How to treat Naga Suthi (Toe Infection) with Maruthani – Traditional Maruthani Recipe

Every Indian women loves to apply henna on their hands. We call it “Maruthani” in Tamil. This maruthani paste is an effective home remedy for toe infection (naga suthi). In our place, people who are prone to toe infections are encouraged to keep maruthani and it does work wonders in preventing toe infection (naga suthi).

This henna paste is made with fresh henna leaves. Traditionally henna paste is made by grinding henna leaves with betel nut (pakku). Lemon juice is applied to the ground paste before applying the paste in the hands. We can’t do intricate designs on the hands with this paste, as the paste is coarse.

To do intricate designs, dried henna powder is mixed with water and filled into a cone and then applied. Nowadays we get good quality ready made cones too, but this traditional henna paste has got more medicinal value, as it his made with fresh ingredients.  I love to keep this traditional henna paste in my hands.

We always apply this paste like it’s shown in the picture. The color of the henna in my hands has not turned red because I removed the henna paste before it could completely dry on my hands. Usually it turns a nice golden red, if left to dry completely in the hands.

Henna paste made the traditional way, cools the body. Try to apply this paste monthly once for few months to prevent naga suthi/ toe infection. The color stays well for at least more than a week and then fades away, but the color in the nails remain for quite some time.

How to treat Naga Suthi (Toe Infection) with Maruthani

1. Clean the fresh henna leaves in water. Add betel nut and grind it to a fine paste by adding little water in a mixer. The paste must be very thick or it will drip down from the hands.

2. Add few drops of lemon juice to the paste. Now your henna paste is ready.

3. Apply it on the hands and wait for it to dry completely. Once dry, wash the henna paste from your hands.


  • The henna leaves should be fresh.
  • Use little water while grinding.
  • Wait for the paste to completely dry, before washing off.
  • It can be used used both on the hands and feet.


  1. Lavi
    May 2, 2013 / 7:33 am

    Ramya, i really miss henna leaves now!! i completely hate these cones available in market!Nice pics and good post!

  2. Bei B C
    May 30, 2013 / 8:44 pm

    I use henna on my hair to dye my greys, love the stuff. New follower on G+ & Twitter.

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