Natural Remedy for Constipation: Sun Dried Bananas

This remedy is really great for people, suffering from constipation. This natural remedy for constipation, actually calls for ripe “Peyan” variety banana. But peyan banana is very hard to get in most of the places and so I tried it with “Sevalai” variety banana. Sevalai (Red) banana is of high nutritional value.

It has high levels of potassium, beta carotene and vitamin c and it’s full of fiber. For this remedy, the banana is cut into fine slices. The thinner you slice it, the faster they will dry out in the sun. The cut slices are mixed with castor oil and panakalkandu (palm candy). I powdered the palm candy finely and added.

If you don’t get palm candy, substitute it with brown sugar. Sun dry the banana pieces till all the moisture goes from the banana slices. Store it in a jar in the refrigerator. Having a few tbsp of these slices daily gives good relief from constipation. The added bonus is that it tastes wonderful, just like candy.

The red variety banana ripens out very quickly, so drying out like this and storing it, you can use it year round. It can be given to children as sweets too. If you get “Peyan” variety banana please try with that, as it gives the best results.

Natural Remedy for Constipation: Sun Dried Bananas

1. Take the ripe red bananas and peel them.

 2. Cut them into fine slices. The finer you cut, the faster they will dry out in the sun.

3. Add castor oil and powdered palm candy to it and mix well till the banana slices are evenly coated with castor oil and powdered palm candy.

4. Spread  it on a plate. Cover it with a thin net to prevent dust from settling on it and sun dry till all the moisture evaporates. Once dry, store in a box in the refrigerator.


  • Sun dry till the moisture leaves, else it will spoil easily.
  • The amount of palm candy is each ones choice, but if you add more it will be very sticky.
  • Don’t add too much of castor oil.

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