🍃😊🍃

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